A dissident artist placed a cardboard cutout of me in front of an Amazon Books store to protest their banning of my book Game. (Full disclosure: I did not plan or fund this installation.) Let’s take a look at pictures that were originally posted here and here.

In the picture below, the man on the left has the same plaid shirt I have. It’s no surprise he’s talking to what seems to be an attractive girl…

An Asian man was disappointed that Game was not in stock and left without making an Amazon purchase…

Standard-issue American girl with Starbucks beverage in one hand and iPhone in the other doesn’t even notice the handsome man on her left…

A closer look at the sign has an important message on the bottom…

Rotund, bearded man is obviously interested in free speech matters…

On the surface, it may appear that Amazon is a moral company for banning my dating book, but they still sell a host of filthy products that are way more sexual in nature…

And for Christmas, they are recommending you buy hardcore pornography for your dad…

The paperback is now available on fifteen other stores. You can also buy the ebook and audiobook from my store.

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  1. wavmaster November 28, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    Rt. Hon. Roosh sounds better.

  2. advik November 28, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Hey Roosh, one of my beliefs is that no Republican can do anything meaningfully conservative if they are a zionist. Have you looked into supporting Rand Paul for the 2024 election? He doesn’t seem to be an actual zionist just someone trying to deflect the anti semetic accusations from kikes like Shapiro that would hurt him.

    1. Jeff Jenkins November 28, 2018 at 8:23 pm

      this post sounds like a paid advert from the good court blogers at Koch Industries, lol

      1. Joe November 28, 2018 at 10:30 pm

        Dude is right about Rand. Issue is that he is a classical liberal and doesn’t understand anything about race realism

  3. Kitty Tantrum November 28, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    Clearly the Degenerate Left has good reason to fret over the popularization of Game and its cohort ideology/philosophy.

    I was sitting on my porch not ten minutes ago sipping on my cappuccino, and a couple of boys walked by, probably around 12 years old, apparently on their way home from school. They were were talking between themselves, and the little bit of the conversation that I actually heard, when they were almost out of earshot, was when one of them all but shouted “I ain’t no beta, I’m the ALPHA!”

    I kinda sat there for a minute like “lol, did that really just happen?”

    There’s a change stirring in the air, no doubt about it.

    1. My Goodness Me November 28, 2018 at 7:12 pm

      Women have good reason to fret as well, which they feel instinctively. More alphas mean fewer doormats willing to give second, third, and fourth chances to women who threw away their prime fertile years on bad decisions and now come with a host of irritating baggage. Alphas might even end up influencing betas to stop giving commitment and money to women who have already burned through their sexual capital with other men.

      Gentle advice: if you care about your fiance as much as you claim to, and if you are as busy being the world’s best single mother as you claim to, you really should cease your obsession with manosphere sites and put your focus on things like sewing, cooking, gardening, and craftmaking. You are already showing disrespect to your future husband by spilling all the disgusting details of your past debauchery hoping for attention from random males on an internet forum designed for men. If you stop now, you may be able to salvage some dignity. Go be a good mother and start putting your children first. It sounds like you’ve already failed them in some critical ways.

      1. Kitty Tantrum November 28, 2018 at 8:40 pm

        I happen to be of the opinion that dignity is not earned by pretending to have never made mistakes. It comes from acknowledging them and learning from them and helping to teach others not to emulate them.

        I don’t share my experiences to titillate or garner attention. I share my experiences when I believe that my perspective may be valuable to others – particularly the women who come to places like these earnestly looking for answers to their own questions or to make human connections with other people who seem to share their views.

        I’ve had enough people (men and women) personally thank me for going out on a limb and sharing various experiences and lessons that I’ve learned over the course of my life, that your criticism doesn’t carry much weight.

        I’ve been “obsessed” with sewing, cooking, gardening, craftmaking, etc. my entire life. What you’re calling an “obsession with manosphere sites” is nothing more than a habit of regular skimming and occasional participation. I know I’m far from being the only person who comes here for the relatively sane recounting of current events instead of reading the paper or watching the news.

        I also find that reading and engaging with the opinions and perspectives of the men in places like this can be a great way to learn more about how to be a better woman – and how to identify good men (which is important for a lot more than mate selection). The material may not be targeted at women, but there are plenty of principles to be extrapolated. And it has certainly helped me to make better decisions for my sons, during a time when I didn’t have as many strong masculine influences in my own life as I do now.

