Do Not Help A Girl Out With Her Problems If You Want To Fuck Her

I witnessed a frightful scene recently. At the university cafeteria there was a gorgeous girl with tears in her eyes talking to her guy friend. She was apparently exasperated over something, repeating “Es complicado!” many times. In response to her problem, the guy gently rubbed on her back and shoulders with a smirk that said, “Yes I finally get to touch her!” He pulled her in close one moment and gave her a lingering kiss on the top of her head. His tender embraces nearly brought a tear to my eye.

Understand: The only time it’s acceptable to talk to a girl who’s crying is if you’re the source of her tears.

Otherwise you’re asking for permission to be removed from the pool of potential suitors who get to fuck her. I mentioned this previously in my dark side post, and my mind hasn’t changed one bit. If you want to fuck a girl, do not help her out with any of her problems. I would even hesitate to give her trivial aid such as driving directions (“Have you heard of this thing called Google Maps?”). The only acceptable responses when a girl asks for help is “That sucks,” or “I don’t know… hey can you put this in the trash?”

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