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Day Game Workshop 2.0 Lessons Learned

From September to November I taught 16 workshops to 19 men. While it was hard work (believe it or not), it was extremely rewarding to see guys sometimes make a sizable improvement in just a few hours. Teaching the workshops gave me a changing-the-world-one-man-at-a-time sort of pleasure. The flow of knowledge wasn’t only one-way, and […]

Workshop 2.0 Update

I wanted to share a couple thoughts from the workshops I’ve taught since starting up the program again a month ago. DAY VERSUS NIGHT: Day game is still the most popular option (even most of the night instruction I’ve done has come from guys also doing the day game portion). A lot of men are […]

Day & Night Game Workshops

Introduction I’m again teaching workshops in Washington DC, which will run four hours in length and teach men how to approach and talk to women in both day and nighttime settings. Outcomes that will be taught include getting a phone number, kiss, venue change (i.e. instant date), same-night date, and one-night stand. The daytime workshops, […]

Sexual Results From My Day Game Workshops

I don’t think I shared the number close results from my day game workshops. Out of 397 approaches, my students got 31 numbers while on the workshop, for an approach close rate of 7.8% (1 out of 13 approaches). Considering they were using new material for the first time and approaching in tough situations (some […]

My Most Talented Student

I congratulated Pete on the third number he received from a girl at the bookstore. I told him that it will be very hard for another student to get four numbers to break his record, but to be sure he should get one more so that his record remains in the history books for just […]

State Of The Day Game Workshops

I have now taught ten day game workshops to nineteen men. April will most likely be the last month I do these. I’m going to be a little mum on my plans since they aren’t finalized yet, but I plan on hitting the road by May. Here’s some workshop thoughts from a few students: I’d […]

The Most Thrilling Workshop Ever

It was the Sunday before Obama’s inauguration. The weather was cold but nothing like the weekend before when my students and I had to endure temperatures in the low teens. I arrived at the meeting point, a special Starbucks that was inadvertently made for day game, not knowing anything about my two students besides their […]

Picking Up Hipster Chicks?

One of my recent day game students was a hipster. I poked fun at the subculture a bit and he told me I should seriously consider hitting hipster spots. He said, “At Black Cat, 60% of people there are girls, and half the guys there are gay.” He added that they are also cuter than […]

Day Game Workshop Recap

I have taught three day game workshops, including a dry run with Roissy. Let’s start with his thoughts: Recently, I participated in a “dry run” day game workshop with Roosh to help him streamline operations. Since my day game is underdeveloped, I happily volunteered to be a guinea pig. We covered the major types of […]

Day Game Workshop

Introducing the Day Game Workshop, a four hour course where I teach you how to pick up girls in the following places: Coffee shop Street Book store Subway → Grocery store Retail store I know a lot of guys who are sick of DC bars and clubs and the same old nightly dickfest with mediocre […]