        Why would you shoo away a woman who is here because she has identified the ideas shared here as being truthful?

        Are you actually interested in seeing an improvement in relations between genders? Or do you have an axe to grind?

      2. My Goodness Me November 28, 2018 at 9:41 pm

        I appreciate your response but don’t really agree with much of what you said.

        Your lurid tales of past mistakes may be of some value to young women if put in the proper context but I don’t see that happening here at all. First of all there are hardly any women reading so you are preaching to the exact wrong audience, and secondly, you still aren’t able to take responsibility for your role in how your marriage turned out, and so you are clearly not reflective and honest enough to offer meaningful advice to others.

        I can appreciate you reading the content here because you enjoy it, but that does not necessitate making frequent comments on it. Any red pilled woman understands that she should not intrude on the few spaces left that are specifically for men.

        What value is it for you to learn how to identify good men? Are you still on the market? Your sons would be better served by you encouraging them to read the site while you butt out.

        Improvement between genders? Nah. That ain’t going to happen by invading men-only spaces and attempting to hog the spotlight. That’s actually what most of us are trying to avoid by being here. We’ve had it up to our back teeth with women always butting in thinking they know better than everyone else.

        In short, you comment way too much just as you did on RoK…you should fade into the background and stop telling strangers on the internet the intimate details of your sexual history and then claiming you aren’t trying to titillate them.

        You should reflect on what kind of wife you are going to be for your fiance – it’s already clear you don’t fully appreciate the enormous sacrifice he’s making by accepting a divorced single mother with multiple children from another man. He’s either a saint or a cuck or both, but either way you should be thinking about how you can be more pleasing for him right now, not conversing with us.

        If I were him and I discovered your writings here I would call the whole thing off, without question. Even though you said the nice things.

      3. My Goodness Me November 28, 2018 at 9:45 pm

        By the way I’m not trying to be excessively mean, just blunt. Most people will never give you an honest evaluation of how you appear to them because they are cowards. You should thank me and take my words into quiet consideration.

      4. Kitty Tantrum November 29, 2018 at 3:04 am

        In no particular order…

        – I guess you’re going to be pretty bent out of shape when Roosh publishes his book for women and more of us come pouring in, eh? I know RVF has a no-girls rule, and I’d not dream of creating an account over there for precisely that reason – but I double and triple checked before commenting here or on ROK, and found no such rule or admonition against ladies posting comments on articles on either website. I’ve been operating under the impression that reader engagement is generally broadly encouraged. If I’m wrong and that rule IS on the books somewhere, just show me and you can consider me gone. Otherwise you may want to adjust your expectations accordingly?

        “Most people will never give you an honest evaluation of how you appear to them because they are cowards.”

        – That’s one of the reasons I’m here. And I will certainly go back and re-evaluate the things I’ve written based on your feedback, because I do want to share them in a constructive and non-titillating way. I’m well aware that my words don’t always come across as intended – though I think “lurid” is a stretch since I’ve spoken about my experiences in generalities rather than sharing graphic details. Nevertheless, you’re only further demonstrating the value (to me) of joining the conversation here by giving me valuable and thoughtful feedback. If you really want me to go away, you might want to stop that.

        – Your comment about me not taking responsibility for my role in what happened in my marriage strikes a nerve with me – not because I disagree with you, but because this is a thought I have had in the back of my own mind. Talking/writing about what happened to an audience that is guaranteed to be hyper-critical of everything I say is, in my opinion, a much better way of sussing out what I did wrong, or failed to do, or could have done better, than if I were pouring my heart out to a group of women or some therapist who is firmly invested in the idea of “sex positivity” and would encourage me to take LESS responsibility than I am willing to take, or try to tell me that I did nothing wrong, or that my ex is a retroactive rapist, or that he abuuused me and so I had carte blanche to do literally anything and that I was too nice to him, etc. (cause that’s what I usually hear!)

        – As for targeting the wrong audience, I’m not so sure about that. There are certainly places with more women, but there is a self-selected crowd of women on the periphery here that you’re not going to find on websites targeted at women. Those are the women I’m interested in engaging with. Those are the women I suspect I may find common ground with. There is, at this time and to my knowledge, no website for women that deals effectively with this subject matter. I don’t suspect there ever will be – unless that site is run and moderated by men who are willing to be patient and more or less treat us like the emotionally stunted but well-intentioned children that we usually are… and look, you’re pretty much doing exactly that! (Thank you.)

