…one who fights for God and his people, even if alone, will never be defeated. —Coreneliu Zelea Codreanu

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was a Romanian Orthodox leader of The Legion of the Archangel Michael (more commonly known as the Iron Guard), a far-right movement that often engaged in street combat with its enemies. His political ideas developed in parallel to other fascist movements of the early 20th century. Executed by the Romanian government in prison at 39 years of age, he is mostly ignored by Orthodox Christians of today because he raises the thorny question if using political violence and activism is in accordance to God’s will when subjected to a pernicious enemy that happens to be Jewish.

Either Cordreanu went too far with his movement, and was a violent ideological thug, or he set the standard for Orthodox Christians on how to fight against Jewish cultural terrorism within Christian lands without losing one’s soul. His memoir For My Legionaries, which I excerpt below, contains so much truth that, if his movement were to be replicated in America, it would provide a proto-template of taking God from the realm of personal and temple worship and into the national consciousness, but there are not many Orthodox priests who would publicly praise his work, which paints a picture of Romania in the 1920s that is not that different from America 100 years later. The same people with the same revolutionary spirit are up to the same tricks.

Manipulating the youth

Young students are influenced very easily particularly when they lack a faith. They let themselves be lured not so much by the immediate material advantages they might be offered but more particularly by flattery and by the prospect of a great future they were promised. But the youth must know that no matter what position he will hold, he is a sentinel in the service of the nation and that permitting himself to be bought, flattered, lured, means a dereliction of duty, and could even lead to desertion or betrayal.

Activism against communists

The enemies feared not so much us, but our determination.


The great majority of students was made up of communists and their sympathisers. But they could not take one step forward because our group, never over 40, was always present; we attacked and did not permit the airing of communist ideas and practices. The general strike tried at the Iasi University when the communist student Spiegler was arrested, failed after one day, because our group occupied the mess hall forbidding strikers entrance to meals on the grounds that “Whoever does not work, does not eat.” All pleadings of the rector and the professors to convince us that these students ought to be permitted to enter for their meals, were made in vain. Shortly thereafter, our group was to win another victory—the change of the uniform. Communist students were wearing Russian caps, not that they had no other caps, but as an ostentatious sign of affirming Bolshevism. On the occasion of a clash at the university, these caps were grabbed and burnt in Union Square. Then, daily, at the university, on the streets, through pubs, the hunting started. All caps were burnt, After one week they completely disappeared.


A movement never dies under the blows of the enemy without, but because of the enemies within, like any human organism. Normally, only about one human being in a million dies of external causes (run over by a train or a car, shot to death, drowning, etc.); man succumbs to internal toxins, he dies poisoned.


It is not advisable to try a rebellion of the masses, for in this day they would be decimated by cannon and this would result in spreading only misfortune and sorrow. On the contrary we must work alone, in limited numbers and only on our own responsibility.

To keep out communists, Codreanu used violence. He snatched up Soviet paraphernalia and blocked communists from entering campus grounds during attempted strikes. He destroyed their private property. He did all this so that an atheistic ideology with predominate Jewish backing would not infiltrate and destroy Romania and its institutions. Did Codreanu “sin” through his activism? Did he have to confess to his priest that he destroyed communist hats while they were trying to subvert the university? Or was his work righteous before God? I am not qualified to answer these questions, but if a prominent Orthodox elder today declares Codreanu’s actions as righteous, you wouldn’t have to wait more than a year to see a more forceful activism take place among Orthodox youth, who can only be entertained by internet memes for so long as they watch their country crumble into a secular hell.

Do not seek outside funding for your organization

Not only were we not “financed” by capitalists, but I counsel anyone who leads a movement based on sane principles to refuse all offers of financing if he wishes his movement to survive. Because a political movement must be constituted so as to be able to produce alone, out of the faith and sacrifice of its members, exactly as much as it needs to live and grow. For a normal and healthy development a movement has the right to consume only as much as its members can provide; and its membership can only provide to the extent of their capacity for faith, that is, for sacrifice. It does not provide sufficient funds? Do not resort to outside financing but go about increasing the faith of the membership. In fact insufficient contributions on the membership’s part is an indication of little faith. It does not provide any funds? The organization is dead and it will soon collapse. Lacking faith it will be vanquished by those that have it.

