Flashback: Womanly Advice & Russian Girls

I want to start a new “feature” where I reach around back into the archives and pull out posts that are both interesting or useful today. It’s time to dust off some of the gold I’ve written in the past.

The first post is Womanly Advice. I offer reasons why you should never listen to a woman when it comes to getting laid.

When you ask a woman for advice, she doesn’t tell you what works in a world based on reality; instead, she tells you what would work in a perfect, harmonius world where attention is free and plentiful, where no one hurts each other and no one plays any games. She tells you what would work if no one got punished for expressing feelings and interest. She tells you advice that always seems to work in television and movies where the beta always gets the beautiful girl. (Not suprisingly, most mainstream movies are written by beta white guys.)

In the other post I lament about my failure to bed Russian Girls..

My Russian roommate, an expert on matters such as this, says the cold attitude of these non-Americanized Russians is not so much snobbiness as it is insecurity, “They are intimidated by Americans and don’t feel confident when having to talk in English.” It has to be cultural because I’ve spoken to many other girls where there was a language barrier and I didn’t get this feeling that hacking away at permafrost in Siberia would be more interesting.

Roissy was the most helpful with sharing tips in comments 23 and 32.

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