Culture War Chat 4 is about the Paris terrorist attacks, the European migrant crisis, the Black Lives Matter coup attempts in American universities, and my recent road trip through the Midwest.

You can listen to the MP3 and download it through Soundcloud.

Quintus is currently doing a lecture series on stoicism through his blog. You can listen to the first one here.

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  1. JB November 27, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    Great interview, a lot of good points.

  2. jared thompson November 27, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    We are lied to about our history. If you look at the american flag, it looks a lot like the flag of the east india tea company of the british they fought – did they gain independence or was it a planned event so the bankers could regain control? Were the germans of world war 2 evil or were they just a band of desperate freedom fighters who had links with japan and others, hence not being racists either? What about our current era where every white person globally is being race-replaced and we are told its just by happenstance by our ‘leaders’ – this last one I know us western policy as I have seen to many upper class in the UK admit it to my face.

    To take the above lies we are indoctrinated with further, is the use of propaganda. Born in vienna to jewish parents and then immigrating to america, edward bernays was used by the precursors of the western security agencies to investigate propaganda – he discovered that only 10% of the population really think – and his research was used for the subsequent engineering of society via MK Ultra and cointelpro; both programs associated with ‘creeping communism’ as revealed in the McCarthy era of the 1950s onwards. They discovered that inducing cultural schizophrenia helped them retain control, for example, mass immigrating others – then telling the locals it is needed via media and at the same time controlling opposition nationalistic and other movements, which are set to fail being set up that way from the start. Sadly, it is jewish bankers who fund such movements and their fellow jews who participate and benefit within and at the head of such movements, for their reasons.

    Thus, in the current era, we have a leaderless society that is more prominent in the west where we are to become in the image of our evil ‘leaders’ (more like a sociopathic wolf pack of parasites) to get paid and be left alone – the drawback being mass societal corruption where we help sow the seeds of our own demise. Feminism led to mass abortion, so this form of autogenocide is useful as there are not enough people left to counteract the passive genocide of mass immigration, which is meant to divide-and-conquer whites further after feminism (females versus song males). The ‘terrorism’ only started after US intervention in the middle east after the 1980s (before that was white men’s staged banker wars with no muslim input); plus after we wouldn’t go into syria, ISIS came out of nowhere like Barack Obama, being funded and led by jews (the leader of ISIS as consistently been linked judaism). There are many other pieces of important accessory evidence I did not mention. Consider the following – when you get kicked out of 109 countries since 250AD is it because everyone is falsely persecuting you, or is it because of the things you are doing and native populations are trying to protect themselves?

    1. john malonoy November 27, 2015 at 2:54 pm

      For sure a central group like the one you have identified is to blame, but almost all western people are participating in the scam, most of them somewhat voluntarily. For example, most people don’t want mass immigration – but then they promote casual sex/participate in it. I mean, they want to have their cake and eat it too – its hypocrisy, because you can’t have a casual sex society which doesn’t replace its members and belittles the family unit; of course, eventually due to some reason, migrants will move in!

      We need to take this further and deconstruct other myths/lies believed by most people. For example, we don’t live in a democracy (it’s an illusion); we live in a totalitarian state – look at how they mass immigrate so many people despite protests from the population; the population has no say in the matter. Vote-rigging and manipulation of public opinion, whether in national elections or in online polls like the one on this site also commonly takes place to sway ‘public opinion’ to create a manufactured consensus. Most people are just slaves (and a few unwilling hostages) to whatever plans our sociopathic leaders have set for us.

      Lastly, we won’t have pensions as this and social security/welfare are ponzi schemes with no money in them. You need a vastly increasing and wealthy population to sustain them, neither of which any western country can realistically have in the future. There’s no money in these schemes as it’s all been taken and only current taxpayers are paying for the current entitlements. Its soon to all end catastrophically; and you can bet it will be the people attacking each other or being manipulated by the bankers in some other way so that they end up in an even worse place than before. It’s time to get good with God and get out of the way of the oncoming horror show which is definitely going down within the next ten years or less. You cannot escape from it globally, but in certain nonwestern countries your chances of making it are much higher, plus if you do live in the west you should make a move to the fringes of society as its the pioneers who survive; once every system and its people becomes this corrupt, there is no saving the vast majority of them because they will drag you down with themselves, or turn on you when things get bad and they see you are sorted and they are not. It’s human nature.

      When noble leaders are few and people become so corrupt, they will inevitably become chastised harshly.