        – Identifying good men is important for many reasons. As much as I would love to live in a world where I never have to interact with men in general without my husband or some other male family member present, I do not live in that world, and I am at times required to make judgments and decisions about who to trust (or not), in a variety of situations. I’m surprised I even have to explain that. It’s not like being off the market means that I’ll never again be in a position where I need to discern a man’s character. Any woman whose parents dropped the ball on teaching her how to do that would benefit from learning the things I’ve learned by reading and participating here.

        – I don’t think the content here is exactly age-appropriate for a couple of 8 and 10 year old boys, but once they’re a little bit older, I absolutely will be pointing them in this direction by incorporating select materials and concepts into their curriculum, with links and references. They’re probably the biggest reason I’m here. Their dad is the sort who is going to be teaching them about how it’s okay to be attracted to men and trannies and that gender is a spectrum and that it’s never okay to hit a woman and that it’s more polite to pee sitting down. And because I am NOT willing to keep them away from their dad, I have to put some conscious thought into how I reframe and adapt some of the things that they pick up while they’re with him.

        – You seem to be under the impression that I spend enough time here to detract from my my ability to be a good wife and mother. I assure you I do not. And since it’s one of very few “personal time” activities I partake of in the first place, I’m not too worried.

        – Writing of any sort is something my fiancé encourages. He wants me to write a book. He really truly loves and adores me in spite of knowing full well about nearly everything that is objectively wrong with me – and by virtue of that, if you ask me, I think I understand and appreciate the sacrifice he’s making more so than he does himself. And I take your allegation that I am not showing him the respect that he is due very seriously – I just think he would see it differently than you do, because he knows me better than you do. Part of the reason I engage in discourse that requires me to take a more critical look at the things I say and how I say them (in relative anonymity), is because I hope to one day tell him all of the things that I know he wants to know about me, as honestly and as respectfully as I can. And I know full well there are truths I will never find without being humbled a bit. Now that you’ve raised the possibility that my assumption is wrong, I will ask him. Simple as that.

        – I really am trying to do my best over here. I really do sacrifice a lot in order to muster up the amount of time and energy and resources I put into “magnifying my calling” as a wife and mother (if I may borrow a phrase from my Mormon days). You don’t have to believe that, but I’m telling you anyway because it’s the truth.

      5. MCG00 November 29, 2018 at 6:24 am

        @Kitty – Geez your sons’ Mormon daddy wants them to be whatever gender they want? Something seriously wrong flipped his brain. I’ve seen some mainstream Mo’s like that. They have some strange aversion to their own father who was usually a proper disciplinary Mormon. I hope the old Catholic boy’s school vice hasn’t creeped into the recesses of the Temple. Mitt Romney I noticed tears up and clenches his jaw when he speaks of his own father for some reason. He chokes up and says tearily “My . . my . . fa . . father” and he almost looks mad while he says it and looks up and off into space seemingly. I know of one real mangina mainstream women’s advocate shill piece of trash mormon who I’ve seen do THE EXACT SAME THING every time he recounts his dear ol dad. He chokes up like he’s got a whole Safeway deli salami tube up his ass or something. “My . . my . . (boo hoo snivle) . . father”. He clenches his teeth too, just like Romney. And he’s a rabid women’s advocate too. He’s done more of a wrecking job on families around him than if that place had a resident SJW group. Those mainstream LDS places really need to call out and ROUST their PC and homoglobo plants within. They need to do a housecleaning.

        I think during the 90s they were trying a bit too hard to sanitize the church for their big mass ad campaigns when they ran the commercials saying “Isn’t it about . . time??” And they cracked hard, real hard on their own polygamists when the general public honestly could care less about a man with two wives. Most average citizens would think “two wives – how cool”. But the church hype was to stir the mainstream church sheep to ostracize their own poly’s and just make them be gone by any means possible. Anything to look good for the national cameras, like the pop PC view is worth a sh¡t. The LDS heirarchy went a bit too far to lick the ass of not only the state, but the media powers too. Even Temples abroad advocated male circumcision to keep up with whatever the national circumcision trend was in the country. What kellogg globohomo bootlicking!

