It has long been known that the mainstream media takes on an activist role in hurting their enemies, but lately they have become far more direct and obvious in their attacks. The reason is that they have lost the ability to sway public opinion.

The media used to flex its muscle by convincing a wide swath of the population that a certain individual or organization is “bad.” This is most commonly seen in political campaign coverage where reporters are told by their editors to attack a candidate who has opposing views to the owner of the outlet. You saw this with Donald Trump and you also saw it with me in 2016 when the media published hundreds of articles labeling me “pro-rape.” Since most outlets lose money, and are seen as propaganda devices by their billionaire owners, the media spends a significant amount of money to defame its enemies.

And yet, in spite of the media’s attacks against me, here I am, writing this to a wide audience while the bad orange man sits comfortably in the oval office. Even when the media establishment unleashes their bombs (both figurative and literal), they are no longer able to hurt the reputations of those they hate. In fact, getting attacked by the media now helps you develop a growing and dedicated fan base. My newest book, Game, sold more copies in its first week than any of my previous 18 book launches in spite of Amazon banning the paperback and Kindle editions on the third day of its release.

Trust in the media has been surveyed at an all-time low, so we should not be surprised that their hit pieces are being done in vain. They are now forced to become direct activists. This is how they do it: they ask you for an interview and then use that as a pretext to contact your social media and business partners with a negative spiel that is intended to scare the companies with bad press. Here’s an example…

Dear YouTube,

I’m Noah Goldberg, a journalist from Buzzfeed who has won the Open Society Foundation award for “Best Useful Idiot Of 2017.” We are doing an article on Roosh V, a Youtuber who has been called “Hitler if he were a rapist” by Israel Klein of the Southern Poverty Cuck Center. Many people believe that he has raped 6 million women, and Adam Stein of the Anti-Defamation Soy Squad has never encountered someone more misogynistically evil.

His YouTube channel gets 100,000 views a month, which he uses to spread his “neomasculinity” platform that has been called “obvious rape instruction” by Ruth Bloom of the Toronto Pro-Baby Killing Alliance, who was left literally shaking by a video of his titled “How I Make Aeropress Coffee At Home.” Are you aware that he is using YouTube to spread heinous views that will certainly lead to another holocaust?


The bigger the media outlet, the more likely that YouTube will take action and provide a statement that goes something like this…

We at YouTube take a stand against hate speech of all forms. We have taken appropriate action against the thought criminal in question that is in accordance with our deliberately vague community guidelines.

The media article that eventually gets published is more of a “We shut it down” victory scalp than anything intended to be read by other human beings.

The Huffington Post actually tried to pull this strategy off with my books on Amazon, but I’m certain it was the Southern Poverty Law Center that was responsible for nine of them getting banned, since they have a working relationship with Amazon. Besides, no one listens to the Huffington Post anyway.

In the past, agreeing to an interview meant that a journalist could misconstrue your words and hurt your reputation, an unfavorable outcome for sure, but one that wouldn’t necessarily hurt your livelihood. Most of the damage would be dealt to your ego. But now, agreeing to an interview gives momentum to the media outlet to get you shut down from various platforms.

A journalist doesn’t need you to say yes to an interview to start writing “Dear YouTube” emails, but it will surely help the resulting article get more views and propulsion to ban you from platforms the outlet has yet to contact. Even if you think you’re completely antifragile from deplatforming, the media has an ace card up their sleeve: at the end of their hit piece about you, they will include the following statement…

If you are a female and had relations with Dissident Joe Smith, please contact our reporters immediately.

They invite false rape accusations to permanently tarnish your name and create trumped-up criminal charges. An article about me in the Daily Beast actually included the false rape invitation statement.

This is why it’s so dangerous to talk to the media at all, even if you want to troll them for fun. Understand that the intent of them contacting you is to destroy you utterly. They have no choice in this mission because they have lost their core ability to persuade the masses. Now, they use the name recognition of their employer and the threat of bad publicity to act like non-media organizations (e.g. SPLC, ADL).