  3. jared thompson November 27, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Do a group of people deserve to survive if they collectively walk into disaster where they are brainwashed to do so. Like plato’s allegory of the cave and the shadows, you might be able to free a small few from that matrix (who may end up hating you for it), but you cannot save the majority who will destroy others, you, their future progeny and themselves. The ‘masses’ are dangerous and enable the evil people at the head of the multi-headed hydra and I believe only God can save us – a few of us, spiritually at least. The ‘masses’ always get what they deserve – destruction in each civilisation (all of which have fallen) – because the ‘masses’ are ignorant and do whatever the mainstream and even the controlled alternate media tells them to. Money has replaced God and the pursuit of money has replaced their long-term logical decision making and preservation instincts. Money corrupts and whilst the Bible may have its flaws and questionable areas, much of it is truth and it is right when it says you cannot serve two masters – you cannot serve God or money, you must pick one. Most western people of any race or creed serve money, hence becoming somewhat sociopathic in their life views and behaviours. So the evil ‘elite’ and their brethren are most to blame, but most people in advanced western society must bear some of the blame for their own ongoing demise.

    1. john malonoy November 27, 2015 at 2:41 pm

      I kinda think we’re already in WW3 which is slowly building up over the next decade to its climax. Its a global war versus populations, involving displacing, replacing or reducing them. Central banking in all nations has helped leverage the global economy to the point where it has become the master of the blinded peoples of all nations, who will eventually be executed by the guys behind it all. Most people are blinded zombies trying to selfishly grab whatever pleasures they can in this life – which will be their undoing as we will see really bad negative changes in western society in under 10 years.

      The easy way to fix this is to abolish feminism, as it is not female empowerment and rather is female entitlement that is meant to damage society and alienate the sexes. Most women will not willingly give up their entitlements, nor will they suddenly put in the effort to become better wives and not whores to evil bankers and their manipulations. As such, we cannot save most women and western society and cannot save most white people as a consequence. Also, for fuck’s sake, most of our food is sourced abroad – if banking ever goes down, most of us will starve before we have an alternate system to be there for us. This centralisation by a few and wilful ignorance/blindedness by others will destroy us all. Men are also to blame, but women bear far more of the burden as they have become ‘anti-life’,not just via abortion, but also because everything they do is to enable a society that exploits others in countries abroad or is meant to belittle their own society and menfolk.

      Sadly, the only way this ends is when women suffer (starvation? mass rapes towards the collapse? something worse?) and the few that remain massively change their ways – even then, certain nations may die out having become too weakened/few in number who survive what is to come.

      1. spro23 November 27, 2015 at 4:56 pm

        Russia is the future IMO. their white people know how to suffer and not rely on welfare programs. the west is completely suicidal and irrational at this point

      2. MCGOO November 29, 2015 at 1:51 am

        ”we’re already in WW III”. How true. Casualties are piling up. A dead American soldier on the beach in Normandy is as separated and cut off from his tribe as a father of four who gets slammed out of his own home by the wooden hammer of a family court judge. An emaciated populace of a conquered nation held in work camps are as much prisoners of war and are no different than the divorce raped fathers who pay blood money ‘support’ to the very public ‘servants’ that forcibly prevent them from having contact with their families/tribes at gunpoint as the enemy mobs pour into their homs and screw their wives and daughters. It is war the same. A mustard gas attack in a trench reduces men the same as gmo’s, fluoride and vaccines wreck and sterilize the men’s families and the brainscrew education and psychotropics kill the mind of the future generations. This WW III is insideous in that it attcks the women and children primarily and the men are dealt the harshest legal shock blows to neutralize them. Unlike WW II, this is a war of total extermination. This is a purge like we’ve never seen. The losses are already unbelievable. The ‘globalist’ axis powers if you could call them that have already earned more of a deserved backlash than we can possibly deal them. It is doubtful that a 100 years war could equalize the scales. Too many low end purges but few elite purges have ocurred. An ‘adjustment’ is inevitable.

  4. john malonoy November 27, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    I think the media focusses on the manipulations they want you to buy into; I only read the newspapers/online papers to see what lies they want me to believe on that day. Sadly, the lies and half-truths (because they must give you some truth to ‘hook’ you) are also present in alternative sites and blogs. Many have said that google and youtube increase the counts of certain sites/videos and decrease or ‘disappear’ others – in my humble opinion, that is true. All our media is now more or less controlled, including in some sophisticated ways most people are not knowledgeable of, so western populations exist in a ‘fog-of-war’ that has been crafted by their wicked leaders.