        I still like the FLDS even for their faults. Just don’t ever stick your d¡ck in crazy or in anyone within the 2nd cousin relationship I tell them. You don’t want your kid clomping around church with HOOVES for feet do ya? Or a face like a CATPIG!!! Didn’t think so. But 3rd – 8th cousin marriages are safe genetically. In the classic Greek city states, most people in a city of 10,000 were related somewhere within 3-8th cousin relationship. The Greek city states seemed to hone the optimal cornucopia of thoroughbred beauty, artistry and specialized genetic traits ever seen in a ‘white’ tribe and outside mongrelizing was nil. Remember percentage of related genes decreases exponentially after 3rd cousin. It goes below 1/1000 after 4th.

        But yeah, your hubby was globohomo for some reason. Hmmm. I wonder if it was that strange LDS father thing like I’ve seen before.

      6. My Goodness Me November 29, 2018 at 10:59 am

        Kitty, you sound like a good woman. I genuinely mean that.
        Let me address a few points and then you can have the last word if you want.

        Yes the letter of the law does not forbid women here but the spirit of the law calls for them to listen at least twice as much as they speak.

        I had the idea to write a game book for women a decade ago, and I’m sure R00zh did too. But I decided it’s a non-starter because sadly the majority of women are too narcissistic and solipsistic to believe they could ever need any help in that area, leastwise from a man. And for the small number who are willing to seek advice, they absolutely will not like what they hear and they will harshly reject it. If they actually cared about being pleasant creatures they wouldn’t have gotten so bad in the first place. I hope Ro0zh does this book and hits it out of the park. I hope it’s a wild success. But allow me my skepticism.

        As for your past marriage, I have heard from pretty much every single woman who ever got divorced that everything started out terrific and the guy was wonderful but then all the sudden overnight everything changed. On closer investigation this nearly always turns out to be BS. Men don’t just turn on a dime typically. It’s more likely that the signs were always there and you just chose to gloss over them, and go ahead and have two sons with him. Because you wanted to. And now in retrospect you want none of the blame so you cast him as a jeckyll and hyde. I’ve seen it a million times. If you are one of the rare exceptions and his sickening behavior literally came out of nowhere, then I apologize. But I doubt it. And you admitted to going along with it for quite some time instead of drawing a firm line and stopping him, so you are complicit. That is the lesson you should learn – there is some flaw in you that caused you to accept this man and his behavior and only you can fix that flaw. It’s no one else’ fault.

        When I see women like you who are very close to “getting it” and being valuable assets in our fight to correct society, I regret that you are not directing your efforts at young women. That’s where it is sorely needed, and they will not listen to men anymore. They are a bunch of little b!tches! Only women like you can change their minds. Why aren’t you starting the female version of RoK? Please consider it! You are needed by the other lost girls who are about to make all the same mistakes you did. If I were your fiance, I’d be tremendously proud of you for doing something like that…but not so much for you hanging out on this site all the time. Time is finite – is your body firm, tone, supple and athletic? If not, you should devote a large portion of your days to making that happen for your man. Are you master of several delicious and healthy culinary delights? If not, get cracking…..you get the drift.
        Anyway I wish you the best and hope you raise a couple of red pilled chads, but for gods sake counterbalance the rotten filth their “father” will be pouring into their heads!

      7. Kitty Tantrum November 29, 2018 at 4:29 pm

        Well since I’ve already established a habit of posting too much and oversharing, let me tell you the basics of it from my perspective now looking back on it, and if anyone wants to pick it apart and tell me where I screwed up, or that I’m a bad person for talking about it, that’s just fine by me.

        I knew him for a good 6-7 years before we married, and these are the things I’ve come to understand to be red flags, based on how they seem to tie into his overall mentality:

        – Virgin

        – Lived with his parents until we married

        – Mama’s boy

        – Really into computers, video games, Marvel comics, movies, anime, sci-fi/fantasy, tabletop/card gaming, etc.

        – “Respects” women

        – Sat at the table with the trench coats and fedoras in the cafeteria in high school

        – “Attended public high school” deserves its own bullet point

        – more female friends than male

        – gay friends

        – ideology leans liberal/tolerant

        I guess I took most of those things to mean that he was maybe a bit of a geek/loser, but I ALSO identified MYSELF as a bit of a geek/loser, so I thought that meant we were a good match. I was taught, by society I guess, that those qualities made him more likely to appreciate me, less likely to cheat on me or leave me, etc.

