One day after I announced my USA tour, I began receiving pushback from our establishment overlords. I was first banned from Instagram, even though my account was set to private.

I only used Instagram to share personal pictures, most of which highlighted my beard in various stages of growth.

Two days after the ban, Master Zuckerberg gave my account back with no explanation. Nonetheless, I have set up an Instagram substitute on Telegram. Visit or subscribe to the channel rooshofficial within the app. I intend to send no more than one or two messages per day.

Nineteen minutes after Instagram banned me, I was banned from Chase WePay, the credit card processor I was using to sell tour tickets. They claimed that my business was “high risk,” but I had only been selling for one day, without any disputes or chargebacks. They also have a direct partnership with the agency that sells tickets for many other organizers, suggesting that I was singled out.

I have found a backup credit card processor and am still able to sell tickets on my tour website, though I’m prepared to accept check and money order if the deplatforming continues.

Take advantage of tour discounts

Early bird pricing for the first stage of my tour ends today. If you order your ticket now from Roosh Live, you save a few bucks. There are two additional discounts…

Discount #1: If you purchase one General Admission or Gold ticket, you get the second ticket 70% off. Your entire order of two or more tickets (up to four) will be 35% off.

Discount #2: You will receive 75% off for any additional city event you visit after the first. For example, if you come to the Boston event, you will get 75% off any future stop in another city (applies to General Admission or Gold tickets only). This discount has no limit, meaning that you could theoretically visit the first event in Boston and then visit the 22 remaining events at a 75% discount for each one. Note that the first event you visit is not discounted. To claim this discount, forward your original ticket number to me via email after you attend the first event.

2019 Tour Schedule

Stage 1

June 22: Boston
June 29: New York City
July 6: Philadelphia
July 13: Washington, D.C.
July 20: Columbus, Ohio
July 27: Chicago

Stage 2

August 10: Minneapolis
August 17: Omaha, Nebraska
August 24: Denver
August 31: Salt Lake City
September 7: Seattle

Stage 3

September 21: San Francisco
September 28: Los Angeles
October 5: San Diego
October 12: Phoenix
October 19: Dallas
October 26: Austin
November 2: Houston

Stage 4

November 16: Miami
November 23: Orlando
November 30: Atlanta
December 7: Nashville
December 14: Charlotte, North Carolina

Each stop will have three events: a talk, a happy hour, and a dinner. Pick and choose your level of involvement.

The show will go on

I will monitor social media and the local news in the lead-up to each event, and share any potential protest or disturbance with ticket-holders. If you buy a ticket and decide not to attend because you fear for your safety, I will issue you a full refund. I’ve personally held numerous events and happy hours without a single dox or injury, and am determined to keep it that way. Let’s see how things go.

Click here to learn more about my tour.


  1. GetItGoing May 13, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Not surprising at all, Roosh, that more and institutions are attempting to block free business ideas that conflict with the SJW narrative. I kind of expected this and I’m sure you did as well.

    I look forward to seeing you again when you you visit the southeast USA as I saw you last time in NYC. It’s great being around like-minded men who aren’t simps and pro-SJW.

    Also, as you and others before you have done I’ve been working hard to leave this insanity here in the USA and move abroad. Hopefully I’ll be out by the end of the year. I’ve had enough of the insanity here and it’s only getting worse.

  2. Orientation May 13, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    If he had not used Internet losers for his own benefit… He had the opportunity to organize something useful with meaningful information, not this narcissistic blog selling fools bad ideas.

  3. Shark Lasers May 13, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    I’ve personally held numerous events and happy hours without a single dox or injury, and am determined to keep it that way.

    You can dress up your 10-year-old son like a street hooker, take him to a publically-subsidized pride parade, let him shake his ass in front of a bunch of pedophiles in the middle of the street, and you can rest assured that no one will touch a hair on your head.

    But if you go to a restaurant or bar to meet up with a guy and have a private conversation about what he’s learned about life, people will try to beat you up or publish your personal information so gutless jackals can ruin your life behind a computer screen.

    In normal world, the first group would be swinging from lampposts and the second wouldn’t even be noticed.

    But we don’t live in normal world.

    We live in clown world.

  4. polishknight May 14, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Not sure if I can attend and will miss the early bird discount, but consider the extra a donation for coffee money. 🙂

    One marvels about the reason for why Roosh has been singled out. Is it because of his rape parody article that the left engaged in shameless hysterical hyperbole over? Or his comments about the establishment that they couldn’t take? Or the fact that he’s been successful getting laid around the world and shaming beta male white knight p*ssies?

    At this point, good sir, I’d consider legally changing your name if only to mess with them. You can still call yourself by your birth name but legally, you’d just use your new name as a legal pseudonym. John Smith is the most common.

  5. WyattNotQuiet May 16, 2019 at 4:59 am

    You are ALWAYS entertaining me Roo$h! 🙂
    == Nothing like hyping the Book Tour and its invaluable locker-room wisdom than with a good dose of Snowflake style “offended by discriminatory policy” victim-hood! 🙂
    Hey, why not go to China to promote your book “Beijing Blows” then cry about the inevitable WeChat banning of your ticket transactions???
    If you are going to write a book that criticizes the very corporate powers that process your sales at least try to use a business title that does not reflect your “pariah” status.
    Eg; In place of Rooshofficial use a generic global business name ie= “Worldwide Federated Technologies” or maybe the politically correct “TransSpeciesActionPAC”!
    — The Internet is a completely surveilled system.. ALWAYS use layer upon layer to muddy the “guilty by association” trail and change things up as least twice a year!
    Good luck with Promotions!!
    ps: Maybe you could hire some halfway-transitioned MTFs to scream “Misogynist Pig” at you as you’re whisked into the side entrance of the local BookBarn! ..Just remember to first call the local TV News stations to video your fans videoing you for a YouTube video documenting the TVNews video coverage of the Trans-melee you created!! Hahaha @:-)

  6. Fanguy May 17, 2019 at 10:19 am

    Roosh keeping pushing back the feminist establishment my dude. sometimes i wish i have big balls like you to point out whats wrong with this world. until i have that courage, ill keep supporting the mens right movement and you Roosh.

  7. Rick May 23, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    This Iranian terrorist doesn’t stop crying everytime he gets banned from any social platform. Go back to Iran motherfucker, don’t you already get it? Nobody likes you 🙂 Twitter banned you, banks banned you, even fucking instagram banned you lmao