Game is a social tool that helps you have more sexual success with women, but what type of women? During the time I was applying game, I noticed that it works best on women who were in the same mode of worldly extraction as I was. In essence, I became skilled at extracting pleasure from women who were skilled at extracting pleasure from me. Therefore, game is most effective on women who are in love with worldly things and in rebellion against God.

You don’t want the women you can get with game

When you’re on a casual date with a girl, you maintain a ledger of what you have given her compared to what you have received. You note how much time and money you spent on her and how good she may be at giving you orgasms in bed. You may also calculate the opportunity cost of being with her versus another woman. Are you aware that she maintains the exact same ledger?

A girl you’re on a date with weighs how much your attractiveness can validate her, how much social status she can withdraw from you, how entertained or happy you can make her feel, and how much emotional and sexual pleasure you can give her. The modern, secular date is really a business negotiation where both participants evaluate the goods they will receive compared to the cost. The man wants sex badly, the woman kind of wants sex but much prefers the attention, validation, or other freebies, and off they go to the restaurant or bar to “negotiate” under the guise of getting to know each other. You primarily see each other as a resource to be mined, instead of someone who could be your spouse. The structure of the casual date is therefore one of extraction, and extraction primarily leads to the prospect of fornication or fornication itself.

When a girl is ready for fornication, or desires men to attempt to fornicate with her as a means to extract pleasure and good feelings, she is highly susceptible to game, which is designed to keep a fallen woman on the hook just long enough so that she fornicates without commitment. Game has a failure rate, of course, but it is the most advanced toolset available to sleep with a woman who has decided not to save herself for marriage. You build attraction and curiosity while displaying scarcity. You show that you’re not needy. You have stock answers to common questions that make her laugh. You never make her feel guilty for being a promiscuous girl on birth control who may have an abortion or two under her belt. Most importantly, you imply that sleeping with you is the best deal she can currently make in a life that is otherwise void of meaning.

While you perform the clown dance, she is doing the same but in reverse, using her attractiveness, sensuality, charm, and feminine wiles to amplify the lust you have for her, to the point where you’re ready to throw all manner of logic and reason out the door in order for a single act of sex. Even if you have the best game in the world, a girl will effortlessly have more power than you by doing no more than showing up to the date wearing extra glossy lipstick, and the more you “win” with game by sleeping with many girls, the more you lose because of how deeply you become dependent on physical affections from women who ultimately would not sacrifice the end of a fingernail for your love without expecting the moon in return.

Find a woman who requires faith, not game

Compare the modern promiscuous woman to a virgin who worships God and shuns pre-marital sex (or a repentant woman who has confessed her past sexual mistakes). Your game, which is tuned to making promiscuous women promiscuate, is now useless. The virgin believer may be attracted to you, and may even have thoughts of sleeping with you (that she banishes from her mind through prayer), but ultimately she will not act on that lust, because she already made a vow to God to save herself for her future husband. The best “game” on her is showing your faith and your ability to protect and provide for her and any potential children.

It’s important to note that a girl who is not actively falling will still feel attraction to a good-looking man with game, but if her faith is genuine, and not something that is confined to the four walls of the gay rainbow church she visits once a month, there will be no subsequent intimacy. Attempting to break such a girl is rather grievous in God’s eyes—you are essentially playing the role of Satan in tempting her to sin. When I look at my past, at the ease of which even sexually inexperienced females slept with me, I must conclude that I was but a needed stepping stone in their conscious decision to rebel against God, and for that I’m regretful, though at the time I really believed that I was doing them a favor.

Is it worth it for the man of God to learn game if he only wants a devout Christian wife? No. There could be exceptions if you have an exceedingly awkward personality, a lack of basic masculinity, or diagnosed autism, but the right girl for you should not need you to apply game on her to remain devoted, and if you do need to run game on her, you will always need to run game on her, even after the divorce when you want to see your children on the weekend. You’ll need to be the permanent clown. If she doesn’t see you as a man given to her by God, my advice is to forget her. You want a girl who has rejected the players, and rewarded only the man who has Jesus Christ in his heart, and if this outcome is too rosy with you then good luck marrying a worldly woman who is in constant need of erotica and dopamine stimulation.

You may be thinking: “Well it’s easy for you to advise not to learn game, Roosh, since you already have it.” And what do I now use it for? I no longer meet women like I advised in the past. I do retain the ability to read a woman’s body language at a level above that of an average man, but I can read the body language of men too, so I can’t even tell you that game itself was the source of this benefit. Understand that I don’t want to use game at all, especially on a woman whom I would consider a wife, for it would just reaffirm that she has no faith in God to pick a spouse who is putting on a clown act. She would be using deceptive feelings and emotions to guide her judgment for what will certainly be the wrong choice.


I spent over fifteen years mastering game to come to the conclusion that I don’t want to use it and that I don’t want a girl who is so easily susceptible to it. All that lost time is the price I must pay for going down the wrong road for so long, but I hope my example can prevent other men from wasting even 1% of the time I have.

It’s fine to take the red pill, build your physical strength, mature into an adult man, become capable in social situations, and learn the warning signs of a bad woman, but you don’t need to use Tinder or approach women in the bar or the coffee shop. You don’t need to know pickup lines and tricks, and you don’t need to go on dates with a multitude of fallen women. When God places the right woman before you, trust in Him to move your lips. Let Him share with you the game that He wants you to do, and for that you’ll be better off than trying to learn a secular game that will only put you closer to the wrong woman. It turns out that my past game teachings are useless on a woman who is walking with Christ in a similar way that I am. From this point on, only God game will suffice.

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  1. bob February 3, 2020 at 12:10 pm


    1. Guest February 8, 2020 at 12:52 am


      1. Christian Cool February 16, 2020 at 5:47 am

        Anything worthwhile in life is going to be hard. A quality woman. A great career. An useful higher education degree.

        If it is easy to obtain, it is likely worthless.

        Finding a quality Christian woman in our corrupt world today is going to be hard. That is what makes her worthwhile.

        This means you will need a 3-pronged approach to your search: local churches; local Christian-focused charities; online. You will need to do some legwork here.

        This is especially of you want/need one who is at least a 5 physically and not obese or seriously lacking in any physical beauty. Keep in mind, you can compromise that 5+ in the appearance requirement down somewhat, but remember that any relationship where the man and woman are more than 2 points apart in appearance is NOT stable and is at high risk for divorce, etc.

        If you are a 7 man and you negotiate yourself down (“negotiated attraction” = danger!) to accept a 4 woman because she is a wonderful Christian person, I commend you. But you also need to know that there will be trouble, no matter what you do, especially as she ages after 30. Either other more attractive women will tempt you OR she will (eventually) become jealous of you around other women. Stay within 2 points of each other in appearance (this means both need stay fit, dress ok, hygiene, etc) and it will be stable. 🙂

        Oh yeah and take it from a man who was married in his early 20s well into his late 30s: she will age, and even the ones who age gracefully and stay in shape will lose their youthful beauty in time. That is human nature and it is Biblical concept. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised”. Proverbs 31:30

        Just to keep it in perspective, folks. We need to keep it real and go into marriage and the courtship of a quality Christian woman with realistic expectations and eyes wide open. That is the Red Pill lifestyle: you have to keep it real and keep it honest with yourself, have realistic expectations, and expect hard work to succeed.

    2. Trev February 23, 2020 at 11:23 pm

      He speaks the truth. I was in a relationship for over three years with a very beautiful model but as Roosh says I could no longer keep her happy and entertained and we broke up. If you want to try you can go ahead, but your chances of keeping a woman happy long term and them making you happy in 2020 are slim and none and slim left town.

      1. Christian Cool February 29, 2020 at 9:19 pm

        For 2 long years, I dated (and even got engaged) to a girl who was a solid 9 (9.5 when dressed up well) when I was 18. She had an extreme anxiety problem and was very shy despite being insanely hot and beautiful too. The expected aggressive male attention she would get scared her, so she would dress frumpy and withdrawal. Church of God girl, good family, lower middle class, but very good people.

        I met her because I was once a weak and skinny dude who got severely bullied in middle school. I then took some Vitamin S in HS and I got huge. One day I stepped in to defend these freshmen who were being bullied by this guy at Taco Bell. She saw it and was impressed and we started dating that same day. We got engaged a while later, after we both lost our virginity together. We wanted to be together and marry.

        She loved my cocky, confident Alpha mannerism, cool sports car and just an unafraid Christian male attitude. I loved her looks and her personality was cute as shy girl…. at first. Then it got worse, she was afraid of meeting my family. She was afraid of going anywhere new, she was afraid to move to another area if we got married. She would never come to my church, we had to go to her church every Sunday (and I had to drive there too). She was afraid of driving in highway, she would take backroads around city. It got ridiculous after a while. She would not hang out with my friends, ever, she said they were “scary guys”, but they were not. We barely hung out with her own friends, the only one she liked to hang out with was this other chunky girl who was also crazy shy, not pretty, and weird.

        Shy is cute, having this weird anxiety she had was terrible, and she would not want to seek treatment she needed, clearly. We also had little in common, except we were Christian and Conservative. The rest of our likes/dislikes were totally different.

        I was less and less happy as time went by. No matter how hot she was and how much my friends commended me for dating such a hot girl, I was miserable. I reached out to friends about it, they were like “are you crazy dude? You will never ever have another such a hot woman in your life”. That was the mindset. I was the crazy one. It got to a point I was just depressed and told her we could not marry, she agreed(!) and returned my ring.

        I learned a lot from that relationship, what I liked in women, what I needed in a woman, and what I could not live with. It taught me a lot, so when I met the woman God actually wanted me to marry, it was a done deal, easy to tell she was the one. 🙂 Yeah she was a 7 when I was an 8, not nearly as hot as my other fiancée, BUT I was happy and truly in love with my late wife. And she stayed beautiful, faithful, and always engaged for years and years, well beyond “the wall”.

        Bottom line: it is very hard to be with a woman who is even less than 2 points higher than you in looks (I was and still am a solid 8). And it is impossible to be with a woman who has a personality and mindset that is so different than yours. Find a woman you have things in common with because you cannot (repeat: cannot) have a marriage or even an LTR with a woman that is totally opposite than you in terms of personality and worldview. Beauty fades, but a woman who is worthwhile is from the Lord, friends.

      2. Josh March 1, 2020 at 7:55 pm

        How can you place such an emphasis on looks as a Christian? What happened to us all being beautiful creations in God’s image blah blah and the soul of the person being what matters? And what do you do if you’re born a 1? Would you worship a God who condemned you to such a fate? Why would God make it this way, and how can you worship a God who would do something so cruel and want us to be so shallow?

      3. Christian Cool March 3, 2020 at 3:52 am

        Josh, you do understand the mechanics and the basic truths and realities of life, don’t you? To deny appearances matter in life is to deny The Red Pill itself. It is to deny reality at its most basic form.

        This is just like guys who says “looks don’t matter” and then end up with a woman over -2 in appearance on himself and ends up unhappy in time.

