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The Big Ass Book Challenge

I challenge you to purchase a history or biography book over 500 pages long and read it within two weeks. The reason? To become inspired and motivated from great men of the past, a duty that we sorely neglect in today’s Youtube culture. I explain more in this Youtube video: The book I’ve undertaken for […]

13 Things I Don’t Like

1. People who leave their cell phone on the table while I’m talking to them. I feel like I have to compete  for their attention with an electronic device. What’s the point of telling something that requires deep thought if our conversation will be interrupted at any moment? 2. Girls who immediately try to change the first […]

American Girl Personal Ad

Hello, I am an American girl who lives in Washington DC. Do you think you have what it takes to date me? I’ll go on a coffee date with a man who has all of the following: I want you to be confident, but not so confident that you’re arrogant. I want you to be […]

My Name Is Burt

I started using a fake name in the beginning of the year. It was hard at first to be called something completely new, but after a few months I got used to it. Now when I hear the name called out in public I instinctively turn my head as if it was my own. Let’s […]

Call The Bitch Out

Years ago when I first started calling out cockblockers, asking if their mothers taught them to be so rude, I didn’t have issues with girls who weren’t actively cockblocking. My rage was only channeled to blockers. But things changed, attitudes got worse. It got to the point where my nights in DC were full of calling out […]

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Roosh

This post is inspired from a recent entry on G Manifesto’s blog. 1. I was a spoiled momma’s boy. For the seven years before my sister was born, my mom treated me like a petit prince, giving me whatever I wanted and indulging all my tantrums. Even late into adulthood, she would offer to do my […]

Women Who Still Say I Hate Women

I still get criticism from women that I secretly “hate” them even after I previously addressed the issue. In that post I also took a stab at the “you hate strong women” comment that I’ve been getting more of recently. A more amusing hater comment I come across is, “He hates strong women.” I’ve always thought “strong […]

Typical American Woman Meme

Before I announce the new meme, I want to congratulate the winner of the LOLgame contest, who beat out 400 other entries to capture first place. Here’s his submission: :laugh: Click the popularity link on the LOLgame page to view the best-rated images. We all did a good job making fun of ourselves, but now […]

The Amazon Kindle Is A Game Changer

When e-readers started coming out a couple years ago, I thought of them as unnecessary and expensive. Last time I checked the reading process worked pretty damn well on paper, with enough trees remaining on Earth to keep that going for a few more generations. I questioned why we’re taking a simple and pure act […]

Icelandic Anonymous Postcard Contest

Do you have a score to settle? Is there a girl you want to creep out? Is there a friend you want to play a joke on? Is there a family member you want to scare? Do you want to deliver an anonymous message to your mortal enemy? Well I have some good news: I […]

According To Jezebel I’m “Downright Psychopathic”

My favorite post of the year from Monday’s list was excerpted on Jezebel last week. I was called “possibly the worst person we’ve encountered” and “downright psychopathic.” The post was viewed about 30,000 times and was the most commented post of the day with over 600 comments (99% were of the anti-Roosh variety). Here are […]

What Are You Playing With?

My 7-year-old brother is the type of kid who can stay entertained for hours playing with a couple low-tech toys while humming and talking to himself. Quietness in other kids is usually a sign they’re destroying something, but my brother is exceptionally good and gentle. I know I’ll have to toughen him up when he […]

Get Ready To Learn About Iceland

The winner of my trip contest is MAS, who correctly guessed that I’m starting my next trip in Iceland. I was surprised that he got it at only the tenth comment, so I asked him about his strategy. His response: I recently saw a bus ad for Iceland Air. It said something about being a […]