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How I Trolled Lithuania’s Biggest News Site

Recently Lithuania found out about my book Bang Lithuania and went wild with rage, just like has happened in Iceland, Denmark, Colombia, and to a lesser extent, Estonia. As per the media outrage playbook, I got a request for an interview. In response to my travel guides, I’ve done two live radio interviews, a couple phone interviews, and […]

The Baltic Trilogy

I’m happy to be releasing three new books: Don’t Bang Latvia, Bang Estonia, and Bang Lithuania. All three books contain the following: Historical and cultural backgrounds that help you understand the mentality of each country Detailed descriptions of the women, including both appearance and personality The amount of work and time you’ll have to put […]

Do It For The Notch

My seven months in Poland caused my standards to increase to stratospheric levels. The Baltics had a higher talent pool to satisfy that, but I was approaching less because of the winter. It didn’t help that the women were harder. I estimate I was getting laid at a 50% decreased rate. My Baltic tour started […]