        There is no way one can “negotiate attraction”, It simply does not work, at least does not work long term. This is one of the most basic teachings of TRP. If you are a blue-piller, then you can say “looks do not matter”. Suit yourself. *roll eyes*

        In any case… Christianity is a process, and a series of steps towards growth. I am a different man today than I was when I was 18 years old. That story sought to illustrate the folly of seeking out a woman who was super-hot while making me miserable. That is what happens when men grow and develop, as men and as Christians: we learn from our mistakes.

    3. Zarathoustra March 28, 2020 at 8:01 pm

      Not only gay, but even worse – completety useless. Let Him (God) do the talking for you. Wow. You’re going to have a lot of male virgins with that piece of advice.

  2. Craig Johnson February 3, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    The Sunday Morning Nightclub in most mega churches would say otherwise about game not working on so-called women of faith.

    1. Roosh February 3, 2020 at 1:59 pm

      You may have skipped over my article. I state that those types of women are not the answer:

      “It”™s important to note that a girl who is not actively falling will still feel attraction to a good-looking man with game, but if her faith is genuine, and not something that is confined to the four walls of the gay rainbow church she visits once a month, there will be no subsequent intimacy.”

      A woman inside a church is not necessarily faithful. You still must evaluate.

      1. Nick Brusky February 10, 2020 at 12:29 pm

        Roosh, Craig isn’t referring to “gay rainbow” churches. He is referring to the majority of churches that claim to oppose the “gay rainbow” agenda. These are churches that are evangelical, conservative, protestant and post Vatican II Catholic that preach traditional values from their pulpit but don’t live them out in their daily lives. They are more focused on numbers, church growth and a feel good atmosphere than the Gospel.

        That is the real problem for the single Christian man.

        Thank God I am married to a godly woman!

      2. Roosh February 10, 2020 at 2:45 pm

        I can’t speak of those churches but the Orthodox Church is a good home for many who want to walk with Christ.

      3. Apostle Mark February 11, 2020 at 1:34 pm

        Agreed. But I think its not enough just to tell men to go for a woman of faith. He needs to stay away from the cucked church and not all cucked churches look like the rainbow flag waving ones in DuPont Circle.

        To get a better understanding of what is going on in Evangelical Protestantism check out American Gospel:

      4. paddy February 11, 2020 at 3:32 pm

        That’s overly critical. Claiming that all Catholic Churches are filled with women who are one way is incorrect and a broad brush. It is also incorrect to refer to “post Vatican II” Churches. There is one true Church and it is the Roman Catholic Church, founded by God. This comment strikes me as being similar to the secularist”™s tactic of trying to assume a morally superior standard when in fact it is the secularists who are the greatest abusers of children, the greatest abortionists, the greatest in deviance and the greatest in filth.
        Yes, there are sinners in and outside the Church. The Schismatic churches are not exceptions. They also have great scandals but the secular world is devoted to Satan’s agenda. By that alone it makes sense to say that the secularist and modern society is far worse and any perusal of popular culture proves this is indeed a fact in numerically superior deviance.
        Catholic Churches are not singles clubs but the Temple of God’s Eternal Sacrifice. But a Catholic man meeting the woman God intended for him is good and being so uncharitable to our Catholic sisters and to paint them with such a large brush is unwarranted.
        Good women exist.
        They are rare. But they exist.
        The real solution in this temporal world is to fix the revolutionary court system and political and economic system.
        Catholic governance is the west. Catholic social teaching should be mandatory and enforced by the force of the state. That would criminalize divorce and women would once again be prevented from leaving their fathers homes until they went to live with their husbands.
        The west must become Catholic again.
        While I am very sympathetic to Roosh”™s new found Schismatic Faith and , as he is Persian, it makes sense that he would seek out his Persian Christian roots I must say that diversity is not a strength when it comes to the One True Church, that was founded by God who is Jesus Christ, our King , Lord and Master and who we worship as we revere our Mother , the Queen of Heaven , our Lady , perfect human and greatest of all the Saints and that since there can be only one Truth , there is only one True Church and that is Christ’s Roman Catholic Church and to which the Schismatic must return.
        Just as the Schismatics cannot offer the fullness of the Faith until they return to full communion with Gods Church so must we say that Persian men sleeping with western women is not something we should be promoting. Roosh is a fine man and perhaps better than me but Persians, Africans, Orientals, Arabs, whatever group Pakistanis and Indians are and all the rest of the dark races do not belong in the west and Northern European heritage women should not be consorting with these men. Roosh created a website that did not just teach men to sleep with loose women it also taught brown men and it is man”™s suspicion that this was the ROK PRIMARY mission. Observe the contributors over the years. A darker, swarthier, oilier batch of brown writers you will not find outside of a Greek naval vessel.
        God segregated us both by global reach and by biological diversity. We are united in Christ and let us preserve His creation by rejection miscegenation and instead of brown men leaving their homelands they should return to them and take wives that are suitable for them and they can make their eastern nations great again.

      5. Trev February 23, 2020 at 11:21 pm

        Unfortunately Mars Hill and Saddleback spawned 100s of copycats. I go to a Calvary chapel that faithfully teaches the word and has a very simple structure. You won’t build a huge church that way, but who cares? I don’t want to go to some clown church. There are good churches still but I believe we live in the apostacy or falling away spoken of in the Bible. Most churches are run like a business and use marketing and growth strategies. Jesus warned that many would claim to be his disciples and would be rejected and I believe the Greek word means a majority.

        I married someone who I met in a big church in the 90s and it was a disaster and she cheated. I learned my lesson that you have to vett someone out even if they claim to be Christian.

      6. ChristianCool February 16, 2020 at 5:30 am

        I totally sympathize with men who have bad personal experiences with “church girls” sometimes even being worse than “world girls”. I have had a couple guys in my small group who say “non-Christian girls” sometimes are easier to handle, as they are honest about whom they are.

        I have been shown the InstaGram of some “Christian” girls these guys encounter out there and they are out there drinking and bangin’ away in Cabo or Panama City. That is a sad state of affairs for Christian men, of course. 🙁

        You cannot generalize, however. I am someone who refuses to believe in absolutes such as AWALT, for example. It is simply too generic and too broad.

        Back in my early teens, I was also a “young chivalrous Christian young man” as wel as most Church-raised young men. Just as being “born into sin” is standard for humanity as a whole, being raised Blue Pilled is also the norm. We counter our natural sinful nature through voluntarily coming to Christ and become wiser, more prepared men through the knowledge gained through Game and by taking the Red Pill.

        While it is true that Gene X’ers like myself who grew up in Middle America “had it good” when it came to relationships and moderate economic and social stability, the Gene X’ers grew up as “latchkey kids”, the first generation to experience the results of the Divorce Revolution started in the 1980s. I grew up mostly in “flyover America” during my teenage years. It was an absolutely awesome time to be a teenager. The women I met in high school were pretty, mostly thin, wore too much make-up, and were generally very nice and sweet. I cannot count how many girls I would go out on a movie date who would bring me cookies or something they made. It was incredible. Feminism was a plague to the coastal cities and we escaped that scourge in middle America. It was not until college that I first experienced angry feminism of any kind.

        When I first began dealing with feminism in an appreciable scale was in the early 2000s. back them, a decent looking guy like myself could land a decent Christian woman to marry with a notch count around 2 to 4. It was getting harder to meet a decent woman in church back then, but was still doable.

        The problem for guys like me, Gen X men, was that when we came of age and were faced with feminism (in my case, first year of college), we were not ready for it. Middle-America guys were caught off guard and our feminine women were re-made in the colleges into radical feminists. Many guys went on to get divorce-raped and have their kids taken away.

        Meanwhile GenX guys living in feminist-controlled place were at the forefront of movements online. Men like Roosh, Heartiste, and others, took upon themselves to figure out a way around this rigged, hellish misandrist system they had lived with for many years before I first encountered feminist hate in my early 20s. They created an online network that would eventually create a global movement of Red Pilled men, who utilized “Game” (or whatever you may call these strategies) to improve themselves and be successful in their personal lives with women and their peers.

        I cannot say this enough, that guys like Roosh and Heartiste helped me connect the misandry I was seeing growing all around me to a system of feminism I was not yet fully aware of. I was already sensing the problem was around me, but it was too strange and new to me to quickly be able to effectively counter it. I was trying kindness and politeness to counter it, to no avail. Red Pill knowledge improved my life in many ways. I had to dose some Dread and RP knowledge to keep the relationship stable and healthy. Like keeping your body healthy requires some maintenance, like exercise, taking a flu shot, and quality food.

        That said…. One benefit we have today that I did not have as a young man coming of age up in the late 1990s was the Internet’s information about The Red Pill, the ManoSphere and sites like this. This info was not widely available back then as it is today. We are very fortunate to (still) be able to discuss such issues openly, free, from anywhere in the world.

        Can you find a good Christian woman today, with low-mileage? Absolutely. But she will be hard to find. And I hate to say it, you may need to trade some of your appearance requirements to be with a woman of great character and value, one that will help elevate her man, a-la Proverbs 31. Such women usually range in the 5-7 in looks department and if she lacks some of the more enticing attributes you like, she may need to be a “project girl” in some aspects.

        Be realistic, if all I can say. If she is a serious Christian who is in the 8-9 looks department, she will be in such high demand, she will only pick the top men within her faith (i.e. rich and top looks).

        SMV and basic economic principles (i.e. supply and demand, etc) apply everywhere, even in church. 😉 And never ever feel ashamed to do some background research on her. Social Media will tell you a lot, gentlemen.

  3. DoubleDoseOfTruth February 3, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    – Why didn’t you just… kill us?

    – You don’t fear death. You welcome it, become heroes by it. Your punishment must be more severe. You chased us out of 137 countries through history for sacrificing children and enslaving people through debt and now – we shall enslave you all through money, laws, biochemical manipulation and finally – your own women. Yes. But true despair can only be accomplished by having hope, a hope of marriage and children. And like shipwrecked sailors turning to seawater from uncontrollable thirst – you will die trying.

    Then, when your civilization is ashes and our great Israel is built, then, you’ll have our permission to DIE.

    1. Jake February 3, 2020 at 3:55 pm

      anti semites are cursed by G-d see Gen 15 and are demonized…

      1. Rudy February 3, 2020 at 6:58 pm

        Today’s Jews are not the Hebrews of the Bible…if you’re gonna use a Bible quote, you really need to know the Bible first.

      2. Strac5 February 3, 2020 at 11:12 pm

        There are no Jews in Genesis, and to say that Genesis 15 refers to Jews is heresy. Christ condemned Jews. He obviously was not cursing Himself. Jews are not mentioned in the Old Testament until 2 Kings, after King David lived. David and his ancestors were Syrian. The Israelites are all Syrian. Jews are taking wild advantage of gentile ignorance in persuading gentiles to believe that the Bible says Israelites were Jews. “Israelites” refers to the descendants of Israel, who was a man, not a place. Israel was originally named Jacob until renamed by God, and he was Syrian. Christ also is not Jewish. He was from Upper Galilee, a separate territory and culture two states over from Judea. It was, and He was, Syrian.

  4. Ben February 3, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    Wow!! Number 1: Really well written (great flow). 2: This resonated with me a lot and made a lot things “click”. Thanks Roosh.

