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My International Lecture Tour Begins In June 2015

Starting in late June, I’m conducting a lecture tour that will take me to Berlin, London, Washington DC, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto. Each city will have a 4-hour event that includes a speech by me, a Q&A, and also a meet & greet. For full details on what’s in the speech, the dates, and how to […]

It’s Time To Ditch The World For Rooshland

I’ve been more patient than most in waiting for a sign that the river of Western degeneracy has finally been dammed, but instead I see the opposite: it’s turning into a roaring flood that is destroying all fertile land in the West while gravely threatening the rest of the world, even my beloved Poland. It […]

My Firsthand Experience With Thirst

By the third week of my recent DC visit, I fully internalized the horror that became of the city’s night scene. While there were glimpses of pretty girls if you happened to step foot in the right bar on the right day at the right hour, there definitely was a decrease in attractive women who […]

The First Confirmed Roosh Marriage

According to my critics I deeply hate women, and so do those who follow my work. We are misogynists who want to take women back to the stone age. We want them to endure pain, be impoverished, experience no pleasure in life, have their clitorii circumcised without anesthesia, and be deprived of cupcakes and other […]

I Was On Romanian Television

Usually I’d have to write a Bang guide to get a media outlet calling me, but on my fourth day in Romania I was shadowed by a news crew for the country’s largest television station. Here is the clip that aired on Sunday morning: And the clip that aired on Sunday night, with different footage […]

Poor Little Roosh

I went to Miami Beach for spring break in my senior year of college. It was the year 2001 and I was 21 years old. A friend sold me into going even though I couldn’t really afford it. He urged me to put the trip on my credit cards, saying that I’d surely pay off […]

Fried Chicken Empire

I’m in the dumps. It started during my final days in Rio around the time of my five year blog anniversary. My Danish roommate already left for São Paulo and I was going through some drama with a girl. My subsequent travels through the state of Minas Gerais were pleasant, especially the weekend in Belo […]

Flashback: Working For The Man

When I had a job a couple years ago I was asked by my little cousins to give a speech at their career day: I talked to 3rd graders first and was very impressed with their zombie-like state. Even though they probably didn’t care about what I was saying, they appeared to be paying close […]

The Thrill Is Gone

“Missions are stupid, Tereza. I have no mission. No one has. And it’s a terrific relief to realize you’re free, free of all missions.” –The Unbearable Lightness Of Being There used to be no obstacles in my path to sex. I had the strong desire followed by unlimited will that allowed me to sleep with […]

I Have No Style

1 pair jeans 1 pair shorts 6 t-shirts, 6 pairs black socks, 6 pairs boxers 1 belt 1 long sleeves jumper 1 pair running shoes 1 pair casual Adidas shoes That’s all I had for six months. I had to do laundry each week but I was covered for hiking on mountains, walking on the […]