1. Kitty Tantrum January 17, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    I lol’d.

    I paid cash the one time I bought a car. That felt pretty great. I don’t like haggling either, but it’s pretty much expected, and in my case it was like getting 20% off just for asking. Sounds like you got a good vehicle for the price!

    1. Roosh January 17, 2020 at 7:18 pm

      Hopefully it won’t be a money pit!

  2. Jen January 21, 2020 at 9:06 pm

    I just discovered your blog. I have a boyfriend and he watches porn and I”™d like him to stop. Can you write an article advising women how to help their men with this problem? He told me he doesn”™t regret anything he”™s ever done..he was a player until he got fat. Now I can”™t get him away from video games social media and porn. He has good qualities but he”™s living in clown world. He listens to me but I don”™t know how to bring this up with him. That”™s where you”™re the expert. How can women help their boyfriends and husbands?

    1. Roosh January 22, 2020 at 12:43 am

      Does he want to change? If not then what you see is what you get.

      1. Jen January 22, 2020 at 10:15 am

        I don”™t know if he wants to change. He likes me a lot and acts nervous around me. But it”™s like he feels unworthy. I can”™t make him feel worthy. He does work hard which I like about him. But it”™s kind of like he”™s afraid of commitment and gained weight to sabotage himself. I think he”™s insecure about losing me because he”™s not being the best he can be while I keep up my appearance and do my part. I do everything I can. I asked him if he knew what he wanted from our relationship and he told me that he honestly couldn”™t answer that then changed the subject and started in using dirty talk to try to seduce me. It was pathetic and made me feel turned off. I told him that if he really wanted to seduce me that he just had to try harder and genuinely show love and care towards me. I told him I want marriage and kids. He”™s just like “someday. Not now.”

        I think it”™s time to move on. It”™s sad because he”™s wasting his potential. Thank you for replying.

      2. Sven September 14, 2020 at 10:53 pm

        Hopefully you’ve moved on. I’m sure he has good qualities, too, but you listed a full set of LOSER qualities.

    2. ChristianCool January 22, 2020 at 3:55 am


      I am not trying to be hurtful here….. but this is a Red Pill site, where the truth is always most important.

      One problem with many men who become addicted to porn, video games, or food, generally is that they do not see the need (or have the desire) to improve themselves and be the men they want to be or need to be. Men look at life in terms of economic theory in every way possible. Everything has a relation to something else, everything has to make sense and serve a purpose. Think: work-benefit relation. Cost-benefit. Supply and demand.

      If your BF thinks porn, food, and video games is better than spending time with women (or you, for that matter), maybe in his mind, you (or women in general) may not be worth the effort he would need to put into himself or the relationship to improve and change. If he can “get by” by doing less, worrying less, and feels enough enjoyment out of porn, he may prefer that to the effort to stay fit, not watch porn, and go out with you (or women, in general).

      This is not just about women. The amount of effort a man has to put into everything in today’s world and the benefit received is not even close to balanced. The cost/effort is much greater than the benefit every time.

      This is a huge trend in the world today. Women are putting out easily, fast, and free. It gets to a point guys put less and less effort into themselves. Then as they get older, they no longer see the need to be THE man a woman would want to marry. At that point, he has fooled around enough that he no longer sees the need to ever marry or even deal with women at all. The work involved going out (getting ready, making plans, shower, shave, spend money to get there, do event, etc) is NOT worth the women he is meeting.

      I hate to be this blunt, but I know a guy in this situation. He used to put tons of effort into himself (working out, nice car, good paying job, etc). he was gaming girls like crazy because this dude is a solid 9 in looks and he was shredded, so he would pull little stunts like lifting his shirt to “wipe his brow” at a club while dancing to sport his 6-pack, etc. This guy was gaming like crazy, a natural Alpha all around and good looking to boot.

      Then came Tinder. The guy was getting women coming to his house to “Watch Netflix”. He became lazier and lazier with time, lost his 6-pack. Then he started being more and more bored with women. The novelty of hooking up with many girls wore off. Like a young hunter that starts off going for every kill he can then as time goes by, he doesn’t even care if he bags any more game; he goes hunting with his buddies for fun, it is “relax time in the woods”. Anyway, with this guy, after he turned 32, he just stopped caring about even having a woman in his life. He would workout only to maintain his body and would go out maybe once a month. The fun became work. He would rather call his friends, including me, and get online and play Battlefield III multiplayer or play SWTOR or WoW. Or go bowling with some guys. Or just stay home and watch movies and chill. The effort he had to put in to be THE man was not worth it. Once he told me the quality of the women was declining and he said for the effort, it was not worth it.

      This is becoming true of much of the world today for many guys. They rather “get by” then put any effort into much of life. To get a college degree, a good paying job, 60h/week does not mean a loving wife or home anymore. It means you will be fat, ugly, and pay child support and alimony for a cheating wife.

      Again, it is infinitely easier and more fun to watch porn in your own time, play video games, and not have to workout and worry about women then not. Work-benefit equation has shifted too much in our society. “The juice is not worth the squeeze”, as they say it.
      I know this may be hurtful, but the Red Pill is the only way to live a real, worthwhile life.

      Unless he REALLY WANTS TO CHANGE, trust me, he is making decisions that make total sense to him and his point of view.

      Ps. You can also try to change his calculation: make his efforts worth changing himself completely around. In other words, change his work-benefit calculation. 😉 Hope this helps.

    3. Angela P January 27, 2020 at 3:53 pm

      Leave him. He will never change and, over time, he will only become more obese and disgusting than he already is. Promise !

  3. ChristianCool January 22, 2020 at 3:58 am

    Roosh, not sure if you remember me, but I was the guy who e-mailed you a ton of info about the DTC area in Colorado before your Roosh.live tour came into town back Aug 2019. Are you moving into the Rockies? If so, I can e-mail you again and I can provide some info on local life and such. Your writings have made a huge impact on my life and I would love to repay the debt with some info from someone who lived in area and knows the mountains extremely well.


    Ps. I am also an amateur mechanic and really good with cars. This is a topic I can help provide quite a bit of info about. I used to street race in high school and did many performance upgrades to my ’96 Camaro back in the day. 🙂

  4. Kate January 28, 2020 at 10:57 pm

    Female reader here. Do you have any advice on how to give a man a compliment? What do they want to hear? Can you give examples? Thanks.

    1. Christian Cool February 16, 2020 at 5:14 am

      Hi Kate.

      Men are objective and many men (whether they know it or not) follow a semi-Empiricist mindset (they are fact and evidence-based naturally).

      IMHO, most compliments men seek and appreciate relate to what they already perceive to be the truth or their accomplishments.

      Telling a woman who needs to lose a a good 15+pounds that she is “beautiful as it is” when you think otherwise will fly with a woman. The ego-boost gives her a little sugar-high she will enjoy.

      Telling a man who clearly needs to lose 15+ lbs that he is “so shredded fit” will NOT fly. In fact, he may perceive it to be an insult or a not-so-subtle message he needs to lose weight fast… or else.

      Many men want to be complimented on what they do for their woman, family, etc. Most men feel under-appreciated in today’s world. Turn on the news, men are all abusers, oppressors, rapists, etc. We are not appreciated for what we do for those around us.

      Think about why you are with your man and what you already like about it. Does he make you feel safe? If so, say how much better you feel being around him and do not feel afraid, so forth. If he works hard, be sure to tell him how much you appreciate that since a lot of your friend’s boyfriends are lazy and useless. If he works out hard, points out you love his discipline. If his car is his prized toy, make sure he knows how much you like riding it.

      Avoid stuff that he knows is not to be truth. That is my overall advice. 😉