  5. Jay February 3, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    Current broken generation of girls are hyperbegging/testing father figures to force them into submission so that they can feel worthy/useful for a change.
    Hence the rampant success of game despite vehement claims of feminism.

  6. Albus February 3, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    “When God places the right woman before you, trust in Him to move your lips. Let Him share with you the game that He wants you to do…”

    What does that look like? What does that mean?

    For all of the atomized men out there that have been abandoned by your God, this rings hollow.

    Hi-value women (that don’t “fall” early) will want hi-value men, and they naturally find them through social proofing, aka being introduced to men vouched-for by family and friends.

    Want to meet hi-value women? Join a network of hi-value men through which to meet them.

    Not a member of a network? Then you are a fallen man, suitable for fallen women.

    What’s the solution? Rise above your atomization, become a better man in mind, body, and spirit. Then seek out networks of hi-value men and become one of them.

    This “God” of which you speak exists within families, friends, communities and nations.

    You cannot find God alone, but alone is where you keenly feel the absence of the divine.

    If you want a woman, you have to become a man, and a man isn’t a man without divine aspirations.

    Conquer yourself, secure your progeny, then conquer the Earth.

    1. Vespasian February 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm

      You are on point, good man. If friends vouch for you, then you don’t need game. The potential wife will take you for who you are and submit to you. Isolation is not godly. How can one be of virtue if you keep all to yourself? John the Baptist was in the desert, yet men among men gathered around him to be baptized – John didn’t hide his gift from God. Jesus Christ travelled with his apostles, the women who supported him, and there were hundreds sometimes thousands of people gathering around him – he didn’t hide his godly powers but shared them to give to the community. Elijah, even under the desolate rule of King Ahab, managed to find thousands of men, who didn’t bow their knees to Baal.

      Isolationist asceticism not as a means to serve your fellow men by sharing what God has given you, is a false doctrine.

    2. Banner February 4, 2020 at 3:33 am

      Albus you make some good points but this I do wonder: “If you want a woman, you have to become a man, and a man isn”™t a man without divine aspirations”

      You talk about finding where high value men go in order to find high value women””but let’s face it: this simply means joining a country club or elite organization, based on material pursuits, in which one will encounter gold digging, status seeking females. The expression “high status” simply means rich and popular. And the expression “divine aspirations” in simple terms means someone who does good things for humanity which women are callously indifferent to. Seriously. If women rewarded men for kindness and Humanity then every man would be lining up to save the World””and we all know this is not the case.

    3. Christian Cool February 18, 2020 at 12:53 pm


      Clearly, you have never met the woman God has for you. Trust me, you will know her. Just ask guys who met the woman God had in store for them and they both know it when they first meet. You will feel like you have known this woman for years. She will feel comfortable with you quickly and trust you. You will feel a sense of belonging together. This goes far beyond pure passion and carnal desire.

      Now, you do have a point when it comes to meeting high-quality women via social groups. But even among “high-value women”, social groups are getting smaller and smaller and even more and more rare. How many guys from your office even get to hang ut with “high value women” before they are falsely accused of “sexual harassment” and are fired and financially ruined? It is not self-atomization and self-isolation. The world is becoming more and more isolated the more “connected” people become online.

      You CAN find God alone. A church is a way to fellowship and grow, but your walk with God is one you must take alone.

      God does not exist in families or nation or communities because God is ethereal and eternal. God is THE creator, not a creation by humans. These are “gods” with lowercase “G”. Human creation, not the creator.

      You have a wrong concept of God and the divine, far outside even most mainstream Christian doctrine.

  7. Jald8 February 3, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    You are a genius Roosh. You have extraordinary gifts of intelligence and willpower that God gifted you. But of course you also have the pride and vanity that accompany such gifts. It is so wonderful to see here in this post that you are repenting of your past mistakes (which let’s face it, all gifted men make one way or another) because repenting leads to self-forgiveness.

    You may feel you wasted 15 years but doesn’t prevent you now from going forward and doing wonderful things in God’s name. There are millions of innocents who are in need of help, starving, sick, and beset by evil. There are a thousand ways you can help the world, large and small. Perhaps one lonely woman who hopes for a Godly man. Take care.

    1. Roosh February 3, 2020 at 6:50 pm

      As long as I have an internet presence, it will be hard to get my pride low, but I am constantly working on it.

    2. Christian Cool February 16, 2020 at 5:54 am

      The wise king Solomon knew both the best and the worst of godliness and sin. Roosh’s knowledge of both is what makes him valuable as a Red Pilled Christian convert. He gets it.

      Take Kanye West. Think he would be able to lead the Christian revival he is now leading in ghetto communities, prisons, etc if Kanye had not been infamous and world-known for the nastiest rap available? Surely not. His conversion now makes him much more credible to non-believers.

      Roosh has the type of “street cred” that Paul of Tarsus had after his conversion (in their own respective ways, of course).

      Stay the court, Roosh. Christian lifestyle and following the faith is a marathon, not a sprint. You will stumble along the way, but the long path ahead allows you to pick yourself up and keep on going, focus on the prize.

      1. Roosh February 16, 2020 at 4:23 pm

        Thank you brother.

  8. Banner February 3, 2020 at 3:42 pm

    All women are essentially fallen. Just look at the story of Adam and Eve. Even though one could argue that it is simply a story, there is a lot of wisdom about women’s true nature in that tale.

    1. Kitty Tantrum February 3, 2020 at 9:49 pm

      Big picture: all of humanity is fallen.

    2. David February 10, 2020 at 12:51 pm


    3. smarter by 2 points February 17, 2020 at 3:19 am

      Banner, you judge something real from a story? grow up…your logic is fallen. To pieces. PS. I am not defending women. Or attacking them, although certainly I would never defend them. Why should I? Women aren’t any more special than anyone else.

  9. Daniela February 3, 2020 at 3:47 pm

    I cannot give enough thanks to God for saving brother RooshV. I”™m a female porn addict in recovery, and while I didn”™t “rode the C carrousel “ in my twenties, yes, I am damaged goods. I”™ve always felt drawn to your writing style because it was quite honest (though it started by reading a cruel comment on Ecuador). I”™m trusting Jesus will get me through this dark hour and continue making Millenial men bold in their salvation. You are an inspiration. May God reward you with one of His sweet-natured daughters, may you lead your family using your insight and restoration and His Light as your Light. God Bless you!

  10. Banner February 3, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    Roosh, personally I think there are no good women left in today’s world, even in church where one mainly sees hypocrite women.

    If hypothetically you do find a good, decent woman to start a family with, you’ll have to settle for butt-ugly. I’m talking the face that looks like the back end of a moose. Yes that’s shallow of course for me to say this, but I’m rather unattractive guy and would not want to procreate with said moose-face and bring really ugly children in a World where looks are a major factor in both economic and social success.

    1. Bill Ferrell February 10, 2020 at 3:41 pm

      Not true. There are several women in the church I attend who have eyes for only their husbands, are Godly women, and who are devoted wives and mothers.

      One girl in particular is beautiful and it is really unusual because her husband is homely. However, both are children of God and she loves babies. She just birthed her sixth and said she is read for another – much to his dismay. LOL.

      She won’t make eye contact with men, is very bashful and shy, very humble..

      1. Banner February 15, 2020 at 2:41 am

        “One girl in particular is beautiful and”

        What famous actress or model does she closely or partially resemble?

    2. Christian Cool February 18, 2020 at 1:09 pm

      Banner, you are wrong. If you live in a city in the Coasts, yeah I can see why you say that. In middle-America still has some cute girls in church that are serious about their faith.

      The problem is that they are rare these days. Compared to when I was hunting for a wife in my early 20s (early 2000s), today the pickings are much, much thinner, of course. But non-existent? Nah….

      I agree that in some cases, you will have to compromise a little on looks if you find an extraordinary woman. But you should “negotiate attraction” or you are setting yourself up for failure.

      Dude here in my church makes good money, he is pretty homely and boring accountant. But he managed to land a girl +3 on the looks from him, and she looks like Natalie Dormer, long blonde hair, thin, and they just had a kid too. I asked him how they met and he said Christian charities, he worked out a plan to attend Christian charity events and met her in a soup kitchen across the north end of the city. His scheme worked, she was impressed to see him at soup kitchen and they went on a date.

      So you are gonna have to do some legwork, triage your search online, in Christian charity events, and online). Keep in mind that anything worthwhile in life will be hard to get. That includes a quality woman. It is not gonna be easy.

      Impossible? Everything in lie SEEMS impossible until it is done.

  11. Banner February 3, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    “You may be thinking: “Well it”™s easy for you to advise not to learn game, Roosh, since you already have it.” And what do I now use it for?”

    Don’t forget too that women are like beer: every man gets his fill and then goes home and throws up. So it is easy for Roosh to become celibate after he’s had tons of sex, but try convincing a 15 year old virgin boy who is so horny he’s about to bust a nut on the highway””and don’t forget Roosh you were once that horny virgin teenager once too.

  12. Caleb Roy February 3, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    Keep up the good work Roosh. God bless you! I can see that the enemy is constantly trying to attack you now that you are saved and walking with the Lord. Keep it up! Remember that the Joy of the Lord is your strength!

  13. website February 3, 2020 at 5:27 pm

    Informative, but not convincing. Something is missing, and what I do not understand. But, frankly: ”“ bright and benevolent thoughts.

    1. Lee February 5, 2020 at 7:28 pm

      It lacks sincerity because he is not holding himself accountable. He says that game only works on fallen women yet doesnt say men who need to use game are fallen themselves. It’s not the women, it’s you. Everyone attracts everybody, but you only ACCEPT those that fill an insecurity rather then expose it. Like women who prefer bad boy losers over high valued men; its because the loser makes them feel good about themselves while the high valued man makes THEM feel like the loser. I used to be a manipulative bitch (I’m a female btw) using PUA game in reverse on guys. Astonishing how the human psyche works so consistently every time… Anyway the reason I was like that is because I felt like shit and wanted to take it out on the world i.e. men. That’s more than likely how these guys feel too. The solution, look into your past, forgive your mom, dad, foster parents who ever the fuck did you wrong and stop treating people like objects and you will find a kind nurturing woman.

      1. Dust850 March 31, 2020 at 10:14 am

        Thank you for you self awareness and honesty in this post.

  14. Kitty Tantrum February 3, 2020 at 9:43 pm

    I always wondered about “game” and its range of applicability… in my brief foray into fornication, there were instances where a guy would say something that registered with me as having been formulated to elicit a particular reaction. And to ME, on some level, I guess it was a bit of a sharp reminder that I wasn’t on the right path. First I’d feel a little pang of indignation, like “Wow, that’s something he said because he knew it would curry favor with the average woman… does he really think I’m that dumb? Does he really think I’m about to go to bed with him because he can make words???”

    And then… “Weeeelllll… maybe you are that dumb, look at what you’re doing.”

    Yeah, I can pretty well testify that for a woman who has ANYTHING RESEMBLING the kind of moral compass you’d want in a wife, “spitting game” at her is going to trigger her inner defense mechanisms, at least on a gut level. Even if she has sex with you anyway. And then she’ll feel bad about it. “Game” really isn’t a good foundation for relationships leading to marriage. It’s manipulative.