A few years ago I was asked if I wanted to be on a major podcast network. I was promised widespread distribution and advertising revenue which was more than the zero dollars I was then making from it. The weirdest thing about this offer is that it was made by a man who worked in the hedge fund industry. Later I would hear stories of other influencers who were approached by hedge fund employees, which confirmed to me that the culture-makers are those who have the most money (i.e., the bankers). To add tension to this little story, I want to say I debated the offer for days, and strongly considered selling out, but it was clear even at that time, before I was a practicing Christian, that I would be making a deal with the devil. I would be initially told that I did not have to limit my content in any way, but weeks down the line the urgent emails would arrive stating that I was threatening a loss of prized advertisers with my rhetoric. I refused the offer with no regret, and have maintained a completely independent publishing platform since then. I am sustained by individual readers who buy my books and donate to me.

The diabolical plan of the Jews

…we began to realize, that for the first time in his history, the Romanian had come into contact with a people which use as weapons to fight and to destroy—as national weapons—slyness and perfidy. The Romanian has always known only the honest fight. Faced with the new Jewish method, he was at a loss. We realized that everything comes down to knowing the enemy, and that as soon as we Romanians know him, we will vanquish him.


In order to break all power of resistance of the Romanian people, the Jews will apply a truly unique and diabolical plan:

1. They will try to break the spiritual ties of the Romanian to heaven, and to earth. To break our ties with heaven they will engage in widespread dissemination of atheistic theories in order to separate the Romanian people or at least some of the leaders from God; separating them from God and their dead they can destroy them, not by sword but by severing the roots of their spiritual life. To break our ties binding us to the land, the material source of a nation’s existence, they will attack nationalism, labelling it “outmoded,” and everything related to the idea of fatherland and soil, in order to cut the love thread tying the Romanian people to their furrow.

2. In order to succeed in this, they will endeavour to get control of the press.

3. They will take advantage of every opportunity to sow discord in the Romanian camp, spreading misunderstandings, quarrels, and if possible to split it into factions fighting each other.

4. Will seek to gain control of most of the means of livelihood of the Romanians.

5. They will systematically urge Romanians on to licentiousness, destroying their families and their moral fiber.

6. They will poison and daze them with all kinds of drinks and other poisons.

Anyone wishing to conquer and destroy a people could do it by using this system: Breaking its ties with heaven and land, introducing fratricidal quarrels and fights, promoting immorality and licentiousness, by material ruin, physical poisoning, drunkenness, All these destroy a nation more than being blasted by thousands of cannon or bombed by thousands of airplanes.


Nothing frightens Jews more than a perfect unity in others: the unity of feeling in a movement, in a people. That is why they will always be for “democracy” which has but one advantage, and that one for the nation’s enemy. For democracy will break up the unity and the spirit of a people, which, faced with the perfect unity and solidarity of Judaism in Romania and the rest of the entire world, once divided into democratic parties, thus fragmented, will be defeated.


…the fury to destroy us had been mercilessly unleashed, No means were spared to annihilate us; no infamy. And we were guilty of nothing. The Jewish papers in which we were violently attacked, ridiculing us and the truth, reached us in prison, and we could do nothing, we could answer in no way. With arms crossed, within the four prison walls, we watched how insults and all kinds of accusations were hurled it us.

Democracy is a tool of Satan that has been perfected by Jews and their gentile allies in secret societies to take sly control of nations while allowing citizens to feel that they have a choice in the matter, keeping them compliant and dumb. Can you read Codreanu’s six points of Jewish subversion and not see every single one having already been successfully used in transforming the United States from a nation with a Christian ethos to the state of Jewish pornographic sewage we have today? Codreanu saw the truth, and because he was ignored after his death, the exact same tactics could be reproduced with even greater ease throughout the Western world, to the loss of untold millions of people who sought to sell their souls for comfort, money, and sex.

I see myself as an intelligent man, but even I fell for the most common tricks and wasted my life until middle age when God helped me snap out of the spell. How much more spiritually profitable would my life have been if there were Legionaries in the university I attended to warn me against them? Instead there were usurers at every corner giving out free t-shirts for a credit card application while the rot of social Marxism seeped into every classroom alongside the temptation of half-naked women who walked around campus. And that was twenty years ago. I can’t imagine how it’s like to stroll through a campus now where every day feels like a gay pride celebration.

Fighting the Jew

… students at the University of Iasi, realizing the difficult situation in which the Romanian people finds itself menaced in its very existence by an alien people that grabbed our land and tends to grab the leadership of the country; so that our descendants not wander through foreign lands chased from their land by poverty and misery, and so that our people not bleed under the tyranny of an alien people, we determinedly rise around a new and sacred ideal, that of defending our fatherland against Jewish invasion.


