In 2008, I opened Roosh V Forum, a message board dedicated to achieving casual sex around the world. RVF was the pre-eminent destination for traveling fornicators to learn how to achieve all their sexual fantasies. I myself used it to waste about a decade of living abroad, convincing myself all the while that I was “winning” when really I was losing.

After I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I could no longer stomach maintaining a forum that was enabling thousands of men to sin. In the first half of last year, I changed the rules and expectantly received a backlash from the membership. Eventually, I deleted all the sex and travel content. Approximately 50% of members left the forum with parting shots that I’ve gone “mad” or have “lost it.” The forum carried on but with a lack of focus.

Since then, I’ve made steps to establish Roosh V Forum as a community for Christian men. This most recently involved an upgrade to modern forum software. Today I’m proud to share the fruits of those labors…

The new interface is seamless, fast, and mobile-ready. I added over a dozen new subforums, from Catholicism to Silicon Valley. I’ve also enlisted the help of two trusted moderators to ensure the discussion is not disrupted by trolls with too much time on their hands. Give it a test drive.

If you want to sign up and start posting, understand that the forum is more of a semi-private social club than a public social networking platform. Newbies are limited for their first two weeks of membership and moderation is strict. Read the forum FAQ page for all the details.

Currently, there are not many places for Christian men who aren’t blue pill to congregate online and share their stories, ideas, and faith. I hope the new RVF can serve that function. See you there.

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