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The Incan Ruins Of Cuzco, Peru

My second contribution to the Volette travel blog is up. It guides you through the most interesting ruins of Cuzco, Peru (with pictures). You can read it here. I found that I liked Machu Picchu a bit more after writing and thinking about it. For more on Peru, check out my Peru travel guide.

Machu Picchu

I was going to pass on Machu Picchu but the peer pressure was too great. It was an expensive notch: $75 train ride to the town nearest Machu Picchu $12 round-trip bus ride to Machu Picchu $40 entrance fee $7 rip-off mini pizza in town That’s fine as I can say I took this picture: […]

Peru Bus Comfort

I hopped on a local bus back to Cusco after a visit to the Incan ruins of Pisac. The bus was packed so I had to stand in the aisle, and was faced with the serious decision of whether I should give ass or crotch to the gentleman sitting down next to me. I had […]

I Got the Giardia

I have parasites attached to the wall of my small intestine, sucking away my nutrients and causing unspeakable bathroom adventures. I saw a doctor and she prescribed me something to defeat the flagellated monsters that are dampening my already mediocre South American experience. The only side effect is urine that has a neon yellow appearance. […]