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The Odds

I just got this message: A French canadian guy came across a guestbook entry at a certain hostel in valpo. He was astounded that the entry happened to be yours, as he had bumped into you in cusco and el chantel. He then proceeded to tell us about your numerous bodily complications.. followed by the […]

Valparaiso, Chile

My third contribution to the Volette travel blog is up. Class is not a word I’d use to describe Valparaiso’s nightlife. I had the unfortunate experience of walking into a club called Cosmonova where the owner at some point came up with the idea to combine aspects of a nightclub with a strip club. It […]

Santiago Chile Nightlife

It’s difficult to explore nightlife is cities that are both prosperous and large because everything is so segmented. There’s the weird house clubs, and there’s the expensive lounges, and there’s the area where the grunge kids go. Therefore I don’t know how representative my two nights in Santiago were. Friday. A horrible misunderstanding sent me […]

Re: Poor Fucking Dog

Here’s the beer drinking dog working on the last drop of Cristal beer. Me and two other German gringos clamored for a photo as locals in the line of a club watched on, disturbed by the behavior of individuals from the Western world. I was the only one who got a clean shot! For more […]

Poor Fucking Dog

I saw about 400 feral dogs a day in Chile but this is the only one worth a picture. Towards the end of the movie Ghostbusters 2, a lady’s fur coat touches Vigo’s slime and becomes a monster or whatever and scampers down the street. That’s almost like how this carpet freak looks like when […]

Moths… Flame

I sat next to a Brazilian guy on the 23 hour bus ride to Santiago, where we stayed at a hostel that had a guitar laying around. He didn’t bring this up on the bus but apparently he studied music theory, has been playing guitar for 13 years, and knows most popular American rock songs, […]