Comments Are Coming Back Tomorrow

It’s been six months since I’ve had comments on the blog. The main reason I took them off was because I felt that the signal to noise ratio was too low.

For the past month or so I allowed comments on my posts over in the forum. It hasn’t been extremely active but there was some good discussion and only twice did things get somewhat a little out of hand, but even then it wasn’t the hate-fest that regularly went on here (part of which I take blame for due to my sometimes passionate style of writing).

So I did some thinking and came up with a simple idea: have a clear rule that encourages good discussion. Here’s what you’ll see just above the comment button tomorrow:

Criticism is fine, but be respectful. If you wouldn’t read your comment outloud to its intended recipient in his or her home then don’t post it. Comments that break this rule will be deleted. Thanks.

I came up with this when I remembered how very polite my blog haters were in real life when I met them, probably because it’s very hard to hate on someone face-to-face who hasn’t wronged you personally. Therefore if you wouldn’t read your comment to me or whoever it’s directed to in person, then a revision is in order.

I want to give it a trial run for a month or two. A part of me feels like not having comments enabled chokes off some good insights related to the topics I write about here, and I want to give it one more shot. Let’s see how it goes.

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