To this low blow was added also the fact that being alone on the street he was provoked and struck in the face by a Jew’s fist. When such outrageous daring became known, students went into all pubs, and struck in the same manner every Jew they met. On the occasion of that demonstration, ten students were arrested, Mota and lulian Sarbu included, who were sentenced to one month in jail. They served it in Galata. Urziceanu, a student, took several shots at the individual suspected of being the moral instigator of the insulting act of violence.

Can you imagine what would happen to you if you went into the bars and slapped every Jew you saw? You’d be charged with every Federal hate crime in the book. You’d rot in jail for a long time, because there is a people within the United States who are above reproach, and if you dare touch their bodies, stand against their agenda, or interfere with their money, you will experience severe punishment. On the other hand, if you assault me, unless the assault is captured on video, you will escape punishment, but even if it is captured on video, you will still not be charged, as happened when I was attacked on the street by Antifa thugs in Montreal (warning: profane language).

No room for cowards

For myself, in my poverty and with my poor powers, I defend myself against an assault as best I can—by the printed word if I can; with the aid of authorities, if they are still Romanian; by word, if someone listens; by force, as a last resort, and if everybody keeps quiet. Unworthy and a traitor is he who does not defend his country either because of selling out or because of innate cowardice, or does not react in any fashion.


Next day our comrades returned full of blows and wounds, for it was no easy matter for a group of 15 youth to enter a theater with 3 or 4,000 Jews; and particularly they returned borne down with the opprobrium and invectives from our Romanians. Many a time I ask myself: what kept us going, such a small group, faced with so many blows, so many rebukes heaped upon us from all directions? We found support nowhere. In this fight against everybody we found the only support in ourselves; in our belief that we were on the great path of our national destiny, side by side with all those who fought, suffered and died as martyrs for our land and its people.

I wouldn’t dare you to take fifteen of your fellow Orthobros and crash the Zionist AIPAC convention, preventing them from solidifying their diabolical plans. You would be charged not with disorderly conduct but terrorism! The ring leader would be sentenced to jail for life.


I had many discussions with the students at Berlin in 1922, who are certainly Hitlerites today, and I am proud to have been their teacher in anti-Semitism, exporting to them the truths I learned in Iasi. Of Adolf Hitler I heard for the first time around the middle of October 1922.

I want to make two points on this statement. First is that, from what he explained in this book, Codreanu was not a disciple of Hitler and did not import his tactics. Nazism and the Legionnaires were parallel fascist movements, with the latter striving towards an authentic Orthodox nation. Second, I’ve learned through my own experience that the truth happens to be “anti-Semitic.” If you pursue the truth and state the truth, you will at some point be labeled an anti-Semite. If you don’t get labeled an anti-Semite, even if you don’t speak of Jews at all, either you are not vigorously pursuing the truth or have not yet disclosed the truth you know to many people.

Don’t read Jewish newspapers

This press attacks the religious idea, thus weakening Romanian moral resistance and breaking their contact with God. This press disseminates anti-national theories, weakening faith in their nation and breaking them from their country’s land, of their love for it, land that was at all past times an urge to battle and sacrifice. This press falsely presents our Romanian interests, disorienting and directing Romanians on paths opposed to national interests. This press elevates mediocre elements and men capable of corruption so that the alien can satisfy his interests, and downgrades the moral people who will not stoop to do Judaism and its interests any favors. This press poisons the soul of the nation, daily and systematically publicizing sensational crimes, immoral affairs, abortions, adventures. This press murders truth and serves up lies with diabolical perseverance, using slander as a weapon of destruction of Romanian fighters. That is why Romanians must be careful when they read a Jewish paper, being on guard against each word, not one of which is haphazardly printed, and seeking to decipher the Jewish plan behind it. It is these matters the student movement wanted to call to the attention of all Romanians when it turned on Jewish editorial offices, declaring them enemies of the Romanian people. I emphasized that the formidable eruptions of the student masses were led by their power of intuition and not by leaders.


