Happy Thanksgiving

I give you video entertainment to last the long weekend.

Smashing a Playstation 3 in front of nerds waiting to buy one.

Amazing ‘David Blaine’ street magic.

“Either the general population will take control of its own destiny… or alternatively, there will be no destiny for anyone to control.”

Idiot breaks into liquor store, can’t get out.

“If Cookie Monster calls, tell him I’m not talking to him until he comes out of rehab.”

“I, locust… FUCK TO YOU.”

Latin America’s answer to Eddie Murphy’s Party all the Time (now a club monster).

Guy at my gym who always tries to show off to the girls gets OWNED.

Japanese guy gets pranked with ride of his life.

Stop complaining at work because it could be worse.

The world series of dice.

George Carlin: owners of this country (i.e. not you) and religion.

Calvin and Hobbes: The Untold Story.

Demetri Martin is a funny dude.

May you eat until you are ill and spend until you are broke.

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few other funny videos. It’s weird. I’m such an electronica fan, but these guitar driven songs are pretty funny. Maybe b/c It pokes fun at rock operas and the more pretentious rock and rollers, but still ends up being decent music and pretty (lowbrow) funny at the same time.



(longer, but edited version)




Thanks a lot. There went my day. Let me retaliate with this:


Hundreds of girls.

Four judges.

Two men.

One bar.

Who will be crowned pickup champion?