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Iguazu Falls

When you think of South America, the first thing that comes to you is Machu Picchu (or favelas), but as I get deeper into my trip I’m convinced that Machu Picchu is popular for only one reason: it’s entire essence can be captured in one easily digestible photograph. It’s popular because of marketing. Pompeii is […]

I Felt Ashamed

My first night in Buenos Aires I went to a restaurant with two Australians I knew from Cordoba. After our meal a 40’s-something woman with a stack of newspapers came inside the restaurant and walked to our table. Before she had a chance to open her mouth I told her we don’t speak Spanish. She […]

It’s That Bad

I was sitting in a cafe when I locked eye contact with a girl for two seconds. The first thought to my head was, “Not from Argentina.” I walked by her table of friends and they were speaking Hebrew. Seven girls check into the hostel. Three of them lock eye contact with me. Definitely not […]

My Travel Buddies

For two weeks I’ve been travelling with two moai statues. The first head I’ve named Little Steve. After a day he complained about being lonely so I returned to the market and bought him a friend. Meet Big Steve. He is made of stone and is a bit inconvenient to travel with. Last week I […]