    A woman who wants a real marriage, a woman who is looking to fulfill a higher calling than “tinder slut” doesn’t need to be gamed like that. For me it was a little bit insulting when I had a boyfriend who said he wanted to marry me… but then acted like he had to use “standard game tactics” to keep me around. Some of the things he would say, it felt like he must think I was a totally different woman. Like he was trying to impress me with all of the same things that had impressed other women. I guess he projected the “average woman’s” motivations onto me, or something.

    Women like me don’t want a man who can spit good game, we want a man who has a higher purpose that we can join him in; namely marriage and family.

    Even those who are fallen to a degree can still be turned right off by “game.” If she is simply WEAK rather than ignorant or wholly deceived, such interactions might serve to make her all the more keenly aware of her cognitive dissonance and her internal deliberations.

    Lots of guys with “good game” will assume any time a woman leaves him that it’s because she has a short attention span for penis and has simply moved on to the next cock-du-jour… but I know that at least sometimes (because I exist) it’s because your “game” sent her running away from you and into the arms of a man with fewer pretty words and thrilling tactics but more genuine up-front investment. (And no, I don’t mean monetary investment. Sigh.)

    My husband didn’t need to “game” me. I wanted a husband. He has all the makings of a really good one and was willing to overlook my sordid past and associated baggage – because (if I may say so) I make a darn good wife. Boom, done. Deal. All-around bargain, in fact – for both of us. We both still feel like we got the better end of the stick.

    If you think you need to run game on women to find a wife, all I can really ask is: why are you pursuing women who need to be convinced that they even want a husband, at all, period?

    1. Christian Cool February 18, 2020 at 1:31 pm

      Kitty, you are missing the point here.

      Game is not something you would utilize to “convince” a woman to marriage. Most women either want to marry younger (for whatever reason – lack of father-figure in her life, Christian faith, etc) OR she will decide on her own that she wants to marry, often in her late 20s early 30s and will focus on finding a “marriage-minded guy” as her top priority.

      The famous Christian writer Dalrock explains this phenomenon, of women wanting to marry much later in life, when many men will have often outgrown their desire to ever marry.

      Game is not a “series of things you do and say” to get women in bed or whatever. It is a toolbox of concepts, tested theories, and self-improvement strategies that make a man better equipped to deal with a hostile dating and marriage marketplace.

      As for “her inner defense”, that is called a “bitch shield”. Even the most pro-married minded woman will have that even as she initially meets the man God may have for her, albeit in a much lower setting, at least initially. game is designed to work around that “inner defense” which she may deploy even to the nicest, most sincere Christian man she has ever met and means only to marry her before all.

      The thing is, some guys are obviously “trying to hard” and others handle it naturally. That is what you are missing out on. Trying too hard is indeed a turn off. Like girls who wanna pretend to be “one of the guys” and ends up looking like a fool. That is not Games fault, that is just trying too hard.

      You close by saying you wanted a husband. Ok, yeah, if a woman wants marriage, she will focus on it like a laser beam, and will target guys who likely want marriage too. If she does not, no man’s Game will “convince her” unless he is rich and she wants a cut of the cash in divorce court.

      Game also provides you with relationship management tools, like Dread and Amused Mastery. In a less corrupt world full of divorce lawyers, cash prizes for women in court, and a pro-divorce culture, husbands would not need such tools to keep their marriage healthy and stable. Today, the monthly dose of Amused Mastery and the yearly dose of Dr. Husband’s Dread Pill will be necessary to keep her and your marriage away from court.

      Game does not end in marriage. It simply provides a man with a different understanding of what a 21st Century marriage is like and provides tools to keep it form falling apart.

  15. Alec February 3, 2020 at 10:12 pm

    Roosh, what about Paul”™s preference for men and women to be unmarried in 1 Corinthians 7? Especially men he wished to remain celibate like himself.

    1. Roosh February 3, 2020 at 10:25 pm

      He did say “if” the person wants to remain celibate, they should. He didn’t command it.

      1. Alec February 5, 2020 at 2:51 pm

        But shouldn”™t we be striving for Paul”™s ideal? If Paul is writing by the power of the Holy Spirit, then it is really the Holy Spirit”™s ideal. Missing the mark of Paul”™s ideal and settling for marriage is like taking three-day leftovers, and mold is already growing in it! It seemed to ache him to give the leeway in the first place: if you are so lustful and passionate and can”™t have self-control, then at least get married, but then immediately says, but try to act for the most part that you”™re not even married. Why else would Jesus say that one must “hate their wife” to be his disciple? There will be no marriage in heaven. God knows it”™s too easy for men to think of women more than Him.

      2. Alec February 5, 2020 at 2:53 pm

        Augustine thought that concupiscence even in the context of marriage is no good thing for the soul.

      3. vlad February 6, 2020 at 7:37 pm

        I like 1 Corinthians 7. It says that he’d prefer everyone were like him (celibate) but if they can’t control themselves, than marriage and becoming “one flesh” gives them immunity from sexual sin.

        I recently found out that Paul was a 4’10 midget who was bald and not very attractive, so that kind of makes it easy for him to resist temptation when nobody wants him.

      4. Alec February 7, 2020 at 6:53 pm

        Not really. Ugly guys have just as much lust toward attractive women as handsome men. And it wasn”™t like it is now either: tons of boobs and butts hanging out everywhere you look.

      5. Isaac Freeborn Kellogg February 13, 2020 at 7:00 am

        Remember the context–Jesus said He was returning, but didn’t give a timetable. He was just going to be gone long enough “to prepare a place for you” in a house which already had “many mansions.” When He was finished, He would come back to retrieve His bride. The Church knew that they knew neither the day nor the hour, but they certainly wouldn’t have expected that it would take thousands of years! Paul was saying, “If you can’t wait the few remaining months until you are translated into your sinless, incorruptible bodies, then by all means take up temporary status as married people, so that your sex drives won’t sully the Church’s reputation during the last few weeks of pre-Rapture human history.” This is also why the Church was willing to engage in voluntary communism, despite Jesus being anti-tax and comparing the Kingdom of God to a treasure hidden in a field or a pearl of great price–appealing to our capitalist greed to get us to convert. The Church thought that the new dispensation would only last a short transition period before the onslaught of either Heaven-on-Earth (trope namer!) or an Earth devoid of The Way. That turned out not to be the case, and so after a couple of centuries, the Church moved on to a self-conception of being in the world but not of the world (reversed by Augustine, so pay your taxes like good little citizens!).

  16. Jared Fogel February 4, 2020 at 1:53 am

    Roosh is a sexy Persian conquerer-king

  17. hermit February 4, 2020 at 4:37 am

    what I think you should do, is you should stop interacting with all the vermin here, namely, the internet. I am surprised you still didn’t get that it’s all vermin anyways. The few people who profess to be your friends today, will be your enemies tomorrow. And the rest will be pleased to see you suffer anyways. Why do you even speak to them at all, it’s beyond me.

  18. tankhed February 4, 2020 at 5:45 am

    Easier women require less effort, but that’s how it is with everything, getting true value requires serious effort. I’m living with my smashing looking 20 year old girl who I met as an 18 year old virgin and loves me above all else in the Philippines, and I use game principles all the time.

    Roosh and I seem to have some different interpretations of game. Roosh always talks about how clown game isn’t really him, it works, but it takes effort, then he burns out and doesn’t think it’s worth it next time.

    For me being smart and funny is how I love to behave. Hearing them laugh like they mean it, that spark in their eye… And telling them what to do comes natural because I know better than them how the world works. Feels like tao and game in one, like a cat loves hunting or a a parent takes care of their young. They would have liked it more if I were more of an authoritarian, I bet that feels like Roosh’ clown game gone sour. But that’s just a detail, and I get by well without using nuclear-power dark triad-game.

    So I guess the conclusion should be find the expressions of game you feel comfortable with, in terms of religion, personal ethos, gut feeling, society, legality and everything else. And just dump the rest.

    1. Kitty Tantrum February 4, 2020 at 2:26 pm

      “I”™m living with my smashing looking 20 year old girl who I met as an 18 year old virgin and loves me above all else in the Philippines, and I use game principles all the time.”

      Right. So. Fornicating for a couple of years.

      Plans to marry? Children? Future together? Is your game earning you a solid future, or another temporary, sterile distraction?

      1. Alec February 5, 2020 at 5:42 pm

        Also sounds like he is obsessing over his girl more than God, doesn”™t he know Jesus says that a man must “hate his wife” to be his disciple?

      2. Kitty Tantrum February 5, 2020 at 7:20 pm

        You also have to “hate” YOUR OWN LIFE. And your father, and your mother, and your children, and your brothers and sisters.

        Which, uh, sounds kind of extreme – but the message there is certainly that worldly attachments must not supersede submission to God’s will. That is correct. Though I do wonder why you would pick on that one scripture and try to make it out like Jesus intended to sow seeds of enmity himself.

        I learned the hard way that putting the love of a man before the love of God (no matter how much love for God you have; it only has to be the tiniest part smaller) is a sure path to ruin… and in rising again from that ruin, I have endured enmity from many for the perception that I will not allow my attachment to them to stand in the way of my adherence to Godly principles – including my own mother.

        So pardon me if I balk a little at your out-of-context quotation there. It seems intended to inspire something other than careful consideration and understanding of true principles.

      3. Alec February 7, 2020 at 5:19 pm

        Yes you do have to hate your own life, which means denying yourself of sensual pleasures, for it is through sensual pleasures that we develop “love” for the world. As indicated in the Garden, Eve is more of a delighter in sensual pleasure than Adam, in fact Eve is the embodiment of sensual pleasure, that”™s why the fruit was “pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom” to her. Men delight in the abstract, women delight in sensuality. Women delight in the world, men delight in women. Women are world-lovers, men are women-lovers. Men have to beyond their obsession with women, even their own wife. Women have to go beyond their delight in the world, and their pettiness. Why would Paul urge men and women both to remain celibate, if it were not the ideal expression of the Christian life? Jesus said his teaching would sow discord in the house, so he very well indeed does sow enmity. I mean just look at what happens when Pastor David Lynn or Brother Doree preaches Jesus”™ word in the streets of Toronto, a lot of enmity. Jesus said people would persecute his followers because of his teaching, so no Jesus was not a hippy-dippy liberal trying to have everyone be pleased. It is clear marriage in the Christian life is for those who do not have the self-control to live up to Paul”™s ideal of celibacy.

      4. Alec February 7, 2020 at 5:31 pm

        You”™re lucky we live in the modern times because you can insert your opinion in a believer atmosphere, while the Holy Spirit in Paul decreed in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35: “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” Talk about sowing enmity.

      5. Kitty Tantrum February 7, 2020 at 5:35 pm

        One man showing up waving his interpretation of scripture around does not a church make.

      6. Kitty Tantrum February 7, 2020 at 5:43 pm

        And what’s all this about women asking their HUSBANDS at home, if people aren’t supposed to be married?

        How much time have you even spent studying the scriptures? I see lots of quotations, yet no evidence of contextual understanding.

      7. Alec February 7, 2020 at 6:21 pm

        Celibacy is the highest ideal of Christian life. Marriage are for those Christians who do not have the self-control to live up to that ideal.

