How To Walk Away From A Girl

“…in my opinion, it’s better to split rocks on the road than to allow a woman to take possession of so much as the tip of your finger. It’s all,” Bazarov was about to use his favorite word, “romanticism,” but restrained himself and said, “rubbish. You won’t believe me now, but let me tell you, you and I fell into feminine society and found it pleasant, but brushing such society aside is just like dousing yourself with cold water on a hot day. Men don’t have time for such nonsense.”
Fathers & Sons by Ivan Turgenev

When a girl says something rude or curt, whether it’s making fun of your shirt or mocking your “line,” there is only one way to respond to her:

“It was nice meeting you.”

This is what girls say when they don’t want to talk to you anymore so they know exactly what it means, and they’ll feel rejected by it even if they weren’t interested in you. It’s a classy retort that prevents you from stooping to her level. You come out the better human being.

If you’re a keyboard jockey I know what you’re thinking: “But Roosh a girl calling you out on your line is only a Level III shit test! You have to respond in an alpha male manner with a witty DHVKOCK comeback and then swoop her caveman style while actively showing passive disinterest!” No, fuck that. If a girl doesn’t know how to act and be respectful then she blew her chances with me. Only by coming after me and proving her worth after she makes a mistake is it appropriate to give her a second chance and the eventual privilege of riding my veiny cock.

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