Fresh Meat

I noticed three new DC blogs that linked to me. Figuring they must have an awesome sense of humor for doing so, I checked them out for a couple weeks.

Just Going With It

One-night stand no. 5 or 6: We were fooling around, clothes were coming off, so I naturally assumed that sex was pending. “Let’s save that,” he said. Whoa. A gentlemanly one-night stand. Unheard of. I was disappointed, but kind of flattered. Maybe this guy isn’t for the use ’em and lose ’em category. So we went to bed spooning. I was the little spoon. The little spoon with my bare ass against his big spoon. I felt a poke. Oh, I guess we’re not “waiting.” Wait a second … Is he … “Um, I don’t really feel comfortable doing that,” I said. His response: “OK, let’s just do it normal.”

That’s What She Said

i’m starting to get a little bit distressed about my tendency to black out every friday and saturday night. not only do i lose things (like my gov’t issued blackberry which i am going to have to PAY for) but i have absolutely no recollection of large chunks of time where i interact with people, go places, do things, etc.

The two girl bloggers above are friends and seem to black out often. I wouldn’t classify them as trainwrecks yet but the potential is there.

Something Catchier

Have you ever drank Aquafina water? If you haven’t you should. And then tell me if you think they carbonate their water. They advertise their water as “uncarbonated water.” It does not appear to have any bubbles or carbonation when you buy it or even when it is unopened, but as soon as you open the bottle, chug a few sips, and put the cap back on. Surprise, surprise! BUBBLES!

This girl seems more balanced. When I read her I don’t think, “Oh man she is so getting date raped.”

With these three girls the DC blog scene will once again see its heyday of early 2006.

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Good stuff. I’ve been looking for more reading material and was pretty satisfied with the quick skim I gave each of them.