        He also came from a rural religious family, served a church mission, was active in church, etc. Our courtship literally started with him teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ (didn’t join the church for him, but was still a n00b when we eventually got together). We were “sealed for eternity” in a Mormon temple ceremony (on our first wedding anniversary) that we had to prove we were serious about by attending church and holding callings (volunteer positions), paying a full tithe (10% of income), taking a temple marriage class, and going through some brief counseling and multiple worthiness interviews with church leaders.

        He did talk about not wanting to marry a “Molly Mormon.” He did say that he wanted a wife who was more wild/adventurous. But he really let me believe that his idea of “wild” was stuff like (gasp) having sex before our wedding night, using “toys,” experimenting with positions, maybe getting frisky in semi-public-but-not-too-risky places.

        I remember shortly after we were married we were having a conversation about sex, and I asked him if there was anything he wanted to do or try that we hadn’t yet, and he said, more or less, “I’m up for anything as long as we’re not inviting other people into our bedroom.” That threw me for a loop because my mind had never even gone there. I said something like “don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to do that anyway.” I guess maybe I should have seen that as foreshadowing or him testing the waters to guage my response? At the time I took it as an awkward joke.

        He never brought anything like that up again until four years and two kids in, when I ended up asking him the same question again, and this time he was like “well I’ve always wanted to get a blowjob from two girls at once.”

        Yes, I will always wonder if I could have “saved” him and our marriage by putting my foot down and saying no, absolutely not, etc. I was very naive in thinking that I could give him that one “bad” thing he wanted and still have a stable traditional marriage otherwise. The revelation/request came up shortly after we’d gone through some marriage counseling and were actually (I thought) doing really well and communicating more openly about our relationship. The big thing I wanted was for him to lead more in the marriage, and he kind of framed it as “if you want me to lead then I want this.” In my mind, my options at the time were to either accept the shift or end my marriage because I couldn’t be the man, and I kinda had to be the man and wear the pants a lot before that. We already had children together. I didn’t want to be the reason our family fell apart. I also didn’t understand that going along with that one thing was going to be like falling down a rabbit hole or boiling a frog.

        At the time I was not aware of his addiction to hardcore pornography and how that was apparently shaping his tastes and desires. He hid the fact that he watched porn at ALL for a long time because it’s so taboo in Mormon culture. When he eventually copped to it (in counseling), he framed it as occasional use that he felt ashamed of. It came out later that it was often literally HOURS of his day, and some really depraved stuff.

        I cut and run when the dynamic of our degeneracy started shifting from “we have a secret double life where we do secret naughty things and nobody we know has any idea” to him wanting to adopt it more and more as his identity and be socially “accepted” for it, which happened when he and by extension WE started making friends with a bunch of people from the local “kink” community. I have a big heart. I’m probably more tolerant than I ought to be. But even with extra clouded judgment, I wasn’t comfortable inviting fat blue-haired hookers and various sorts of self-proclaimed queers over for family BBQs. I mean, EW. I wasn’t comfortable with most of those people even knowing where we lived or that we even had children, let alone allowing them to so much as set eyes on them. I couldn’t tell him that without being disparaged as irrational and judgmental.

        The scariest thing for me is that if our marriage had been just a little bit less bad on other fronts (he dropped the ball a lot as a provider and pushed for me to send the kids to school and basically work to support him even after agreeing to take up more of the leader role), I might not have ejected. I’m a strong person in a lot of ways, but when I’m in love with a man I am pathetic.

        Could I have seen all of that coming if I’d paid more attention? Maybe I could have. Would a smarter/wiser woman have known to be wary of the qualities I was taught to look for? Maybe she would have. Should my parents have warned me of the dangers of geeky respectful virgin boys who live with their parents and play video games? Maybe they should have. Should my father have simply arranged a marriage for me once I hit puberty? A girl can only dream of such things these days (and I did).

        I don’t know. I was head over heels for him for YEARS. I thought he felt the same, but it turns out his parents pressured him HARD to marry me. I suspect his mother coached him quite a bit on what to say and do in the early stages of our relationship and marriage. It was once he really got out from under his mother’s thumb, so to speak, that everything started changing.