      8. Christian Cool February 18, 2020 at 2:01 pm

        Celibacy is NOT a Christian life ideal. Marriage and children is.

        Totally misunderstanding of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. He was dealing with a crisis in the Corinthian church in the 1st Century AD. I mean a man had his father’s wife (his stepmother) and people in the church were “high fiving” the man who did this.

        The problem is that you are taking Paul’s letter out of context. To some celibacy is the idea; for others, marriage. Clearly had to be this way or the human population would end.

        Celibacy will only work for some men and some women. It is not glorified above marriage.

        1 Corinthians 7:2-9
        “…each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband. The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband.”

        Alec, please study actual Biblical scripture and please do not spread false theology. Only Catholic monks deprive themselves of marriage and many end up molesting young altar boys.

        Virtually every other Christian sect, from Orthodox to Protestant to reformed… all allow and encourage their ministers to marry. The “priest” of an Orthodox church is The Patriarch, meaning the head of a family.

        Unless you are going to be 100% dedicated to ministry and travel (i.e. Paul of Tarsus), marriage and children should be a goal of Christian men.

        Just saying.

      9. Alec February 7, 2020 at 5:49 pm

        My other comment didn”™t go through which was supposed to be before the one with Paul”™s verse on women remaining quiet in the Church, so I”™ll write it again. Indeed, you do have to hate your own life, which means denying yourself of sensual pleasures, which I know is much harder for women because women delight in the world much more than men, while men delight in the world through women. Sensual pleasures are the primary means for us to develop a “love” for the world. In the Garden it is clear that Eve is a delighter of sensual pleasures more than Adam, and in fact, is the very embodiment of sensual pleasure, which is why the fruit looked, “pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom” to her. Men take delight in the abstract more, women delight in sensuality. Women take delight in the world, men delight in women. Women are world-lovers, men are women-lovers. Men need to go beyond their obsession with women, even their own wife. Women need to go beyond their delight in the world, and their pettiness. Jesus said his teaching would create enmity in one”™s own household, so I don”™t know what Bible you”™ve been reading. Why would the Holy Spirit in Paul urge both men and women to be unmarried and celibate? It is clear that marriage in the Christian life are for those who do not have the self-control to live up to Paul”™s ideal of celibacy.

      10. Christian Cool February 18, 2020 at 1:50 pm

        You seem to really hate Game, Kitty. That is because you know it works, not only on sinful women, but also as a tool-set of principles and strategies to manage and grow within even a Christian-based marriage. That has been my case, BTW.

        Pre-marital fornication is what virtually every single woman does these days. The world today is inter-connected and Western culture has spread virtually everywhere via online, movies, music, and even clothing styles. The Western trend of sexual liberalization is global now.

        Women are raised to be “feral” while boys are raised to be weak, compliant betas. Women are raised to act like promiscuous men and men are trained to act like wimpy virgin betas.

        I hate to cite Dalrock again, but the guy has spent over a decade discussing this subject.

        You can see how you seem angry at a man fornicating but not angry at the woman. This is because your societal programming is so powerful to be misandrist.

        I am not justifying the man’s fornication. But I hear no condemnation from you of THE WOMAN whom he is fornicating with. Just saying.

      11. Kitty Tantrum February 26, 2020 at 1:02 am

        Christian Cool: I don’t know how exactly you came to the conclusion that I “hate game” (I bought three copies of “Game” myself – had two of them signed, gifted one so far to a former co-worker who was down on his luck trying to find a relationship, also keeping one around indefinitely for reference, as a mom raising boys who hopes to be a grandma one day). I’m just agreeing with Roosh – that it WON’T have the same effect on all women.

        I understand perfectly well how our culture has gone to crap, you really don’t have to explain that to me. I was neither raised nor programmed in the manner you have described. I was raised by my father, who was “red-pilling” me before that stupid Matrix movie even existed – before some of the guys here who would condescend to me, as though I’m some kinda feminist harpy, were even BORN. I’ve also been reading and following closely ’round these parts for a solid six years. I don’t really need the cliff notes.

        I have no ANGER for the man fornicating – just pointing out that that’s ALL IT IS. He’s like “no, game is good for more than just fallen women and I can prove this because I’ve been fornicating with this hottie for two whole years.” Cool – you’ve just supported the statement that game is for fallen women, not disproved it. That’s what it netted you: a fallen woman. But stating that his circumstance qualifies as fornication is EQUALLY condemning of the woman. They are BOTH fornicating. But I was speaking to him – not her.

        You’re reading things into my statements that are not there – based on your own biases against women, and your assumption that I hold the same liberalized misandrist perspective as the rest of the lot.

      12. Christian Cool February 29, 2020 at 6:19 am

        Kitty: The problem is that Game is not a book. It is not “stuff you spit out to get women in bed”. Game is a toolkit full of different tools that you employ in a variety of situations and life.

        Take Amused Mastery and Dread. Two tools of Game. Both are mostly used in LTRs and marriage. I know this because I was married over 12 years and very happy almost all of it. I had to employ such tools because unless we were living and had a “support group” around us like a church and she had good co-workers (not whores to drag her to happy hour and incite her to bad behavior) , I had to deploy AM and the rare dose of Dread with careful thought and specificity. It became a necessity to keep the relationship in check.

        As time went by, I had to deploy this less and less, as she and I aged together and as always, women lose beauty at a much higher rate then men as they both age. I became the trophy husband and she became my adored wife/life partner. Our roles simply changed, but I appreciated the relationship and love we had together.

        You lucked out, that is for sure. I am Gen X man, 37 years old. Divorced parents of course, but I was fortunate to at least have a weekend father who was always a part of my life and a truly great mom and solid extended family structure. I was raised mostly Alpha. Most boys did not have such luxury, though.

        You were also lucky then. Very few women today have the luxury of growing up with a father at home. Most men are in same boat, and for young boys it is even worse.

        This post here was stunning to me and I checked it, Dalrock wrote something about this as well and the stats are solid.

        The thing is that unless a man is truly a natural Alpha, rich/famous, or extremely good-looking, for him to “fornicate around” is really hard. The paradigm has shift where women are doing most of the fornicating wildly these days.

        And the thing is men are the only ones shamed for it today. Women are called “strong, independent, and empowered” for doing it.

        Trust me, no misandry here on my end. I enjoy women’s company and LTRs because I understand what I am dealing with. I simply accept life and reality for what it is. I cannot change it and I have to work around it. I do not blame women as a whole. Terms like AWALT are simply absurd, one cannot lump an entire gender, race, species, etc as all being exactly the same. AWALT is absurd. There is much nuance to life.

        Men enjoy plenty of shaming for any behavior they engage in (good or bad), false criminal accusations, and are absolutely eviscerated in Anglo-country courtrooms when falsely accused of crimes, divorce, etc. That is why so many are opting out of marriage and even relationships completely.

        I actually think “fallen women” are the least of our problems this day and age.

      13. Christian Cool February 29, 2020 at 6:34 am

        Kitty, do you even understand just how unbalanced out society has became in male-female relationships? If a patriarchy ever existed in North America, it has been gone for at least 70 to 100 years, if not longer.

        There is simply no comparison between the disparity between genders today. I am mean it.

        This is probably one of the best articles on the topic:

        Honestly, if trust and relations between men and women do not improve, I seriously can see the end of loving relationships for the most part. It will be a luxury for a very small minority of the population.

        I personally hope that the types of good relationships men and women enjoyed during the Gen X period do continue, who knows, miracles do happen. But it is a tough climb for sure.

  19. Vancity February 4, 2020 at 8:05 am

    Roosh, I”™ve been a reader of your website and work for 7-8 years now, and I”™ve purchased and read most of your books. I almost never comment on your posts.

    Your writing has always been great, high quality work, funny and the most important part for me, unmistakably honest. Never once have I thought you were bullshitting a story or even exaggerating, which is rare.

    Your game tips and advice over the years has helped me immensely with women, but also just with being a better, more confident man overall in all aspects of life. And for that I am eternally grateful to you.

    I respect your recent transition to becoming a religious man, and will continue to read what you write. I”™m agnostic myself, with a sense of spirituality but do not pray or practice any form of worship. But I do have a strong sense of morals and do not use the skills I”™ve learned from you to sleep with as many women as possible. I use The skills I”™ve learned in regular family and friend relationships, in my corporate workplace environment and yes, also with women as being a confident and alpha man does bring benefits in all aspects of life.

    I have to disagree with your blanket statement in this article of (Paraphrasing here): “any woman you have to run game on is not worth it. Only if she sees you as a gift from God is she worth it.” This is far too limiting of a belief. Even in today”™s deteriorating climate there are still high quality, loyal women looking for a soulmate and life partner. There is always going to be a cost/benefit analysis of any relationship romantic or otherwise done by both parties (religious or not), and this is natural and logical. A woman doesn”™t need to “view you as a gift from God” to fall in love with you and be loyal to you. And your early game advice has helped many men (like myself) get their foot in the door with a high quality woman and if personalities match and you both treat each other with respect then you are golden.

    I guess my point is I kind of sense you are feeling a lot of guilt and shame in a lot of your earlier work, and I want to tell you that you shouldn”™t! Even though yes many men have used your skills strictly to get laid, I think there are many others like myself who have taken what you”™ve taught and applied it in ways that have helped them in both personal and professional settings to better themselves while maintaining respect and boundaries of others. Don”™t beat yourself up too much. You”™re a good and honest person and you have helped a lot of people. I wish you peace and prosperity on your journey.

  20. bandido February 4, 2020 at 8:17 am

    “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”

  21. RickyKay February 4, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    Over 10 years ago I read these takes from social pathologist on game theory & application according to his understanding of Christian ethics – and they have actually guided how I’ve interpreted all the information I’ve digested from blogs such as yours and others on game.

    Interesting to observe the different paths you both seem to have taken.


    1. JRotten February 6, 2020 at 11:19 pm

      I hope Roosh reads these links and comments.

    2. Vespasian February 9, 2020 at 6:21 am

      Thanks a lot you posted these links. I heard of this blog and found out that I bookmarked his article on promiscuity and correlation to marital satisfaction. That’s a similar experience I made in college. I haven’t had much experience with women when I started college, and when I started getting to know the girls on campus I found out they don’t offer much – there were a few great exceptions but these exceptions (unfortunately) didn’t go anywhere.

      When I came back to the Faith, I slowly acted more and more different. I evaluated girls by the way they talked, acted, and dressed and it disqualified a great lot for me. Soon I prevented looking lustfully at them most of the time (though summers were hell), watched less porn and did less of what goes with it. In the beginning, it brought me great despair, but I had to believe and pull through. With many months passing by, my heart was changed. The beliefs and practices I did in the past months were parts of my character now, and contrary to all my expectations, my friends, acquaintances and even strangers had a great deal of respect towards me. They saw that my words weren’t mere words, but that I actually followed through with what I was saying, and more girls, especially the type of girls I liked, flocked to me. In short, they never met a Christian like me.

      A year after that change, it was the desperation for women that haunted me and began breaking my moral principles bit by bit. That’s were everything God had given me was taken away. Now, by the grace of God, am I rebuilding my soul again.

