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Open Letter To Poetry Girl

Dear Poetry Girl, Reading your comments in yesterday’s post pleased me. I’m happy to see that you still think about me, even in hateful terms, because it’s a testament to the strong bond we had going until you found out about my blog. Do you remember the night we met? You were wearing a yamaka […]

11 Signs She’s A Keeper

1. You’d still hang out with her when she’s on her period and there is no chance of sex. 2. You don’t get the inexplicable urge to leave after you ejaculate inside her. 3. You don’t bother to notice if other girls are checking you out when you’re with her. 4. Because you actually enjoy […]

New Isn’t Always Better

What should the measure of success be for players? Number of notches? Quality of notches? Quantity / quality of sex? The better my game, the less new notches I get. When you have sex with a growing number of girls, your rolodex gets large. Do I call the girl who is fun and knows how […]

What To Do If She Has A Boyfriend

Chasing a girl with a boyfriend used to be such an awesome challenge for me. I loved how I was penetrating something that I should not be able to. I pursued girls who had a boyfriend more than single ones, but I was young and immature then and don’t really do that anymore. I have […]

Getting Men To Commit

A common question girls asks me is how to get a man they are dating to commit. When it comes to dating or relationships, this question is much harder than helping guys get laid. Casual sex is more like trying to find a funny t-shirt while commitment is shopping for a house. But I have […]

Laundry List

Everyone has a laundry list of qualities they want in the opposite sex. This is especially true for women, whose ideal type often crosses into the fantasy realm. If you break down these lists down into component parts, almost everything can fit into three categories: personality, appearance, and sexuality. Personality is connection and rapport. Can […]


My Dad has a special dining room chair that only he can sit in. The regular chairs are plain, old, and without ass cushioning, but my Dad has a fancy chair with a large cushion and a carved design on the back. It’s a few inches higher than all the other dining room chairs. His […]

Beta Husband

It was impossible for me to resist an article titled Why I Left My Beta Husband. It’s about a woman who got fed up with her stay-at-home life partner. I stayed home with our daughter for six months after she was born while Mark continued, yes, looking for a job. In 18 months, he got […]

Rising Sun

After sex, the power shifts to me. Vagina strength is highest before sex and declines to almost zero afterwards, assuming the girl is with a man who has options. I relax my game after sex not only because the power shift enables me to, but because if we are going to continue seeing each other […]

Before Sex, After Sex

On the surface, it looks like sex ruins things—the dynamic changes, the energy dissipates, and the tension disappears. Sometimes the relationship lasts, but most of the time, it doesn’t. Before sex, it’s all about showing up on time and smelling nice. The sexual tension does the rest. It helps you idealize your partner to keep […]

Girls Getting Back With Ex-Boyfriends

Many times a girl has dated me after ending a serious relationship and then dived back into the arms of the ex-boyfriend when I put on the brakes. I have nothing to worry about as long as these girls don’t turn gay, but I think I know what this could mean. 1. They can’t cut […]