    I think the world and especially western society has gone somewhat insane – how can you have so many people working towards an end which will at the very least destroy them and their future generations? I say somewhat insane, as people are still responsible for the consequences of their actions, and hence they are not completely insane (i.e. being off the hook for responsibility). It just goes to show the limitations of free will and democracy in that most people, even really educated ones, are not wise enough to make good decisions. I mean, if you have your shit together, wouldn’t you have to kill the leaders and many of the blinded (and now sociopathic) steeple just to fix things? That’s why no good leader comes along – because we have wasted so many chances in the past that we are at a point where large tracts of western society have to die so that the few ‘good’ ‘salvageable’ people can live. At least people in the third world, despite being oppressed by western banks and NGOs, have spiritual wisdom which we have replaced with central banking, technology and easy sex. I mean, if we somehow killed the bankers, 90% of western peoples would cease to exist as the new economy would be different and would not support our artificially held-together society; but if they don’t disappear, its entirely possible that 100% of them will disappear and especially the local white folk. So its a problem without any realistically meaningful solution and the politicians will continue to lie to the deluded masses as the people cannot handle the real truth – there is no future for the vast majority of western people in the near future, no matter how that future unfolds.

  5. advancedatheist November 28, 2015 at 12:08 am

    If women’s freedom to reject all the men they want shows their “empowerment,” perhaps we should call whites who reject the presence of the Orcs in their society “empowered whites” instead of “racists.”

  6. Chris Brony November 28, 2015 at 7:32 am

    Interesting discussion..

    I think history never travels like a straight line on a graph. History can change course, and often it is down to one or two key people suddenly appearing on the scene, and then changing things rapidly.

    In the 1920’s and even early 30’s no one would have predicted that the Nazi’s would have taken power. In 1900 who would have predicted the Russian Revolution. As said on the recording, a dictator that everyone is cheering one week is often executed by the same people the week after.

    Four key points:

    1. The far right now lead the polls in Sweden, France, Austria and the Netherlands.Maybe suddenly one will suddenly break out and gain power. Maybe then, the fight will be on and some other Western countries will also hand power to the Right. In the space of a year or two it could all change. And remember, if the British could rule India’s 350 million (at the time) with less than 100,000 civil servants/military it should be quite possible to defeat and remove the muslims who make up 5-10% of the population. Also remember, you shouldn’t lump all immigrants together, When speaking to good immigrants such as Indian Hindus, Sr Lankan Buddists and Pakistani Christians and Indian Sikhs, they actually hate the Muslims more than most, because they have direct experience of how bad they are.

    2. I have always believed that the Saviour of Europe will not come from the mainstream West. The people that change things come from the sidelines. Napoleon was not born in Paris but Corsica, Stalin from the edges of the USSR – in Georgia and Hitler from a small village in Austria. How fitting that the real brave politicians who have fought against Muslim Immigration are from places like Hungary and Poland. It’s also Putin that has really been the first to give ISIS a kicking, and angered ISIS’s ally Turkey in the process. The Saviour of Europe will come from the margins for sure.

    3. Keep hope. In 732 when Martel turned back the Muslims at Tour Spain and Portugal had been Islamic for a century or so, and it looked like they were unstoppable as they edged into France. But that defeat started a process that led to the expulsion of the Muslims from Western Europe.
    The siege of Vienna, saw the Poles and Eastern Europe defeat and repel the Ottomans (Turks again!) and start a process that eventually push them to the edge of Europe. So, keep hope.

    4. Allies. We live in an age where if the will was there Islam could be defeated in days. Even if you just used Britain’s 160 nuclear warheads to destroy the top 160 Islamic cities you would probably ha;f their population to 700 million in one day. But there is a possible Grand Alliance that can be used against Islam…Modi’s India, China, Israel, Christian Africa, Europe, Russia and the USA and others in Malaysia could be mobilised to destroy Islam.

  7. Chris Brony November 28, 2015 at 7:53 am

    Re Brainwash.

    I think brainwashing works when someone is told something over and over again, but the second part is the pressure brought to bear by social peers and organisations (Universities, Employers to tow the line.)

    Then you have 3 types:

    1. Some who actually have been brainwashed so much the believe the SJW narrative. They have friends and colleagues that think the same and say the same stuff, so it must be true!
    2. Some who have been brainwashed and follow the SJW narrative but ensure that they avoid detailed discussions that cause cognitive dissonance. So deep down they have a feeling something isn’t quite right. Careful to run everything through the PC filter, but much of the time this is done subconciously.
    3. Those that do the right thing to survive in their employment and keep their friends. And just follow the SJW narrative to survive and function. Deliberately runs things through the PC filter.

  8. dvdivx November 30, 2015 at 10:51 am

    It is not a “culture war” it is a blatant attempt at white genocide as non-white nations including asian ones are not being invaded.

  9. Straitman November 30, 2015 at 11:58 am

    This has been going on since the end of the first world war; it’s Cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School.

  10. Quavion November 30, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Down with white people!!!

  11. Brianmark December 1, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    One of your better ones.