Colombia Analysis

I’m getting a lot of questions about how Colombia is, especially the girls. I’m going to hold off until after I leave to give you the complete run-down because I want to make conclusions on the full experience, but there are a couple things I can say right now.

Argentine girls are hotter than Colombian girls, but also harder.

Brazilian girls are sexier, more interesting and probably hotter than Colombian girls, but also easier.

I say probably because Brazil is a huge country and you get a lot of variance depending on where you go. Plus it will come down to personal taste (i.e. if you like fake tits then Colombia is for you, if you like big asses and a wider variety of color then Brazil).

It’s becoming more obvious to me every day that Brazil is the big winner. The guys who are singing the praises of Colombia the hardest have not yet been to Brazil, and that’s all you really need to know, though I am enjoying myself in Medellin right now and will remain until I finish my second book.

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