        It messed me up in the head. After leaving my husband I dated another man for a couple of years who was also into swinging – but with a great deal of discretion, high standards, and none of the really weird stuff. Over the course of my marriage I’d gone from being an honorable woman to basically a whore in my own eyes, and I didn’t think a normal man would want me after I had made the choice to allow myself to be used like that. I also fell stupid in love with that guy really quickly, which didn’t help matters.

        It was partly my relationship with that man and partly reading ROK/RVF that eventually brought me around to the conclusion that I have no business being with any man who is OK sharing me with other people – because it was very bad for me, no matter how I tried to justify it or acclimate myself to it.

        Men like you were the only ones giving affirmation to my feelings of “that’s disgusting” instead of saying “oh, you’ve just had sexual hang-ups instilled in you by The Patriarchy that you need to get over before you can have a properly enlightened and ethically non-monogamous long-term committed relationship!”

        Monogamy certainly isn’t something I’ve settled for. It’s like dry land to my shipwreck. It feels like a blessing from God to have met me fiancé when I did, because I’d have probably settled for the first decent, sane, non-self-cucking man willing to keep me, and he’s better than I’d have ever dared to hope for.

        I won’t pretend I understand exactly what happened to me, because I can only see it through my own eyes (and through my own emotions which I’m sure you know that I don’t always understand) – but I do think that I learned a lot from it, and I do think I could help teach young women to avoid some of the cultural traps I fell into.

        But starting a sister site to something like this or ROK… THAT sounds like a great way to take a lot of time away from my family – and bring a lot of general attention down on myself, which I hate. Maybe when I’m older and my kids are grown and I have more time and less hoots to give. I still think a man would be better for leading a project like that, but I guess I can see how the influence would be different if it was a woman.

        Thank you for your kind words, advice, and patience.

      8. Kitty Tantrum November 29, 2018 at 5:13 pm

        Oh, and one potentially huge misinterpreted red flag: he confessed our premarital relations to his mother a few months before we were set to marry. At the time I thought this was because he felt guilty (I didn’t really because I thought he was going to be my one-and-only and I really thought that would be good enough for God) and wanted to square up with the Lord and confiding in his mother was the first step to figuring that out (although I also thought that was a little weird, I always knew I wasn’t getting a manly man).

        In retrospect, I have a sneaking suspicion that he had hoped she would be angry with me for corrupting her baby and force us to break up because he hadn’t knocked me up.

        Instead (probably because she knew darn good and well that I’d been a virgin and totally in love with him) she doubled down and more or less forced him to marry me. I’ve often wished that I could have been a fly on the wall when that conversation went down. He didn’t want to marry me, but holy crap did he go through the motions convincingly for a really long time.

      9. My Goodness Me November 29, 2018 at 8:38 pm

        Well I said I’d give you the last word but I’ve been known to fib on occasion. Holy mackerel what a story. Welp you’re a good but flawed person who was naive and made some mistakes because your parents failed you in some ways. Welcome to the club. What counts is what you do from today forward.

        By the time I got through your bullet points I could basically see how things unfolded and the rest of your comment confirmed it. I said to myself “this guy’s a porn addict”.

        Yeah, there are some red flags there, but you can’t be crucified for not knowing how to see them all. The big two for me are Momma’s Boy and Comic/Video Game/Superhero nerd. Guys like that frequently live in a fantasy world, and have delusions of alphadom, which leads to porn addiction and the type of fetishes you describe.

        The kink community is almost solely made up of these repressed types who were thwarted in their sexual desires and developed perversions in response. Those from strict religious backgrounds are some of the worst. It’s not unlike a nude beach – they kind of people who show up to these things are the last people you’d ever want to see naked.

        A real masculine father or older brother would have mocked him and warned you away from him. Too bad you didn’t have someone looking out for you. But would you have listened anyway? Most don’t.

        When it comes to a woman being submissive to her husband and following his wishes, including sexually, I’m all for it, but there are certain limits. IMO those include physical abuse, unwanted pain/suffering, sharing/swapping, creating pornography for public consumption, and a few other things. These are things that a woman has every right to refuse in marriage.

        Sharing or polyamory is a huge red flag for men. The only guys involved in that are Super Alphas who are getting all the trim (which your ex was not), and Super Betas who are offering their wives up. It’s a very short road from “swinging” to being a literal cuckold and wanting to watch your wife with other men (nasty!).