      Consistency and integrity, that’s all a man is.

      God bless you.

      1. spg March 2, 2020 at 1:11 pm

        Great post man. A real man is a man of virtue.

  22. ChristiansakatheRealchosenpeople February 5, 2020 at 12:57 am

    You didn’t waste 15 years because God knew what he had in mind for you.Would you be the man you are and be the powerful witness you are without those years.Would so many be ready to listen to you if you hadn’t first had those trials.God bless you brother in Christ.

  23. conservative2019 February 5, 2020 at 8:36 am

    Roosh, do you remember this piece you wrote in 2014? “NO ONE WOULD HAVE DIED IF PUAHATE KILLER ELLIOT RODGER LEARNED GAME.” This statement still rings true today.

  24. Giampaolo February 5, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    One thing that I *never* bought about ‘game/lay reports/pua analysis’ is that claim that ‘
    We, successful seducers/PUAs sleep with promiscuous women, who’ll purposely have sex with as many men as possible, but also with ‘good girls’ on their ‘occasional indiscretion’ . Implying that their seduction skills are so spectacular, that they could even make an otherwise chaste girl with high self control sleep with them.

    What a load of BS. The very notion of a ‘good girl’ (aka chaste, with high moral values) is completely antithetical to “Meet a PUA and suck his johnson 3 hours later’.

    1. Alec February 5, 2020 at 5:47 pm

      Agreed. There are few truly “good” women, best to remain in God”™s Presence and to shun female contact unless you know forsure she is a good woman. Better to grind one”™s teeth then to sell ourselves short, we are the inheritors of eternal life, where no one will be married, why waste so much energy on something that will be dissolved in the Kingdom anyway?

  25. ThrettFavre February 6, 2020 at 12:56 am

    Half the red pill is mind controlled now.

  26. Mousey February 6, 2020 at 7:47 am

    So … you figured out that using women for carnal pleasure and women using you in turn for what they wanted leaves you feeling unfulfilled?

  27. Rota February 6, 2020 at 10:38 am

    Even faithful girl is still actractted to bad boys, because that’s how nature works and you being faithful and good will make sure she isn’t sexually attracted to you. Lol.

    How do you solve this?

    1. Kitty Tantrum February 6, 2020 at 3:13 pm

      That’s actually not how nature works, that’s how broken society works. Maybe it’s because I was raised by a damn good father; my good, faithful, gentleman of a husband is the sexiest man alive in my eyes.

      It’s actually pretty simple… turn your eyes away from the worldly women, and focus on the ones who are already pursuing godly things. A woman who knows she wants a husband and children is NOT going to be looking for an exciting bad boy.

      The flip side is that women engaged in godly pursuits aren’t going to present themselves to you as sex dolls. They’re not going to be found in heels and miniskirts grinding on strangers in bars, or posting pictures of themselves flossing their butt-cracks with string bikinis on instagram. They probably won’t have full smokey-eye makeup and chemically-plumped “blowjob lips” or give you bedroom eyes either. At a glance, these are the “boring” women. The ones you don’t pop a boner just looking at them. (The thing to remember is that many of these women would gladly be “sexy” for their husbands – just not for everyone who looks at them.)

      Without fail, the men I see complaining that “all women are attracted to bad boys” have demonstrated a consistent pattern of chasing bad women – the ones who flaunt their sexuality because it’s all they have. This is what you get when you use the “boner test” as your initial criteria – you eliminate every woman who isn’t out there marketing her vagina to everyone who can raise her pulse.

      1. Vlad February 6, 2020 at 7:34 pm

        I’ve got no problem with what you’re saying IF you’re not talking about FAT women. That was my only standard. Don’t be fat. An average cute girl will do. As for those trying to shame Men into dating fat women because they’re good women. To me it’s like the chicken or the egg question, which came first…her being a good woman and just happens to be fat, or is she good because she is fat? What would she be like if she shaped up and got more attention?

      2. Kitty Tantrum February 6, 2020 at 8:57 pm

        Didn’t say a darned thing about fat women – although there certainly are good women who happen to be fat, the idea that fat women are inherently better-natured than thin women is silly.

        I’m talking about PLAIN women. That doesn’t mean UNATTRACTIVE women; it just means women whose appeal is not so put-on and visually sex-forward. If she can lead a whole room full of guys around by their junk, more or less, for how she looks, dresses, behaves – she’s doing that on purpose.

        Women don’t even have to be particularly attractive to do this. So it’s not that I’m saying ignore pretty girls/pursue ugly girls – no. But *I* can certainly tell by looking at a young woman and how she moves and what she’s wearing – whether she is advertising herself as being available for sex and using that to her advantage. Those who are, I suggest avoiding.

        Those who aren’t… well, they tend to go largely unnoticed. The women who provide the highest dose of visual sexual stimulation right off the bat snag and hold the attention of MOST men. Lots of men are weak to this even if they are ostensibly looking for a “good girl.”

      3. polishknight February 18, 2020 at 3:38 pm

        “I”™m talking about PLAIN women. That doesn”™t mean UNATTRACTIVE women; it just means women whose appeal is not so put-on and visually sex-forward. If she can lead a whole room full of guys around by their junk, more or less, for how she looks, dresses, behaves ”“ she”™s doing that on purpose.”

        Hello Kitty.

        Saying that “plain” women are safer bets is a common misperception. They get hit on more than one might think by thirsty men who think they’re easier. It’s astounding at how “gamed” I found “plain” women to be while women who were knockouts (this was in the late 90’s) who dressed in a feminine manner and attractively were far more approachable and open. But this was back in the 90’s when I was single. No doubt times have changed.

        In theory, in a healthy society, old fashioned beta-male non-game game worked. Men would approach “plain” women who were nonetheless femininely dressed who treated them with respect and gave them minimum sh*t tests. My mother made my father look up her name in the phone book. That was her “test”. And that was largely it. A simpler time.

        But this all begs the question that if, in the modern era, normal men with decent intentions didn’t need “game” to find a decent woman to marry and keep her around, how did so many men wind up here?

      4. Kitty Tantrum February 26, 2020 at 1:12 am

        “Saying that “plain” women are safer bets is a common misperception.”

        If you’re honestly telling me that a woman who is dressed like a straight-up materialistic WHORE is just as safe a bet as a woman wearing plain, feminine, MODEST dress – well I kinda think you’re crazy, but have fun with that. Good luck.

        “But this all begs the question that if, in the modern era, normal men with decent intentions didn”™t need “game” to find a decent woman to marry and keep her around, how did so many men wind up here?”

        Last I checked the majority of those dudes wound up here because they were chasing sluts. Not because they were earnestly searching from a young age for a good wife.

      5. polishknight February 26, 2020 at 7:41 pm

        “Last I checked the majority of those dudes wound up here because they were chasing sluts. Not because they were earnestly searching from a young age for a good wife.”

        I’ve gone to a Roosh meetup (before he went full Godpill) and while some of the men were certainly into the PUA aspect, many I talked to were lonely guys who craved healthy relationships and would like to start a family.

        I myself couldn’t settle down when I was younger because I had to first get established financially. I didn’t feel it was responsible to start a family until I could earn more than minimum wage. That took until my mid-20’s.

        I think many men (and women) do have healthy relationships and we don’t hear about them. They don’t participate in RooshV forum. They’re busy raising kids and being happy and healthy and good for them. But nonetheless, when men are sincerely looking for healthy relationships and find that difficult, then the question is what do they do?

        Blaming the guys for doing something wrong, without specifying exactly what, isn’t terribly useful. Sure, perhaps the guys should hit church. I just went with my family yesterday. I didn’t see a single unmarried woman there.

        So if men have to work, harder and harder to compete in the workplace, to self-improve, to date, then “game” is about just making more intelligent choices in how to maximize resources in a society that is increasingly competitive.

      6. Rota February 13, 2020 at 8:54 pm

        “The thing to remember is that many of these women would gladly be “sexy” for their husbands ”“ just not for everyone who looks at them.”

        So your point is to leave being bad boy/slut to bedroom only?

        How can I know the one who is faithful really is, not only act like a good wife? Maybe in the same time she is having a secret affair with some thug or have sluttish past. That’s redpill. Don’t be naive and think you’re girl is special.

      7. spg March 2, 2020 at 1:18 pm

        Kitty Tantrum: Read a few of your comments here, and I like that you as a woman spell it out as it is. Agree with you 100% here. A woman who knows she wants a family will not slut around and be gamed. It”™s as simple as that. On the flip side, a man who knows he wants a family will not want a girl who is a hottie, but has been banged up and destroyed on all levels. In the end it”™s about your own virtues.

        People now a days are so lost, they identify themselves with all the wrong and broken people, concepts, ideas, and society as a whole. No wonder it”™s all going down the drain. It goes to show that God is real because his way is the only way that leads to happiness.

  28. MCG00 February 7, 2020 at 12:40 am

    Say for instance you find a woman with God game, then it still holds that the true nature of woman possesses her to some degree or another. It has been so since Eve. And so it has taken the men of the village collectively to keep the village women straight. This has also always been so. The water dunking chair events of the past for example took a combined effort of the village men to orchestrate and the insane fires exploding within the needed wife, the foul tongue, the throwing about of pots and pans or whatever psychosis possesses her are cooled to a peaceful calm. She’s a bit wet but even she knows she needed that. And she always returned to her posts and duties fixed and feeling good like she just had a soothing chiropractic adjustment.

    Our women are so needed and vital to our tribes and to the continuation of life itself for our bloodlines. God never said it would be easy bearing life and keeping a family clan. It is a labor of love for both sides.

    Hmm, Roosh I think maybe you got trapped into a cycle somewhere down the line of discarding a woman so you could move to the next – in a drive to perfect the close of the deal. You kept perfecting one thing but didn’t begin clan building.

    I wouldn’t consider marriage to a woman to be a matter that has anything to do whatsoever with a state marriage court. Who needs a stinking marriage licence from the stinking wretched state when marriage is a covenant that YOU ALONE and your spouse make with God almighty himself. You can break any vow to the corrupt state. In fact, break all of your promises to the state. It doesn’t matter. But YOU KEEP your vows to God. That’s how a marriage really works.

    For you Roosh, a Christian woman who FOLLOWS. Really all women should follow their Godly man. Men who trot the world seeding women and then leaving them seems kind of reptilian, you know like laying eggs in cracks and then swimming down stream. We humans aren’t like that. Greats like Moses and Abraham had wives who followed and their clans were often seen beside their patriarch. The clan is always nearby.

    Yes a mountain enthusiast woman would be nice for you. I believe you pretty much know women inside out – but have you taken the time to learn a Toyota engine and tranny inside out and any common bugs that might occur? Seabass you know can change and mount a tire with his teeth – and he doesn’t even have too many of those left.

    Well, good luck in the mountains with the Toyota. True story I once patched a tire with tree sap out in the middle of nowhere.

    1. Johann February 7, 2020 at 1:15 pm

      Say for instance you find a woman with God game,

      These women exist, they’re BPD chicks who shit test in every 5 minutes.

