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WATCH: My Summer Vacation In Croatia

I took a one-week trip to Croatia recently, visiting Dubrovnik and Ivan Dolac (on Hvar Island). I made two videos to show what it was like. These destinations are better if you already have a girl instead of going there to meet Croatian girls. For that, Zagreb is your best option. Previous Video: How The Media Assassinates […]

WATCH: Why Men Should Vote For Donald Trump

This video summarizes my case on why Donald Trump deserves your vote, in spite of his many downsides. After uploading this video to my Youtube channel, over 50 people unsubscribed, suggesting how invested people are in the election. Visit my Youtube channel and hit the Subscribe button to see new clips before I drop them on the blog. […]

WATCH: 10 Reasons Why Washington DC Sucks

Before I completely forget about my time in the DC area , I decided to capture my criticisms about it in a video for posterity. A lot of men left comments that their city is strikingly similar to DC, suggesting a monoculture that is being spread throughout the Western world. Visit my Youtube channel and hit the […]

24 Answers To Patriarchy & Tradition Questions

The final Q&A video is on patriarchy and tradition: Here’s the index so you can jump around: 00:08 “Do you see mens maculinity further succumbing to public pressure or will there be a noticeable surge in masculine behavior worldwide?” (ALPHA HUNTER ZERO) 2:24 “Is there anything that can be done to make women feminine again […]

19 Answers To Globalism & Politics Questions

The next Q&A video is on globalism and world politics: Here’s the index so you can jump around: 0:06 “Why do you care about what happens to Western civilization, or Europeans for that matter? Is it a disgust for injustice, source of intellectual stimulation, you’re mostly attracted to white chicks, or is there a deeper […]

26 Answers To Game & Travel Questions

The next Q&A video is on game and travel: Here’s the index so you can jump around: 0:10 “What is a good rule-of-thumb number of notches and flags, beyond which a man can safely settle for a nice girl? And what to do if he meets one before hitting the target?” (ZBYSZEK) 4:27 “How do […]