You may be wondering why Facebook, Google, or Amazon would even listen to anyone, journalist or otherwise, who contacts them about “hate speech.” The reason is that they’re all ideologically aligned. They employ the same type of millennial cry babies and man-hating feminists who went to the same universities. (Where do you think they learned to hate you?) I believe that tech companies actually thank journalists for bringing evil thinkers such as myself to their attention—they see them as unpaid moderators! Therefore, I can’t get mad at the journalists who have no inherent power themselves, and whose voice is controlled to such as extent that their efforts to silence others is a projection of how limited they are in what they can publish. There are obedient slaves who think they’re saving the world by censoring it.

The good news is that this sort of activism is costing media outlets a lot of money, because the articles and videos that result from it don’t generate profit. Who would’ve guessed that content based on a journalist’s celebration of getting someone banned from Facebook is not engaging to most people? The media’s death will steadily continue until the stories you see on CNN, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post will look identical to those found on the blogs of the SPLC and ADL. They will be full of pearl-clutching content that is well-funded by those in power, but which few people care to read.

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  1. Muaz October 29, 2018 at 10:08 am

    I find comfort in the quote:

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    There will always be Roosh V’s and his few loyal followers.

  2. roger October 29, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    it’s become obvious that the MSM and big tech are just shutting down the competition. it all comes back to $$$

  3. Clark Kent October 29, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    I love how after Amazon and globohomo banned Roosh’s new book, he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore and is going full on assault against world cuckery… 😀

    1. Roosh October 29, 2018 at 7:55 pm

      I played nice after the 2016 meetup outrage. I was careful with my word choices, tried not to go viral, and did not accept interview requests from alt right sources. And yet they banned me from multiple platforms anyway.

      I got no reward for being a “good boy,” so now my attitude is… fuck them. I’ll do exactly what I want, and when they come for me, I’ll make them earn it.

    2. Kark Clent October 29, 2018 at 8:03 pm

      he just doesn”™t give a fuck anymore and is going full on assault against world cuckery

      Perhaps that’s the course of action they’re funneling him into through another level of NPC programming?

      And the Globohomos will only benefit from this stuff because it exposes their enemies who can then be dealt with in several interesting ways.

      1. theonceandfutureking October 30, 2018 at 10:25 am

        either way you’re a sitting duck.

        Roosh was getting attacked even while playing nice.

  4. NPC1 October 30, 2018 at 2:02 am

    I was a part of a paid PUA group on Facebook that got shot down in the exact manner Roosh describes. The founder was contacted by Vice Media for an interview, and he announced this publicly in the group. Shortly after, Facebook shut down the group permanently citing opaque community guidelines as a reason for permanently closing a large PUA group. I don’t think they have ever interviewed him as I never saw an article about the group.

  5. juro66 October 30, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    Wau 6 million? Im startin to like u more and more..

  6. MCG00 October 30, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    The organized media attacks you Roosh because you are a free thinker. Especially since you cracked the pussy code and since you exposed naked and bare the true nature of the shebeast – you are in crosshairs of the elites. You stated in black and white that “WOMEN SHOULDN’T VOTE” and I agree 1000%. You threaten the elite’s plotting and scheming to empower and radicalize the common woman. Those women belong to WE THE MEN of our great patriarchal species.

    Sure our human physics and structure are ‘mammalian’ which comes from the root word ‘mam’ as in ‘mam-mary’ or ‘breast’ – but that doesn’t mean we’re all basically TITTIE FEMALES does it?? Certainly not. No we’re only a tittied mammalian animal in physical form – but we rise far above the lower beasts in the animal kingdom by virtue of our adherence to patriarchal order. Man civilizes.

    As civilized patriarchal man, we are patriarchal in spirit and soul and our creator and God is a supreme patriarch. We hold the reigns of civilization and higher existence so long as we have patriarchy. Without patriarchy we risk falling under perfidious bitch rule and becoming like dumb animals without souls. And in the greater cosmic universe THAT IS NATURAL TRUTH. Only here on Earth is that truth obscured by manipulative liars. Only here on terra firma, here down on the ground and within a contrived media misinformation bubble does such a manipulative lie like “women empowerment” exist where elites vie to control us like dumb animals and where women are urged to run rogue with their brains and minds, committing reckless blind suicidal free choices right and left.

