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My Best Posts Of 2012

In chronological order… 7 Ways Feminism Is Destroying American Women 2. Makes her proud to be ugly. Go into any middle-of-the-road bar in a major city and what do you see? Overweight women with short hair, loose clothing, and flip-flops. Feminism has taught women that it’s okay for them to look like they just rolled […]

15 Posts You Should Read

Return Of Kings has been growing steadily, with a total of 134 posts among six contributors since I launched it in late October. Here are the top 15 posts you may have missed: Is The Feminist Movement Experiencing A Meltdown? 14 Things Every Guy Should Know About Swedish Girls Will The Norwegian People Disappear? One […]

Say Hello To My New Friend

The posts you read on my blog usually take a month or two from concept to publication. A thought enters my brain, I nurture it, take notes, write a draft, and then revise it over a few weeks until you see the final product. Because of this process, quality would drop if I posted more […]

Summer Hiatus

I’m taking a break from the blog for a couple weeks to enjoy summer here in the Balkans. You can view the archives to check out the newest posts you may have missed. It’s also a good opportunity to catch up on my books. You can view all of them at Bang Guides. The forum will […]

I’m Back

It’s been over a month since I started my hiatus, the longest I’ve ever taken. In that time I dived head first into the Russian language. About four months after I initially started studying it, I banged a girl using Russian only. It was a glorious bang, one that kept me high for several days […]


I’m going to take a break from the blog for a short while to study Russian since I just moved to the Soviet Union. My next post will be dropping a short game book that will hopefully entertain you comrades until I come back in the Spring. Now would be a good opportunity to catch […]

Summer Hiatus

The content I’ve put out during the past four months have been more well-received than my previous material, both in terms of feedback and traffic. During that time I’ve also completed my upcoming books Day Bang and Bang Iceland. I need a break from my grueling three posts a week blogging schedule so I’m going to take […]

The Epilogue Of The Epilogue

A common question from last week’s release of Dead Bat’s epilogue was, “What kind of game did you use on Mariana?” I describe how we met in the book, but it was just like any other approach. I didn’t do anything special or different. While I did feel a connection with her mighty quick, I […]

Top 10 Posts Of 2010

Last year you could have set a clock to my 13 posts per month output (156 posts for the year). I’d like to maintain that for this year, but I’m more willing to slow it down a bit if it means putting out more long-form projects. Here are my ten favorite blog posts of 2010, […]

I Picked A Cover

I decided to pick the lowest rated cover: I made my decision to please the guy who left the following comment… Can you pull this off? Can you honestly see yourself holding this book up in front of strangers and telling them that you wrote this book? Id snicker at the title. Hell I’m laughing […]

Which Cover Should I Pick?

Entries are in for the cover redesign contest! I want a cover that not only is crowd-pleasing but also builds intrigue. If you’re in a coffee shop and you see someone reading a book with one of these covers, which one would make you want to learn more? Out of over 100 submissions, here are […]

2010 Reader Survey Results (Part 2 of 2)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 1 What should I do with my life? Please leave this disaster zone we call America, where the subtitle should be “We have everything but no one is happy”. After being born and raised in the US, I spent 2005-2009 in Peru. Never was I happier, or had more quality girls to bang, […]