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Travel Datasheet For Iasi, Romania

Iasi is a city in the Moldova region of Romania, not to be confused with the Republic of Moldova, a separate country with a similar stock of people but culturally different (due to Soviet influence). Iasi is primarily a university city that is the second largest in the country. GIRLS The girls were arguably more […]

Travel Datasheet For Cluj, Romania

Cluj (it’s full name is Cluj-Napoca) used to be part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, and somehow Romania got a hold of it. Its demographics are strange because there are tons of Hungarians along with foreign medical and Erasmus students. You’re just as likely to hear a foreign language walking down the street as you are […]

Travel Datasheet For Bucharest, Romania

Romania has a very Latinized feel, with tanned people and dark hair. It had a similar vibe to Colombia, though with less poverty and crime. Romanians are like Italians and Croatians in that they enjoy socializing in cafes and going for promenades (even their language sounds Italian). They are social, warm creatures who enjoy leisure […]

11 Boring Pictures From Eastern Romania

1. Most Eastern European cities have pedestrian walkways that are underground. They are surprisingly safe, containing stalls where basic foodstuffs and home supplies can be bought. 2. This woman is bathing with fountain water. Located in the main square. 3. Example of the Soviet-style architecture. Locals hate it but I found buildings like this to […]