      1. MCG00 February 7, 2020 at 11:09 pm

        A Christian woman will sh¡t test you when you aren’t serial breeding her. When you let her menstrual cycles fall idle, her body and mind become idle. A wasted egg becomes egg on her brain. Woman was created to be bred full steam commencing shortly after puberty. Otherwise the world at large suffers in more ways than you can count. Women were created to serve their patriarch captain and to progenate his clan. Oooh the sh¡t tests of a church empowered ‘Christian single’ box congregation groupie chick. They’re not being kept, shepherded and bred properly, so of course their mind gets a bit schloopy. They’re endowed with the same God given equipment as any other female. Even a street ho has the same junk. And for the street skank, her body and presence IS junk because she forsakes her God given gift of life and she forsakes the temple of her body. Whore women will throw it all into the trash can which is like spitting in God’s face.

        Now the ‘Christian’ woman who obsessively sh¡t tests – it is because she’s not using her gifts from God as per God’s commands. A WOMAN is to give her entire body mind and soul unto her patriarch man and shepherd. As per God’s command the wise Christian man abides and he casts his Christian woman upon the glorious boards of Patriarchy. He BREEDS BREEDS BREEDS her to her full capacity until she’s spent. Kaput!! Then she bides her time soothing, knitting and being the best comfort woman she can be unto her patriarch.

  29. Justin February 7, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    Roosh, I have been reading your current stuff, but how do you not think this feeling of God is not going to leave you empty just like your debauchery lifestyle was?

    Problem I have with modern Christianity is it”™s like telling someone to go into a gymnasium to play Russian fully loaded roulette with 100,000 loaded guns set on every table, with it saying that they”™re all the right way, one not loaded, if you manage to choose the right one you get to go to paradise.

  30. spg February 8, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    A good video on how to build a godly family by Father Ripperger.

    Listen to this instead of the game bs. From my observations, it”™s true what Roosh says. It mainly attracts the wrong women.

    1. OnlyByGrace February 11, 2020 at 2:04 am

      Father Rippeeger is the man. His talks and prayers are a blessing of the Holy Spirit.

  31. Nobody February 8, 2020 at 9:07 pm

    Two comments,

    1. If Christian masculinity is what you’re looking for, I feel like Dalrock mined that topic par excellence. He just threw off a humble and experienced air, less marketing and more service to his fellow man. Just because you’re Christian doesn’t exempt you from needing game – in fact, you need it more – because even a Christian woman lives in the world and needs the headship of a godly man to divert her from all the garbage influences.

    I’m not an Orthodox Christian so perhaps your faith is so strict that it seals women out of modern culture. But if you’re an evangelical or any other sect, well, there are Christlike women to be found, but the world is constantly trying to destroy them with the same weak examples of incompetent men submitting to their wives.

    2. I have first-hand experience with a “Christian” woman who had “repented” for her previous life of fornication and had been living a changed life when we met and courted for a year. Repentance is a funny thing. People say all kinds of things. Words are like toilet paper; actions are what matter. Isn’t that kind of like game, too – remember those first baby steps when we learned to watch what women DO instead of what they SAY?

    People are people, man. Lots of people put on the clothes of Christ when it’s convenient but they are wolves in the Lamb’s clothing. There are no easy answers but if a woman won’t submit to your headship it’s an easy tell.

  32. Markus February 8, 2020 at 11:07 pm

    Hey man, I’m really happy to see this evolution from you. I remember leaving a comment on one of your posts from last year where I told you to repent, live without sex for a year and join a church. Make sure to not become too much a fundamentalist, but generally, I think it’s great that you are trying to live a moral life now. Keep it up. Praying for you.

  33. hantavirus February 10, 2020 at 12:37 pm

    The virgin believer may be attracted to you, and may even have thoughts of sleeping with you (that she banishes from her mind through prayer), but ultimately she will not act on that lust, because she already made a vow to God to save herself for her future husband. The best “game” on her is showing your faith and your ability to protect and provide for her and any potential children.

    And where do you propose we find such believers? These kinds of potential spouses are usually indifferentiable from “Fallen women” (your term) who have “hit the wall” as it’s called. I certainly havent found any of these at church. Often times the ones who have “repented” havent truly repented from all men, just the ones they dont like, meaning you need Game to figure out which is which. And I know a number of guys who have (at least as far as the knew) found a “good wife” early on (20s) and later were cheated on or told “I missed out on my youth and now I want more/to relive it…”…

  34. Kaiser February 10, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    Damm Roosh this is deep stuff. And the timing is curious too because I am travelling through Europe,studying french and yesterday I was out with a girl from Catalonia. It was my last day in Brussels and I wanted to “increase my notch count” as they say. I never told her I was leaving the next day but I still got the bang.
    Now why am I saying this ? because I feel like shit for lying and knowing I will have to ghost her now, She actually said “see you” before leaving yesterday and I didnt have the courage to tell her I would probably never see her again. For my male friends it is a cool story but on the inside I feel bad and I mean really bad. I mean what the fuck do I do with that bang? It becomes a fleeting memory.
    When I get back to my home country in two days I intend to become a different man and not the one who lives for the cool bang stories for his friends.
    Roosh thank you deeply for writing stuff like this it really means a lot.

    1. Roosh February 10, 2020 at 2:44 pm

      Listen to your conscience. I wish I did a long time ago.

  35. GordanDan February 11, 2020 at 1:13 am

    The point is, you are still entrapped in the mind delusions. You replaced one ideology with another. Listen to your intuition, maybe you will realize that God is in everything, and extract the best from the Game and Christianity as well. This what you do now, is not enlightment, that is just another ideological fanaticism. I wish you well, brother, but you are still entrapped, and suffering.

    1. OnlyByGrace February 11, 2020 at 2:14 am

      “…there is none other way unto life and to true inward peace, except the way of the Holy Cross and of daily mortification. Go where thou wilt, seek whatsoever thou wilt, and thou shalt find no higher way above nor safer way below, than the way of the Holy Cross. Dispose and order all things according to thine own will and judgment, and thou shalt ever find something to suffer either willingly or unwillingly, and thus thou shalt ever find thy cross. For thou shalt either feel pain of body, or tribulation of spirit within thy soul.”

      -Thomas A Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

  36. Paul Newton February 11, 2020 at 6:54 am

    This got me “When God places the right woman before you, trust in Him to move your lips. Let Him share with you the game that He wants you to do, and for that you”™ll be better off than trying to learn a secular game that will only put you closer to the wrong woman.”

    I adore you Roosh, you truly are a man full of wisdom and truth. I am happy and excited to watch this turning point happen in your life. I believe you got a ministry to speak to young men who are misled to come back to the right track.

    Thanks for listening to God and doing this you are called to do.

  37. Kk Teh February 11, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    Amen my brother. Ran game for 10 years after my divorce. Felt like I needed to get it out of my system. There”™s an emptiness to it now…when I try and approach women I get a physical stomach ache. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies on the plane. Transmute it and you can do just about anything. God game? Love it bro!

  38. kevm3 February 12, 2020 at 9:43 pm

    Game is essentially satanic whisperings enacted upon women by misguided men. It is the utilization of serpentine mutterings to convince women to engage in the forbidden. When Satan made Eve consume the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, what did he do? He ‘seduced’ her to engage in that which God forbade. Those who practice game utilize these same principles to attract fallen women and they may get pleasure for a little while, but both participants ultimately end up feeling empty and continue to play this futile game over and over to cover the spiritual holes they are opening.

    The issue with a lot of participants in ‘game’ and ‘pick-up’ is hypocrisy… they constantly complain about the fallen status of women while ENCOURAGING them to engage in the behavior they say they detest… when in reality, men are the LEADERS and gatekeepers. Women are as they are because men have shirked their duty of leading and encouraging women in the ways they should be, which is to follow the precepts God has laid out in the Bible.

    You will NOT get the women that will bring you joy through game, but first by seeking God, for Jesus says seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you… you have to seek God FIRST and ask Him to give you a righteous woman and if God sees fit, you will be blessed with the woman you need… but how can God give you something righteousness if you have not first sought righteousness through Jesus Christ?

  39. Borgon February 15, 2020 at 7:39 pm

    Your post was good, but I disagree with you on the concept of Game. All men need to learn Game, more so to protect themselves than to bed women.

    All women require “Game”, whether you bang them or not, whether they’re “pure” or immoral.
    That’s the truth of female nature. A “pure” woman may not necessarily bang a hedonistic man, but instinctively she desires him because her biological makeup tells her that he’s “good” with women. This is what Game educates men about, which is much needed than the sissy blue pilled, female ass worshipping conditioning men are often taught about in modern societies.

    Growing up in a conservative household with an elder sister who stayed a virgin till she got married (in the 90s), I remember my teen years when overhearing my sister and her college friends who were all gushing about the college jocks in those days, who had Game. The fact that my family was ultra conservative probably reined her in from committing fornication and saving herself for her marriage, but that didn’t change her from gushing over those men. And I saw this same analogy with multiple women later in my life when I entered into my 20s.

    Women, on a basic instinctual and biological level, fear society and “the herd” more than God. Game exposes that. A society which is conservative will undoubtedly rein in female sin, but that’s usually because the herd mentality of conservativism predominates. When the herd turns towards sin, women inevitably follow. I’d rather give more credit to my parents than my own sister for reining in her till she got married. And I didn’t realize all this until much later when I discovered Game myself.

    The failure of modern society today is that it over glorifies sex and promiscuity (both which hand over power to women and a small percentage of men who get access to most women). Women instinctively understand the power of sex, and how it can be used to control and mold (if not manipulate) men to do their own bidding, especially in an unregulated paradigm as we see in modern world. Game again teaches that. It doesn’t matter if she’s conservative or a slut – they all know that sex can be used to control men.

    This is why its more common to see women “hating” on celibate or asexual “good” moral men than them (because they got no game or don’t play the game), than the Chads and Tyrones who play it well. Not that I’m advocating for men to become Chad or Tyrone. In the end, both the Chad and good guy will get “burned” by women, but Chad will still bang them and yet get some benefits out of them.

    Chad and Tyrone may get hate from women, but usually only because of their reluctance to commit to them, or hand over their power to a single woman, or reluctance to have children, or reluctance to provide for the children they have with women – less than the fact that they are promiscuous.

    On an instinctive level, a woman will still forgive a man for his wandering sexuality than his Godly asexuality – simply because women are more sensual and earthy (or earthly) creatures than men. A man who shuns sex for God, is often percieved as a man who has disconnected himself from earthly life – and women (with their biological programming to reproduce and raise her offspring) sees him either unfit or as a weak mate, even if he’s saving himself for marriage.

    He’s percieved as Plan Z, the captain Save a Hoe waiting to rub balm on her worn out holes when the cock carousel ride is over, she “repents” and he’s gonna take her (and her kids) to his home and provide for her – simply because she knows his God and faith will tell him to play by the rules of human ethics and compassion, even when she doesn’t.

    Especially in today’s times, when God is abhorred in modern societies, and basic human earthiness is unchained.

    This is why you see a common pattern of dating among most women today – if they’re banging or getting knocked up by Chads and Tyrones in their youth, they still desire Chad and Tyrone as their next lovers, while they still keep the good guys on the back burner, till the cock carousel ride runs out of power. Because they know they’re gonna get saved by Captain Save a hoe later, who pays for her kids by Chad and does the noble thing of being loyal to her and providing for them – because God wants him to be compassionate.

