Four Places To Practice Your Spanish In Medellin

I recently wrote a tongue-in-cheek guest post for Medellin Living, a blog run by a guy named Dave who I met here in Colombia. Here’s an excerpt:

3. There’s casas and there’s casas. I’m talking about the places where older gentleman callers visit for 30 or 60 minute intervals. Many gringos I’ve spoken to, especially American gringos, have told me that frequenting these casas is great for their Spanish, and is much more economical and fun than paying for a 38-hour block of lessons from EAFIT. This is a great option if you don’t mind that your language study to come with a slight risk of the clap.

EAFIT is a popular university where many gringos study Spanish. I like to think the post is funnier if you’ve been to Medellin.

Dave also wrote a review of my new book on his other blog, Go Backpacking.

Ultimately, A Dead Bat In Paraguay is not your typical travel memoir, and that’s exactly why I enjoyed it. Roosh’s book should appeal to all backpackers, though I have a hunch young men will appreciate it more. For the lady travelers, if you’re curious to gain some insight into the inner workings of the male backpacker’s mind against the backdrop of discovering foreign lands, you’ll want to check it out too.

Time is ticking for me here in Medellin as I have to leave the country by October 22. You can only stay in Colombia for six months a year on a tourist visa.

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