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21 Secular Articles I Highly Recommend

1. Leftist Ideology & the Corruption of the American Military [Link] 2. Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms [Link] 3. The Delphi technique of subverting local government councils [Link] 4. Introduction to American military psyop strategy [Link] (PDF) 5. Jeff Bezos is using science fiction to guide his delusional plans [Link] 6. Patriarchy […]

37 Articles I Strongly Recommend

1. Women’s voices are measurably deeper than in the past [Link] 2. “Muscular Christianity was a movement characterised by a belief in patriotic duty, manliness, the moral and physical beauty of athleticism, teamwork, discipline, self-sacrifice, and ‘the expulsion of all that is effeminate, un-English, and excessively intellectual.’”[Link] 3. Satanic cult awareness training guide [Link] 4. […]

25 More Articles I Strongly Recommend

1. Silicon Valley companies spy on their workers worse than their users [Link] 2. Civilizations fall when they become too complex [Link] 3. Here is the speech Bill Cosby gave that caused the system to turn against him [Link] 4. “The Ukraine is not weak!” Yes it is [Link] 5. Nassim Taleb talks about how to have […]

24 More Articles I Strongly Recommend

Here are some long-form articles I got value from: 1. How the left used terrorist acts in the past with protection from liberal institutions [Link] 2. The history of the duel [Link] 3. The power of the NSA [Link] 4. Experiment suggests that reality doesn’t exist until it is measured [Link] 5. How Benito Mussolini […]

15 More Articles I Strongly Recommend

Here are some recent long-form articles I got a lot of value from: 1. The many flaws within the theory of evolution [Link] 2. Nassim Taleb explains how so-called intellectuals are actually “idiots” with no skin in the game [Link] 3. Silicon Valley elites, such as the co-founder of Lyft, hope to usher in a […]

14 Articles I Strongly Recommend

Here are some recent long-form articles I got a lot of value from: 1. When a Trotsky communist was captured and interrogated, he revealed secrets of the international bankers [Link] 2. Congressional transcript explains how Cultural Marxism will destroy America [Link] 3. Disaster can be the stimulus for victory [Link] 4. A prayer before study […]

The Border Run (2 of 2)

PREVIOUSLY: PART 1 I slowly walked down the car line. Most were filled with several passengers, though some had lone drivers. I brought extra money for bribes, hotel, or a chance apocalyptic border event; 2,000 zloty (about $700) in total, all in 100 zloty bills fresh from the ATM. These people had to have a […]

The Border Run (1 of 2)

I no longer have interesting days. My life is one big habit. Wake up, eat, read, write, blog, coffee shop, gym, eat, shower, drink. In a life of routine, nothing sticks out until something goes wrong. You don’t visit your normal lunch spot and get blown away by a new taste; no, you get burned […]