    Chad and Tyrone will always get BJs and to bang the good girl up her ass, while her good man will get sex on her terms and BJs/ anal as an occasional bait or “special” reward once he does her bidding first. The R selected lover this always scores over the K selected provider. Women, at the most instinctive level, desire R selected K providers. Meaning the Dan Bilzerians, Hugh Hefners, and so on – who are nose deep in wealth, female and female ass. “Alpha” providers.

    The good guy with no game fails to understand this, and thus repels women for his overly idealism and lack of realism and understanding the earthly world, which women all crave and desire.

    You take a good God fearing girl and put her with a Christian Grey for some time, and you can safely bet she’s gonna be invoking God loudly on bed when Christian Grey is impaling her butthole deeply, like it often happens in real life and in porn. Later, she may repent for it when she falls back on her good guy savior, but 5 minutes of Alpha Chad and is worth 50 years of beta.

    And women know that, that’s why in the real world, Chad and Tyrone get banging rights first, both with the “fallen” and “good” girls, because they’re R selected. Many K selected good guy providers, in the recent past in their delusion, thought that getting Chad and Tyrone’s “repentant” leftovers somehow ennobled themselves in the eyes of society, and God. Not anymore, because many are waking up to the epiphany that there’s no honor in committing to a fallen woman, no matter how repentant or hot she may be. But this realization only comes through the red pill, and most importantly, Game.

    If you don’t know Game, you won’t understand women. Plenty of pseudo Chads and Tyrones (who get plenty of poon solely because of looks or wealth, with no game) and good guys both come in that category.

    Women understand game is often all about trolling them, but they also understand it’s more about asserting dominance (which they desire on an instinctual level, else hypergamy would be a lie). Women troll men more often than men would ever realize, so the man who knows game (even if he’s a good guy who eschews sin) gets more respect than the man who knows nothing about it.

    1. Christian Cool February 19, 2020 at 2:09 pm


      I enjoyed your reply a lot. 🙂 It was excellent and Red-Pilled to the core.

      Game, exactly like you say, is about self-improvement and male strengthening, not just about “bedding women”. It is also part of a toolkit for relationship management, self-improvement (physically, mentally, and financially), and surviving in a misandrist country and FemiNazi culture.

      Game, exactly as you say, is also about making a man into someone he SHOULD be, someone women and others admire. Women seek out men who are strong, assertive, confident, successful, and more. Game teaches skills, inclduing self-awareness, that push men to do better.

      I also grew up in Conservative household in middle-America. No sisters, only a brother, though. Initially raised moderate Catholic and then by age 10, Baptist (scripture, Bible-based Baptist). I white knighted, was romantic, and idealistic until I turned 17. Then, by the grace of God, and without online “Game” advice, I realized the truth and slowly began taking small sips off of a glass of a melted-down Red Pill. Until one day I stumbled upon Heartsite (from a link attacking the writers Roissy and Roosh too) and from there I hit Return of Kings and finished that Red Pill glass and became the man whom I should have always been.

      Our society is Misandrist. Period. Young boys, for two generations now, are being denied even the basics they need to become men. It starts in pre-school, where teachers prevent little boys from playing with LEGOs so they do not develop analytic brains that will later allow them to become engineers, making it easier for women to take such college spots. Young men are feed a daily dose of guilt, that they are rapists, killers, dangerous, etc. Then once they hit college, they are discriminated against for admission, denied almost every scholarship opportunities while being expelled and incarcerated for false rape accusations with almost no due process of law.

      Chads and Tyrones are now a fact of every woman’s life, save for an inredibly rare few. The “good guys” are only sought after, once women have their “epiphany phase” (as Rollo calls it) and that happens in a woman’s late-20s to mid-30s. She will then seek some “provider Beta” once she has “lived it up”/YOLO her way through college and/or just social media feeding frenzy that ends up on Tinder.

      This Beta provider, however, will likely never make a “party girl” truly happy. The party girl can lie to herself that she “wants a nice guy now”, but we know that ultimately, she will be “bored and trapped into a marriage” to a man who loves her and treats her well.

      That “bad girl gone good” (or who pretends she was good all along) is a fantasy Beta males tell themselves. They will only end up getting divorced and crucified in court.
      One of the best descriptions of how this goes down is here (language warning):

      This is the modern woman’s SexStrategy: it is party with Chad’s and Tyrone’s until she has an “epiphany” and gets desperate to married (or worries she will not be able to marry).

      The issue is also that betas have changed the natural order of things with their female pedestalization and worship.

      It used to be: God –> Man –> Family (wife, kids) –> country
      Betas: Woman –> her kids –> her interests –> her ego –> Man (maybe?) –> globalism

      The Captain Save-a-Ho’s make this possible. Imagine if men learned Game and Red Pilled and said to the “ReformedSluts” no marriage for you. In one generation, we could fix this issue. But because these Beta cucks with zer Game continue to play Captain to these loose women, we can never end this cycle.

      Just pointing this reality out in our feminists/misandrist society gets you labeled a “woman hater”, misogynist, or bigot.

      Game is not about trolling women. It is about navigating the mess we have today. It is part of a Red Pill lifestyle. It ios about having and keeping a healthy marriage. Women will shit-test you even after you marry if she feels you are getting soft and weak. Without Game, you will fail enough times divorce court summons will follow the week after you “catch her” with some Chad in your bedroom.

      Game and the Red Pill are critical to a health marriage and life. Only fools do not understand this. You cannot be married and reasonably happy in it without such skills. This is not 1950 anymore, it is 2020 and things will continue to decline. Watch Tucker Carlson’s Feb 18, 2020 opening segment. Trump is just buying us time to fix the mess we have in our country today.

      Not only the left managed to destabilize our country on in its foundations, it has destabilized even the nature of marriage and families so you have no escape, short of living in a Amish or rural Mormon situation, almost. Even for these small, isolated groups, their time will run up once we have another leftist gov’t like we did in Jan 2009. These guys are playing for keeps, there will be no mercy next time we have a 2009-style Fed govt.

  40. Trevor February 22, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks Roosh. I have read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes over and over and they have a lot of wisdom about good and bad women.

  41. Jan February 24, 2020 at 6:42 am

    Hey man, I”™m really happy to see this evolution from you. Well written and I have to agree with you.
    What are some good books, videos, movies to take the red pill? I want to mature into an adult man, become capable in social situations and want to learn the warning signs of a bad woman.

  42. Bigjohn February 24, 2020 at 9:30 pm

    Very disappointing Roosh is now a cringeposting blue-pill Game denier. Quality women. Psssh. There is no such thing as a “quality woman”, especially when you define that as not being suceptable to Game. Nb4 I’ve got a wife and 4 daughters. None of them are “quality” if that is defined as not being attracted to the personality traits Game teaches men to embody. I was hoping Roosh could pull off being religious and still maintain an accurate and masculine view of women but I see this is not happening.

    1. Christian Cool February 25, 2020 at 2:32 am

      Hi BigJohn.

      Becoming a convert to Christianity requires some changes in one’s life. These changes are voluntary and you cannot be “force converted” into Christianity. The changes have to come voluntarily and be sincere. You have to want to be a Christian and follow the one true Path that leads to Eternal Life.

      Roosh is NOT denying that Game works. On the contrary, he agrees that Game works, but that women who are corrupt are the ones who are susceptible to it. That is a Red-Pilled observation of a true convert to the way of Christ.

      Quality women do exist, my friend. There are very few in the world today. But to classify approximately 4.1 BILLION women are crap/coprrupt, it is extreme. That is why absolute things like AWALT (All Women Are Like That) is simplistic and dumb. You are taking an AWALT mindset that all women are bad.

      I agree with you that quality women, real Christ-believers ARE susceptible to many aspects of Game. What maybe they do not fall for is the “nightclub” type Game or a-hole Game, for instance. I know many Christian women who liked some guy who tried a-hole Game on them and hurt them and they withdrew from the group, even.

      Again, Game is not just one single-thing; it has many aspects, strategies, and tools. All women are susceptible to SOME TYPE of Game, of course. But what Roosh is pointing out is still correct; corrupt women are susceptible to almost all aspects of Game, while quality women will only respond to targeted, moderately-applied Game.

  43. [email protected] March 9, 2020 at 1:16 pm

    Roosh, if you unpublish the works no one will know the real truth about your journey in seeking god. I have read all of your articles starting from the first one all the way to the last in return of kings. I remember the story about alpha adam and thirsty theodore and the was the blueprint for what I would become. I think that you should use it as a tool to show everyone the journey you’ve gone through especially for new readers. Through a google search they could end up at one of your forums with the intent of seducing more women but perhaps leave with a different mindset after researching you further. I think god sends prophets but nobody believes their words because they dont see for themselves. You are living proof of someone who left evil for good. I still haveent completely done it but my whole life I’ve wanted to win over God’s kingdom

  44. LilyBunny March 10, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    I can think of some examples of “game” that God would want you to do with regard to Good women. Although I wouldn’t really call this game. More like “righteous self-actualization”:

    Being a leader, being assertive and able to make decisions. (eliminating passive-aggressiveness)
    Being brave and courageous, in social situations and in real life. ( For example being brave
    enough to speak your mind, even if it is not “politically correct”)
    Being self-sacrificial.
    Being chaste and pure (no addiction to pornography).
    Being honest. More specifically being transparent with your thoughts and feelings. (again, being brave)
    Being able to read other’s feelings.
    Psychological health: Being able to feel your own feelings.
    Knowing how to dwell in the present moment.
    Knowing the difference between true joy and “pleasure”.
    Knowing how to express your love.

    I could go on and on.

  45. Christopher April 2, 2020 at 8:11 am

    How on Earth is anyone supposed to find a women saving herself for marriage in our hedonistic social environment?

    1. Anononynony August 7, 2020 at 3:49 pm

      Don’t worry, we are out there. Just pray.

  46. Daniel November 13, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    I agree 100%. Both man and woman need to be actively seeking Christ for it to make any sense whatsoever. I”™ve tried dating non-Christian women but is was absolutely pointless. To the natural hormonally driven person that hasn”™t had a conversion experience they are growing in respect to, key word growing in respect to, this advice sounds like utter nonsense. Good on Roosh for turning from the world seeing the evil of it and that it”™s actually demonically driven. The Spirit of God has absolutely nothing to do with the base instincts of the sexually driven person operating off of the primary directive of their biology to find a partner and mate. To cool that off and have set ones heart set apart for God in Christ Jesus is the call of the Christian ”” to experience life apart from just our drives and passions and to commune with God from our heart. To recognize ourselves as more than just our bodies and practice spiritual disciplines that inform and support our life in this direction won”™t make any sense to the natural woman who isn”™t on the same path or carrying the same values. For a moment or two I thought I could gain something from women that weren”™t on the same path as I but it all fell so short and the power dynamics were absurd and the whole situation quickly showed me it was an exercise in futility. Getting this right and committing to it, to see past the world”™s shenanigans (and my own) has brought me peace and patience waiting for the right woman I can partner with and share the joy of the Lord with. And heck no she won”™t be a plumper.