In all the universities, students returned to classes. It seemed there was a moment of disorientation. For two months they had been living under the terror of the Jewish press which incessantly exaggerated the gravity of our attempt at revenge and its “disastrous” consequences for the country. It shouted that we had lost the confidence of the “civilized world;” that we were a Balkan state. They constantly asked: “What will Berlin say?” “Vienna?”, “Paris?” And so, transformed into the defenders of the “permanent interest of the State,” Jews daily urged the country’s leaders to take radical measures against the national movement which must be suppressed “with the utmost violence.”

Thankfully, a lot of Americans discovered during the Trump Presidency that the media cannot be trusted for anything besides weather forecasts (and even that is questionable when it is saddled with “climate change” propaganda). Sure, normies may not know the high-level Jewish editorialships and ownerships behind various news outlets, but consider that the media no longer controls the minds of half the country’s population. The regime simply cannot proceed with its agenda in such an environment, so we should expect them to become more aggressive at keeping us all in line.

The Jewish problem

The Jewish problem in Romania, as elsewhere, consists of the infringement by Jews of this natural law of the territory. They trespassed on our territory. They are the infractors and it is not we, the Romanian people, who are called to bear the consequences of their infraction. Elementary logic tells us: the infractor must bear the consequences of the committed infraction. Will he have to suffer? Let him suffer! All infractors suffer. No logic in the world will tell me that I should die for the infraction committed by others. Thus, the Jewish problem is not born of “racial hatred.” It is born of an infraction committed by Jews against the laws and natural order in which all peoples of the world live. The solution to the Jewish problem? Here it is: the re-entry of infractors into the universal natural order and their respecting natural legality. But the laws of the land too, prohibit the Jewish invasion.


…if we will not fight against the Jewish element, will perish as a nation.


Thus, two ways of Jewish behavior toward us are specified in the Talmud: “If you are stronger than Christians, exterminate them.” “If you are weaker than Christians, flatter them…” “But someone weaker than I, in order to become some day stronger than I, has first to pass through a middle stage in which he is equal to me.” “Do you now understand, I wonder, what it means to grant so-called political rights to the Jews?” [B.P. Hajdeu]


In the market towns and cities invaded by Jews, local authorities are either in a state of bribery, a state of blackmail, or in a state of destruction.


Romanians face a people which attack us not with the sword but with the weapons that are specific to the Judaic race, with which they strike and paralyze first the moral instinct of peoples, then systematically spread all sorts of moral sickness, thus to destroy any possibilities of reacting. That is why our people feel disarmed and defeated.

America’s “moral sickness” is in its terminal stage. The boomers are busy counting their money, Gen X is trying to keep their 2.1 children from becoming gay, millennials opened Pandora’s box on degeneracy not practiced since the Canaanites and Edomites, and the zoomers may not be able to keep their brains intact from being exposed to hardcore pornography at the age of eight. Even if you wanted to assemble a movement to combat the Jewish cultural terrorist, you would not be able to find many men who (1) still possess the cognitive ability to perceive the truth and accept it, (2) have enough physical stamina to endure a fight that requires them to stand for more than two hours a day, and (3) won’t be taken down by the Feds in an unseemly sting operation on trumped-up charged instigated by a loser infiltrator. And yet in spite of all these challenges, the words I’ve shared from Codreanu may not be a shock to you, or even new, so it’s easy to see how the truth is still managing to reach a large number of people.

Dealing with traitors

The Jews are our enemies and as such they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanian leaders who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.


In Romania, particularly since the war, democracy has created for us, through this system of elections, a “national elite” of Romano-Jews, based not on bravery, nor love of country, nor sacrifice, but on betrayal of country, the satisfaction of personal interest, the bribe, the traffic of influence, the enrichment through exploitation and embezzlement, thievery, cowardice, and intrigue to knock down any adversary. This “national elite,” if it continues to lead this country, will bring about the destruction of the Romanian state, Therefore, in the last analysis, the problem facing the Romanian people today, on which all others depend, is the substitution of this fake elite with a real national one based on virtue, love and sacrifice for country, justice and love for the people, honesty, work, order, discipline, honest dealing, and honor.

Is not the American “conservative” movement full of traitors, where the requirement to gain influence within it seems to be signing an oath that Israel is our greatest ally before donning a kippa and bowing down at the Wailing Wall? The mainstream conservatives are hyper-materialists who don’t have any problem receiving payments from rich Chabad Jews to pretend to fight the rich Reform Jews that promote sodomy and transgenderism. If you can’t find a billionaire Jew who is close to your ideology then you’re out of luck and will have to become a dissident who gets insta-banned from Paypal, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Celebrating Easter in jail

Easter arrived. I celebrated the Resurrection alone in my cell. When the bells of all the churches in town began pealing, I knelt and prayed for my fiancée and myself, for my mother and mine at home, for the souls of the dead and those fighting outside—that God may bless them, fortify them and grant them victory over all enemies.

