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Day Game Workshop Recap

I have taught three day game workshops, including a dry run with Roissy. Let’s start with his thoughts: Recently, I participated in a “dry run” day game workshop with Roosh to help him streamline operations. Since my day game is underdeveloped, I happily volunteered to be a guinea pig. We covered the major types of […]

How To End Cockblocking As We Know It

The way to end cockblocking in the United States came to me in a dream. I woke up and immediately grabbed a pen so I wouldn’t forget something that could change the lives of millions of men. If you get cockblocked by a girl, you need to respond by shaking her core so hard that […]

Bone Crushing Cockblock

This story happened a couple months ago but I just remembered it the other night while thinking about my life. I was at a small lounge with a couple friends when I made small chat with this alright looking girl. It went nowhere but later I got much farther with her cuter friend. The deeper […]

How It Feels Like To Be A Hot Girl

I reprised my costume as Jesus for Halloween this year. With my hair 8-inches longer than last time and my beard bushier with almost a month of extra growth, the resemblance I had to Christ was eerie. It started the second I stepped foot in the Metro. “Holy shit, it’s Jesus!” “Jesus Christ!!” “Look, that […]

NYC Observations

I went to New York City for a weekend recently, my first visit in several years. To put things into perspective, I stayed a month each in Cordoba and Rio, so the observations I’m about to share with you could be complete bullshit, but I don’t think they are. – No flip flops. Not one […]

14 Problems With Americans In One Picture

1. Lack of originality. Men who look as generic as possible with jeans and stripped shirt uniform. Women who stay on top of trends spoon fed to them through advertising. 2. Bad hair. Men who dip their heads in buckets of pomade wax. Women who don’t let their hair grow out to proper feminine length […]

A Taxi Driver From El Salvador

I went out to Fly recently for a birthday party, ironically on the day I criticized the idea of bottle service. If you don’t live in DC, Fly is one of those generic new clubs that push Grey Goose and orange juice behind velvet ropes. But I have to give the owners credit: the lounge […]

Nightclub Bottle Service

Steve sent me an excellent link called Bottle Service: America’s Nightlife Nightmare In the 2000’s we have seen a corporatization of nightclubs. Now when you go to a nighclub everyone is some kind of corporate jerkoff. Interesting people are no longer found in Nightclubs. The artists, writers, intellectuals, underground DJ’s etc have been effectively priced […]

Kissing Makes Me Drowsy

Not long ago I posted about getting approached by girls and gave an example of a girl who complimented me. A friend of mine wanted the whole story with juicy details so here it is. One of my first night’s out back in DC, I go out with three Russian guys to Tattoo, a “hip” […]

Player Or Poseur?

If I was in Brazil at Club Help and saw these two on the dance floor I’d give him a wink and a nod for scoring a sexy prostitute at what I imagine would be a reasonable price, but this was taken in Washington DC. The guy does not possess any obvious player qualities. In […]

Player Or Poseur?

This man looks like the chaperone to the young girl in the pink jacket, picking her up after what appears to be a very rough day at the office. Notice how he kind of just floats out there in the ether instead of being included in the photo—even the flash of the camera escapes him. […]