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There Will Be No Bang Croatia

But there was a thorough breakdown. Check out these posts I wrote on Return Of Kings: Everything You Need To Know About Croatian Girls 22 Photos Of Pretty Croatian Girls 16 Tips For Having Sex With Croatian Girls Top 5 Clubs In Zagreb To Get Laid Croatian girls in a nutshell: pretty and thin but […]

“You Broke Me”

One week before I moved to my logistically superior Zagreb apartment, I encountered a 20-year-old girl at a taxi stand late at night. We ended up talking and I got her to come with me to an after-hours bar. We kissed. We met up again a few days later but she insisted on not drinking. […]

The Secret To Fast Sex

When you learn the game from scratch, you can’t help but codify every part of your game and try to make a guess on what is helping you and what is not. You analyze your look, your opening lines, your routines, the method to getting a girl’s number, and so on. Once you start getting […]