Three Reasons Why Guys Fail In The Game

If you’ve been in the game for a while and are not seeing results, then I know why. You have one of these three problems.

Gross physical deformity. Nothing that hitting the gym, acne medicine, or hair/beard experimentation can’t fix. You don’t have to be good looking, but if there is something that really stands out and makes you look like a monster, either hide it or get it fixed. Also guys, if you’re trying to bang lots of girls there is no reason to be obese. Sure you can still do it, but why make it harder on yourself with something that can be solved with some discipline and work?

Inability to socialize with other human beings. If no one wants to be your friend, then no girl will want to bang you. Getting into the game before you can have a normal conversation is like learning how to ride a bike before you can walk. There are many self-help books on how to have conversations and read people.

Awkward mannerisms like fidgeting and nervous ticks. These are things that make a girl think about what is wrong with you. You’re going to have to study yourself in the mirror or videotape yourself to pick these out because no one will tell you (it’s too awkward to bring up).

If you have these problems then you will not get much mileage out of game. First work each one of these out, and then learn game. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time and will inevitably reach the conclusion that game doesn’t work and all girls care about is money and model good looks.

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