A trip to France

After a long journey through Czechoslovakia and Germany followed by several days’ stay in Berlin and Jena, we entered France and stopped at Strasburg. What surprised me exceedingly was the fact that this city, contrary to all my expectations, had changed into a real wasps’ nest of Jewish infection. Stepping off the train I expected to see people of the Gallic race that with its unequalled bravery had marked history’s centuries. Instead, I saw the Jew with his aquiline nose, thirsty for profit, who pulled me by the sleeve to enter either his store or his restaurant, the majority of restaurants around the railway station being run by them. In the France of the assimilated Jew everything was kosher. We entered restaurant after restaurant in order to find a Christian one, but in each we saw the sign in Yiddish: “Kosher food.”

Jewish false flag attacks

Everyone went home in perfect order. Our victory was great, particularly by virtue of the peaceful and orderly manner in which the rally progressed and ended. But the Jews of Cahul needed a scandal, a disturbance, a disorder at any cost in order to compromise our movement and initiate governmental steps against us. Seeing though that people left for their homes in a peaceful manner, two Jews, surely set up by their rabbi, broke the windows of a store, their own. Had the local authorities and some people not caught them in the act and taken them to police headquarters, the Jewish press, Dimineata (“The Morning”) and Adevarul (“The Truth”) would have printed such headlines as: “Great devastation at Cahul,” “How much the country loses in the eyes of the people abroad!” etc. I have given this case, seemingly of minor significance in itself, because of its immense importance for those who wish to understand and know the Jews’ devilish system of fighting. They are capable of setting a whole city on fire in order, by throwing the blame on their adversaries, to compromise an action which otherwise would lead to the ultimate solving of the Jewish problem. Therefore, I warn the legionaries not to permit themselves to be provoked, for we will win only by maintaining the most perfect order. Disorder, for us, does not mean a conflict with the Jews but with the state. But it is exactly into this that the Jews want to push us, into a permanent conflict with the state, That is why, as the state is stronger than we, if we were to be lulled or pushed into conflict with the state, we would be crushed; and they would continue to remain impartial onlookers.

In the United States, we’ve arrived at a late stage of Jewish infection where even non-Jews possess the Jewish revolutionary spirit and act Jewish. While Jews are still overrepresented in finance, Hollywood, the media, academia, and other institutions of cultural power, they are getting help from gentile traitors, just like during the Russian Revolution of 1917. Of course not all Bolsheviks were Jews, but without Jews, there would not be “Russian” communism. Without Jews in America, I’m confident there would not be gay marriage, Black Lives Matter, and Drag Queen Story Time. If all Jews in America were to be magically transported to Israel, the United States would be better in only one day, not due to a concerted program or policy change but simply because the brains and brawn behind the inhibitor of a moral America would be physically absent, but such a fantasy is useless because frankly, we deserve the Jews we have. America lost faith in Lord Jesus Christ long ago, instead going down the road of comfort, sex, money, drugs, and easy Christianity. Righteous judgment is upon us.

I must now revisit my initial question on if Codreanu was a revolutionary or saint. He did participate in street activism, but did he lie? He had goals of political power for his people, but did he lose his faith or steer others away from God? He killed a man who attacked him in court, but did he and his legionaries not always strive to act in national self-defense? Only God knows his real intentions and the state of his soul, but from my observation, Codreanu was a good man and devout Orthodox Christian who wanted Romania to remain an Orthodox nation. If Orthodox Christian Alexander Schmorell was glorified by the Church for fighting Hitler by distributing anti-Nazi leaflets, I believe Codreanu has a fair claim at sainthood, especially since, like Schmorell, he was martyred by the enemy, and I am in no way trying to downplay Schmorell’s sanctity. I only look for patterns of consistency.

Overall, For My Legionaries was almost like reading a page of American history. Jewish infiltration and subversion remain the main vehicle of cultural terrorism within the West as Dr. E Michael Jones chronicled in his masterpiece The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. What we are going through today is a story that is 2000 years old, but I lament that at least Codreanu had more freedom to fight against the enemy. We, on the other hand, can do nothing. We cannot speak the truth, we cannot organize, we cannot even identify the enemy with our speech, and if we dare do so, we will be utterly destroyed and made to whisper it on the fringes. You might say that in this world, we are slaves, but spiritually, thanks to the Orthodox faith which I share with Codreanu, I am truly free, and with patience I await my marching orders from God before I ascend to Him for eternity.