    The true truth is that a woman’s only brains are her reproductive organs. MAN has the master brains on this ship Earth. In the long term and in completeness, a woman’s uterus is her brains and mind. Yes THAT’S HER BRAIN between her legs! Don’t challenge me on the truth of that – challenge mother nature on it – HA!!! Yes “pussy for brains” of his good female companion was perhaps the first philosophical truth realised by the earliest man next to fire and food.

    Today the elites were hell bent on acquiring a choke hold on humanity by disorganizing the nuclear family structure. Their plan to achieve this was by empowering the females – by doctoring and corrupting the sexual order of our species – and the elites are falling shorter and shorter of their goal with each passing day. Patriarchy will save the day and rescue our species from the despot elites. The coming patriarchal storm will be a blessing. Worldwide patriarchy is a renaissance BEAST RISING once again!!

    For the elites, the public is a powerful force and is kept lulled by entertainment media much like a snake charmer keeps a dangerous snake entranced. If the snake charmer lays down his flute and charm even for a second, he loses control and the captive subject is no longer captivated. You can only manipulate as long as you keep your subject ‘fixated’ – – just like the media keeps the wild and restless public at bay and contained with a constant feed of production quality entertainment stimuli and a focus or ‘spotlight’ to keep the public fixated on the approved subject matter.

    It is said that the media ‘spotlighting’ of topics is like a tour guide in the woods. Imagine if you were on a hike in a pitch black forest at night and the only person with a flashlight was the guide. He shines his light on a spider web and lectures on the spider, but he fails to illuminate the approaching bear behind. The media does this type of negligent spotlight intentionally – only keeping the public distracted and entertained with pulp and fake news while obscuring critical intel on the bigger picture.

    In the network nightly news, notice how this spotlighting begins the anchor saying “Tonight’s spotlight in the news is . . . ” and it’s usually an obvious diversion or distraction from more pressing real issues to man. The news will feature something like a cat stuck in a tree or a 2 yo that fell into a well . . . or a mere 60 refugee children on Nauru who suffer from a mystery psychological condition – while hundreds of thousands of other refugees swamp Europe and become a militant 5th column. The news ‘spotlight’ is only a distraction.

    Roosh, your time in the media ‘spotlight’ is only a passing phase. The media hacksters are always looking for a new target to ‘spotlight’ like a kid with a magnifying glass ‘spotlights’ ants in the hot sun. They’re malicious bottom line.

    Have you considered a book tour?

    1. Roosh October 30, 2018 at 10:11 pm

      Good comment.

      Yes I’d like to do a tour by summer 2019.

      1. Jason October 31, 2018 at 11:29 pm

        Please come to Texas!!!

      2. Roosh November 1, 2018 at 1:56 pm

        I will. I have a large readership there.

      3. El canon November 1, 2018 at 8:18 pm

        Any chance you’ll be coming to Australia in the near future?

      4. Roosh November 2, 2018 at 1:53 pm

        That’s highly unlikely, but who knows. Let’s see how my USA tour goes. If I’m running a money surplus then I’ll consider it.

  7. John V November 1, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    But Don Lemmon, a MSM mouthpiece, can get away with stating that white men are the biggest terror threat in the country.

  8. GooMac November 1, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    For the elites, the public is a powerful force and is kept lulled by entertainment media much like a snake charmer keeps a dangerous snake entranced. If the snake charmer lays down his flute and charm even for a second, he loses control and the captive subject is no longer captivated. You can only manipulate as long as you keep your subject ”˜fixated”™ ”“ ”“ just like the media keeps the wild and restless public at bay and contained with a constant feed of production quality entertainment stimuli and a focus or ”˜spotlight”™ to keep the public fixated on the approved subject matter.

  9. Elvis November 19, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    Hey..Roosh, am Elvis from Dallas,TX..But, I live now in milan due business opportunities here…i have been here for a year and half, but still have problem with this italian bitches, i need some tips or advice