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I Took An HIV Test

The last time I got an HIV test was in 2002, a year after I discovered game and began dabbling in sex without condoms. One early incident scared me: I played just-the-tip with a girl who was on her period. I waited a couple months then went to an anonymous clinic for an HIV test. […]

The Boner Test

This is a guest post by Samseau. Years ago my brother ran away from home to live in Missouri with a girl he fell in love with over the internet. It was supposedly true romance, but I couldn’t understand his choice because of how ugly she was. I’m talking every branch on the ugly tree […]

30 Types Of Pussy

(Image source: unknown) 1. Razor bump pussy. She’s still experimenting with the best Gillette model. The new razor with five blades caused a surprising amount of irritation. 2. Honda Civic pussy. The most common type of pussy. Reliable and basic with clean lines. 3. INTJ pussy. The clitoris is out just enough to make a […]

When No Means Yes

If you read men’s rights blogs or forums, you’re probably under the impression that half of all bangs end up with a false rape charge. Because of this blog I’ve known dozens of game guys (or gamesmen, if you will), with more than a thousand notches between them, and not once has any mentioned problems […]

Go Down On Women And Get Oral Cancer

Via the New York Times: Smoking and alcohol abuse are the major causes, but 25 percent of oral cancers appear in people who have never smoked or drunk to excess. The suspected cause of at least some of these cancers is human papillomavirus, or H.P.V., the same sexually transmitted virus that causes most cervical cancers, […]

Help, My Vagina Doesn’t Feel Anything!

I woke up the other day with a boner and kept it going by thinking of sex without condoms. A thought that entered my mind is how most girls cannot feel the difference between a naked penis and one covered with a condom. Condoms have broken on me a couple hundred times and only once […]

Loose Pussy

Whenever I meet a guy who likes Asian girls, one of the things he says to me is, “Their pussies are so tight.” How is that good? Unless you’re a porn star the speed of your orgasm time is probably on your mind. The vice pussy will make it impossible to hit that respectable two-minute […]

The Lost Roosh Sex Videos

Here is a video of me having sex with a girl doggy style. Note how I switch it up to oral without asking permission. Never ask for permission! Sometimes I rather just be alone. Here is a video with my sex toy I call Mr. Frog. I have nothing more for you today.

Jerk Off Management 101

For a guy there is a question on if he should jerk off before either hitting on girls or going out on a date. Some argue that jerking off before going out takes off the nervous “edge” (a la There’s Something About Mary) while others say it’s that edge that women are attracted to. I […]

It’s Just Sheer Loss Of Time

From Tropic Of Cancer… “The other night I took her on—out of pity—and what do you think the crazy bitch had done to herself? She had shaved it clean… not a spec of hair on it. Did you ever have a woman who shaved her twat? It’s repulsive, ain’t it? And it’s funny, too. Sort […]