Flashback: Why Mediocre Women Desire Hot Men

A while ago I wrote a post about the desire of average-looking girls to score a “hot” guy with disregard to his personality prowess, something that I believed was a newer phenomenon.

Men have a shallow gene that has been passed on for generations, making looks far more important than any other quality a woman can possess. The best advice I can give a mediocre woman is to go to the gym and do some squats to plump up that ass, because personality is a guy’s number two trait at best. So when a guy says he wants a hot girl, that’s just evolution talking. But when a girl says she wants a hot guy, it is a guarantee that she is mediocre looking.

I also mention that hot girls generally don’t value looks as much as many probably think. It’s another reason why if your game is tight you should start your nights (or days) at the top instead of going for 6’s and 7’s.

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