Learn More: For My Legionnaires on Archive.org

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Thank tou Roosh for writing this article and letting your followers know about Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. I am from Romania and here it is completely forbidden by law to mention Codreanu’s name in any context other than calling him a murderer. The same is true with all of the other Legionaries, most of whom were intellectuals who, after the communist takeover, were imprisoned, tortured and killed by the bolshevik jews. We are not allowed to speak or write about them. This is solid proof that (((they))) are afraid of Codreanu’s ideas even to this day.

As for the Orthodox Church in Romania, many of the Legionaries who suffered in prison are greatly revered and are called the “Prison Saints” (Sfintii Inchisorilor). They are not officially canonized but more and more people are finding out about them in spite of the official propaganda and censorship against them.

I strongly believe that Codreanu’s and the other Legionaries’ ideas are the cure to the sickness of this world.

"It's all about knowing the enemy, and when we will know him, we will defeat him." (Corneliu Zelea Codreanu)

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Fantastic article. I would add that Horia Sima's History of the Legionary Movement explains how Romanian Christians created their own medical and economic infrastructures to help address the disenfranchisement they faced from both the State and communists.

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He was an incredibly brave and wise man. I didn't know that he was shunned in Romania, but it's the same all over the manipulated hellhole that we call our World - heroes get no mention and the public is bombarded with persons worthy of pity and disdain.

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Excellent article! However it seems most contemporary monastics and clergy are very aggressive against nationalism and are quick to fling around the word “ethnophyletism”. How does Codreanus ideals fit in with the fact that our true native homeland is God’s Kingdom?

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One of the best articles I've read from Roosh to date. Codreanu was a patriot and visionary that saw what the future awaited every country that would allow itself to be infested by the parasites. He deciphered the parasite's tactics and schemes with such precision and clarity that you could argue such thorough understanding of the sly enemy can only come by divine wisdom.

Codreanu broke down the full playbook of how they come to steal kill and destroy. They murder morality, poison the soul (debauchery) and body (zog oil) to conquer the will of man for satan. They use fake news to conjure false realities, brainwash with propaganda, divide and conquer groups, and propagate ad nauseam any false flag "hate crime" they committed against themselves.

They do it so they can please their master satan and to be rewarded their precious mammon that they use to further subjugate those they've caused to be fallen. They can only win if they turn you from God, anything else they do, starve you, beat you, kill you, ultimately means nothing as you will have your reward in heaven while they burn for eternity.

Proverbs 11:21 (NKJV) Though they join forces, the wicked will not go unpunished; But the posterity of the righteous will be delivered.

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Thank you to Roosh for an insightful and clear look at the Captain and the Legionary movement. I believe that Codreanu and the prison saints deserve our attention and our veneration. The suffering they endured while consistently professing their faith is an example that will help us in our present day issues. Confessor and martyr Corneliu pray for us!

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Incredible article I'm definitely going to share to my Orthodox brothers and sisters. Glad to see you've taken both the Red and Christ pill Roosh!

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Excellent article! However it seems most contemporary monastics and clergy are very aggressive against nationalism and are quick to fling around the word “ethnophyletism”. How does Codreanus ideals fit in with the fact that our true native homeland is God’s Kingdom?

Ethnophyletism only concerns not denying access to people to the Church on the basis of their race/ethnicity. It doesn't prohibit nationalism in general.

The Russian Orthodox Church wrote on this in a relatively recent synod:

"II. 2. The universal nature of the Church, however, does not mean that Christians should have no right to national identity and national self-expressions. On the contrary, the Church unites in herself the universal with the national. Thus, the Orthodox Church, though universal, consists of many Autocephalous National Churches. Orthodox Christians, aware of being citizens of the heavenly homeland, should not forget about their earthly homeland....

II. 3. Christian patriotism may be expressed at the same time with regard to a nation as an ethnic community and as a community of its citizens. The Orthodox Christian is called to love his fatherland, which has a territorial dimension, and his brothers by blood who live everywhere in the world. This love is one of the ways of fulfilling God’s commandment of love to one’s neighbour which includes love to one’s family, fellow-tribesmen and fellow-citizens.

