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Paraguay and Bolivia are the two poorest countries in South America and the only two that are landlocked. Coincidence? I had to escape from Asunción yesterday due to what happened to me at 4:15am Thursday morning. No, it didn’t involve a transsexual, or any other person for that matter. Story coming. I’m starting to seriously […]

Beefy Gas

An American, Australian, and Englishgirl walk into a hotel made of salt. It started in a Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver, a cook, and a few gringos, including myself. We paid for a 4-day tour through the southwest of Bolivia, a place where paved roads, gas stations—and what you might recognize as modern civilization—do […]

Two Month Update

Now that my major health problems have passed, the trip has become “okay” with fun highlights combined with many hours in internet cafes. 1. I’m having really bad nightmares. They are usually about me getting physically hurt or maimed in some way. 2. Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, is the limit of where […]

I Had To Ask Twice

Updated: Answer below. Anyone want to guess how much this hotel room in Copacabana, Bolivia costs per night? Glad I brought the porn machine laptop View from balcony Hints: 1. It has a standard bathroom with a sometimes warm water shower. 2. It’s one block away from the lake in a pretty prime spot. 3. […]