Help, My Vagina Doesn’t Feel Anything!

I woke up the other day with a boner and kept it going by thinking of sex without condoms. A thought that entered my mind is how most girls cannot feel the difference between a naked penis and one covered with a condom. Condoms have broken on me a couple hundred times and only once has the girl noticed. Many girls have straight up told me that can’t tell the difference.

dirty vagina

A condom is a smooth layer of latex, a totally different feel than real skin. How can a girl’s vagina not tell the difference between latex and skin? That must mean the inside guts of the vagina is not as sensitive as we think. Her fingers can definitely tell the difference when she’s directing the cock action, but her vagina cannot. Since men can tell the difference between sex with a condom and without, that tells me the penis is far more sensitive to touch than the vagina is.

So what gets a girl off then? For them sex is more about the entire act, across mind and body, and not just centered on one organ. For men it’s all about the dick. Our entire body except for our dick can be lying in an isolation chamber but still get off (think glory hole).

If you can conquer a woman’s mind, she will enjoy the sex regardless of your performance, assuming you’re at least average. Trying to understand the vagina is like trying to understand the woman attached to it, an exercise in futility.

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