...The patriotism of the Orthodox Christian should be active. It is manifested when he defends his fatherland against an enemy, works for the good of the motherland, cares for the good order of people’s life through, among other things, participation in the affairs of government. The Christian is called to preserve and develop national culture and people’s self-awareness."

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Excellent article! However it seems most contemporary monastics and clergy are very aggressive against nationalism and are quick to fling around the word “ethnophyletism”. How does Codreanus ideals fit in with the fact that our true native homeland is God’s Kingdom?

"Ethnophyletism" was created by the corrupt Greek Phanar as a way of trying to legitimize tax farming the Bulgarian population and selling sees. Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson (also an Orthodox priest) has written 2 papers on this topic.

The Heresy that Never Was: The “Ethnophyletism” Hoax, Usury and Historical Illiteracy
“Ethno-Phyletism” -- The Sociopolitical Context for a Pseudo-Heresy and the Religion of Clerical Bureaucracy

Edit: I didn't read the second part, when I posted, sorry knee-jerk reaction to buzzwords. We are human beings rooted in place and time, speaking a specific language, of a certain tribe. All these things are good, and must find their place in the big picture, it's why Codreanu's ideals are far greater than Hitler, because Hitler had this belief that Germans were superior due to their blood, and people like the Slav's were Untermensch, and that was a flaw in his thinking. People aren't superior because of their blood, this should be obvious to any Christian by listening to John the Baptist's rebuke to the Pharisees

Codreanu speaks common sense

It is a recognized fact, even by those attacking us today, that the first condition for a State to exist
and prosper, is that the citizens of that State be of the same race, same blood, and this is easy to
understand. First, individuals of like race usually marry only among themselves, for only thus can
they retain the unity of race; then marriage creates the family feelings which are the strongest and
the most lasting ties between individuals; and when we consider that these family ties spread out
until they take in all the citizens of the State we see that the latter are attracted to one another by a
general feeling of love, by what is called racial sympathy. Moreover, bearing in mind that the same
blood flows through the veins of all the members of a people, one understands that all these
members will have through heredity, about the same feelings, about the same tendencies, and even
about the same ideas; so that in perilous times, on unique occasions, their hearts will beat as one,
their minds will adopt one opinion, the action of all will seek the same purpose; in other words the
nation made up of a single race will have only one center of gravity; and the State made up of such
a nation, that and only that one will be in the best condition of strength, durability and progress. In
consequence, just as in the maintenance of a species, the first requisite for the existence of a State is
that its people be of like race, Well, this is the truth on which the principle of nationalities is based,
on which so much is being said in the civilized world. This principle of nationalities, naturally,
refers only to race and not at all to what is called 'the subjects of the State regardless of race for then
the principle would have no application whatever

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I’m interested in the above articles, but Dr. Johnson is not an Orthodox priest.

Edit: I lost interest after the second paragraph of the first linked article. It sounds like he is just seething at his excommunication and throwing rocks at the canonical Church out of bitterness.

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This man had a crystal clear understanding of what a cancer attacked his country. Only a man fully immersed in truth can be so sharp. Thanks for the pdf link. This book will be a good addendum to Resistance to Evil By Force.

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I’m interested in the above articles, but Dr. Johnson is not an Orthodox priest.

Edit: I lost interest after the second paragraph of the first linked article. It sounds like he is just seething at his excommunication and throwing rocks at the canonical Church out of bitterness.

AFAIK he was never part of the Antiochian church, he's referring to Matthew Heimbach's excommunication in that paper, which was written well before any issues with his synod arose. He brought Matthew Heimbach into the synod he was in, then political issues arose later in which they tried to bring him to trial and depose him, which he talks about this here, if you care. But you wouldn't consider the synod he was a part of, to be of the "canonical Church" anyway.

Is there anything incorrect in what he's saying, or are you just overreacting to his harsh demeanor?

Edit: to keep on topic, posting another Codreanu quote

True, this does not prevent foreigners from acquiring the citizenship of a State, provided they assimilate into the dominant nation; namely, to mix totally so that ultimately the State remain of the same single blood. "These are the only scientific principles of naturalization. For naturalization to be useful, rational and conforming to scientific criteria, it must be granted only to those foreigners who assimilate or are inclined to do so by marriage to the indigenous. Otherwise, one can easily comprehend that granting citizenship to individuals who lack, or cannot have, this inclination of assimilation into the blood of the dominant race, would result in a country subject to perpetual struggles between opposite tendencies.

