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How Patriarchy Will Return

Recently I published a document listing the main points of neomasculinity. From that we can now make predictions of how those ideas will interact with the environment to create noticeable gender and societal changes in the Western world. Here are the five stages that offer a possible path to the return of patriarchy. Stage 1: Rise […]

What It’s Like To Get Searched By US Customs

I’ve never before had a problem coming into the US from abroad, but that changed with my recent trip to New York City. I was pulled aside for extra screening by Customs and subjected to a search that made me feel like I was being accused of a crime. After deplaning, I was required like everyone […]

What Is Government?

Government is the enslavement of a population within a defined set of borders called a nation, where a parasitic class termed the “elite” maintains complete control and authority of the population to accumulate power and wealth. Elite groups have evolved different styles of control depending on the geography, genetics, environment, and culture contained within its […]

Are You An Enemy Of Liberty?

Does your ideology require laws to aid certain classes of people over others? Does your ideology believe that humans are inherently weak? Does your ideology incentive  idleness through permanent welfare? Does your ideology place more emphasis on victimization than hard work, talent, and intellect? Does your ideology believe in top-down guesswork via central committees over […]

How To Do Interviews With The Mainstream Media

I have been interviewed in one way or the other in several countries: United States, Colombia, Iceland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, and Romania. I’ve learned quite a bit from these experiences and wanted to share some ideas for those who may find themselves on the receiving end of an interview request. First, it’s important to […]

Happy Election Day

:american: The bar was buzzing last night with election talk. Since I’m not paid to debate my customers (and I don’t know the views of others in earshot), I always keep my comments neutral. But sometimes it’s hard. “There is no conceivable reason to own a gun. In Italy you can’t buy a gun.” I […]

Are You A Registered Democrat?

There was a female canvasser for the Democratic National Committee hassling people outside the Woodley Park Metro stop yesterday afternoon. She easily reeled me in after I made eye contact with her. “Excuse me are you a registered Democrat?” “No I’m an independent,” I said, “but I usually vote Democrat.” “Okay good. As you may […]

Why I’m A Registered Independent

Democratic: Yes (140) / No (95) Republican: Yes (65) / No (133) The Republicans saved the day. My representative, Democrat Chris Van Hollen, voted for this bill. I warned him in several emails that I would vote against him if he did and I’m a man of my word: if a monkey is running against […]

Credit Default Swaps For Dummies

“If it doesn’t pass, then heaven help us all.” Allow me to teach you what a credit default swap is and why it’s so important to what is happening to the economy today. Virgle Kent borrows $50 from me. I want to get insurance on his debt in case he goes broke. I go to […]

My Country

My anti-Americanism has peaked. Like most Americans, I don’t care anymore. Give me the serenity for what I cannot control, etc. Things about this country I like: 1. Life opportunity. If you are willing to educate yourself, network, and move your ass, you will be rewarded with a salary above the national average, and a […]

Support The Troops

I’m tired of seeing and hearing the phrase “Support the troops.” It’s meaningless unless you explain what type of support you are talking about. You can want to support the troops but have two completely different outcomes in mind. Do you mean support the troops in fighting the war? In this case you want to […]

Ghost Wars

It only took me about three months but I have finally finished the 600-page book Ghost Wars, about events in Afghanistan and Pakistan leading up to 9/11. My favorite paragraph: The [CIA] sent out a team of mechanics knowledgeable about Russian helicopters to try to resolve the [helicopter mechanical issue]. Massoud’s men took them to […]