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Babylon Road #8 – Badlands, Deadwood, Denver

In this travelogue, I share scenes from Badlands National Park, Deadwood (South Dakota), Black Hills National Park, Denver, and many more. Join me on my tour by visiting Roosh Live for a full listing of all cities I’ll be in. Subscribe to my Youtube channel to catch future travel videos. Previously: Babylon Road #7 – […]

7 Things I Learned About Serbian Women

Towards the end of 2018, after a continuous two-year stint in Poland, I spent nearly three months in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. I went to Serbia not necessarily because I heard it was amazing, but to reduce the regret I may feel later for not visiting a country that I heard has traditional women. […]

Countries Have Become Like Coworking Spaces

As the world becomes increasingly globalized and connected, different countries are starting to look the same. This country has the same kebab as that country. This country has the same fashion as that country. This country has the same English speakers who believe in the same things as that country. They are all becoming nothing […]