I am not saying it is impossible for various races that would exist in some country to have sometimes a common interest, that the hereditary tendencies of one race be just as favored as those of another by the same circumstances. As long as this state of affairs lasted, both indigenous and naturalized would certainly live peacefully. But circumstances change and with them the interest of the various races could also change; and if not today, then tomorrow; if not tomorrow then day after tomorrow the tendencies of the naturalized will be in conflict with those of the natives, and then the interest of some will beat odds with that of the others, and then the interests of some could not be satisfied without sacrificing those of the others; and then we would have a fight for existence between two races, with fierce battles that could only be ended either by the total abolishment of the State, or when one of the races is totally crushed so that again only one dominant race remain in the State....

Well, our national history and everyday experience have proved to us that from among all foreigners who come to us, the Turks and particularly the Jews are the ones who never intermarry with us, while other foreigners: Russians, Greeks, Italians, Germans intermarry and fuse with us, if not on the first then during the second or third generation, but finally there comes a time when there is no distinction between these foreigners and ourselves, either as regards blood or love of country.

But it is not the same with the Jews....

There is nothing wrong with this view. As a nation, you assimilate those who are willing, but if a people are stubborn and are unwilling, you must cast them out. It's not to say don't treat the stranger kindly among you, but you aren't to let the stranger be a permanent resident unless he's willing to assimilate, otherwise you have the breakdown of the nation. The same principle/framework can be used when speaking of a home, and also a human body.

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I genuinely have no interest in the bickering of schismatics. And I don’t know whether what he says is true, but the fact that he is LARPing as an Orthodox priest makes me fundamentally distrustful of him.

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Democracy is a tool of Satan

Democracy has allowed for movements and ideas to destroy Christianity.

Democracy is no ally to Christianity; and the system favours the organized minority, while Christians become the victims of the occupied State.

This man had a crystal clear understanding of what a cancer attacked his country. Only a man fully immersed in truth can be so sharp.

A similar understanding as to Corneliu Codreanu’s view and a justification for his protective behaviour is clearly presented in Christophe Buffon de Chosal’s The End of Democracy. It was published in France, 2014 and presents future prospects - as international influences transform the democratic system, through evolution, into a totalitarian state.

Western governments are proving to be internationally weaker (at the industrial and commercial levels) and in order to remain competitive will accelerate:

their natural evolution towards oligarchy and totalitarianism so that we end up facing three principal types of political systems dominating in the world of the 21st-century: Western style democracy (in its evolved form as a totalitarian state), communism, and Islam.

The Christophe Buffon de Chosal’s The End of Democracy provides supportive and supplemental reading to Codreanu’s memoir For My Legionaries.

Codreanu speaks common sense

“Nevertheless we must not underestimate the underlying Christian roots of the people’s morals, social life, and common sense.” -CBC

Great memoir review! One of your bests Roosh!

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As a Romanian, thank you from my heart for honouring our beloved and never to be forgotten Captain... this article made me cry, I remember the old Romania... sadly "they" destroyed most of it, like "they" the children of Satan are finishing off the entire world now... truly I can't wait to go to our most High father, this earth is uninhabitable for good souls now....BLESS YOU for honouring our most dear Captain.

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I genuinely have no interest in the bickering of schismatics. And I don’t know whether what he says is true, but the fact that he is LARPing as an Orthodox priest makes me fundamentally distrustful of him.

Excuse me, but how do you know he is LARPing when you just heard about him? Are you bearing false witness?

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Excuse me, but how do you know he is LARPing when you just heard about him? Are you bearing false witness?

Who said I “just heard about him?” I’ve known who he is for years, he’s a schismatic that presents himself as Orthodox.

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Coreneliu Zelea Codreanu is honored as a saint in Colombia my many, mainly because of the Romance language connection combined with the real threat of both Jewish Communists and Soros Neo-cons that both waged war over the country for the last 70 years. Most Colombian inquirers into Orthodoxy are because of him.

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Who said I “just heard about him?” I’ve known who he is for years, he’s a schismatic that presents himself as Orthodox.

Ok, then I incorrectly read that into your comment. I would suggest not being fundamentally distrustful of him. He is a highly intelligent man, and truly Orthodox. He readily admits he isn't much of a priest, quite literally saying, "I'm a bad priest." Many Old Believers are pious people, even if some of them are schismatics.

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