        Honestly I feel bad for the both of you – you were victims of (((the machine))) that is trying to subvert us all. Easily available hardcore porn is a huge part of that. Subjective morality is a ride down the slippery slope to hell. Maybe you can subtly drop some hints to your ex about sites like yourbrainonporn dot com, or NoFap November. Unfortunately you are anchored to the son of a bitch through your kids, so it’s in your interest to see him give up his fantasy world and man up.

        Good luck!

      10. Kitty Tantrum November 30, 2018 at 5:15 pm

        “A real masculine father or older brother would have mocked him and warned you away from him. Too bad you didn’t have someone looking out for you. But would you have listened anyway? Most don’t.”

        That’s a good question, one I’ve thought about a lot myself. I actually think I probably WOULD have listened if my father had warned me against marrying him, specifically. I don’t know why he never objected to my ex-husband; he was very vocal about his disapproval of the man I dated after him (big part of why I broke things off). I’ve made an awful lot of decisions in my life for the sake of not disappointing my father. Even as a teenager I was grudgingly aware that he was usually right about most things.

        Unfortunately, the only advice my father ever gave with regard to getting married was “don’t get married.” He was otherwise a pretty staunchly traditional, masculine guy –
        outspoken against feminism/degeneracy/etc. Taught me a lot of things that would be considered “red-pilled.” He was incredibly strict and protective of me when I was a kid compared to my brothers. I give him a lot of credit for raising me to be very traditionally feminine… but then as an adult he encouraged me to go to college and pursue a career, and painted marriage as a bad option for anyone, period. Maybe a little black-pilled?

        My mother warned me against marrying my ex. But her argument was that I shouldn’t get married or have kids until I was AT LEAST 25 (preferably 30). She also objected to my baptism and the fact that I was marrying a Mormon boy for reasons like “patriarchy” and “oppression.” (And when I later divorced him she told me that I should date a woman next time.)

        So I was on my own in terms of mate selection. But as awful as that marriage turned out, if I’d listened to my parents I’d probably be in even worse shape than I am now… never married, highly educated, maybe a lesbian and childless in my thirties – I’d probably off myself. I try to keep that in perspective.

        I do try to help my ex. He was supposed to work on the porn addiction with our marriage counselor. He did at least eventually acknowledge that it was a serious addiction, so there’s that. I don’t know about his porn viewing habits these days and I don’t really want to, but I’ll look at the site you suggested and might just pass it along.

        In the year or so that we talked about opening our marriage before actually doing it, I was the one all over Google looking at PUA/manosphere sites and sending him links to try to help out with confidence/game so he could go out and find a girl for that threesome he wanted. I might have even linked him to some of Roosh’s early work. He seemed receptive to the idea initially, but wrote it off pretty quickly as too hard, which is why he pushed for swinging right off the bat. Super Beta indeed.

        Since our divorce I’ve tried sending him links to articles promoting healthy masculinity, etc… even tried turning him on to ROK a while back, but my timing coincided with all the media outrage over the meet-ups that were being organized, and he actually ended up calling me after reading some feminist news article and being like “wtf don’t you know this guy is organizing RAPE GANGS???” Facepalm.

        There doesn’t seem to be much hope of bringing him around, so I really don’t know what to do except push back in the other direction. Fortunately our boys are so far 100% indisputably masculine. But I still get paranoid when I read articles where one parent wants their kid to be a tranny, and the other has their parental rights challenged/terminated or loses custody for not going along with it.

        I like to think he wouldn’t go that far for virtue signaling, but he does put rainbow filters on his Facebook profile pictures whenever it’s trendy, and died his hair bright pink a couple of summers ago, “to show [our ten year old son] that pink isn’t just for girls.” I’ve been toying with the idea of pressuring him to have his testosterone levels checked.

        Anyway… thanks for letting me tell a little bit of my story. It’s good to feel understood. Your counsel will not go unheeded. <3

      11. After December 9, 2018 at 8:44 am

        First of all, Kitty, you are brokenhearted. In a state like that you can be of no blessing to your current partner. You were a virgin when you first met your ex, so the scarr takes long time to heal.
        *[[Psa 51:17]] The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit. O God, you will not despise a broken and contrite heart.
        *[[Psa 147:3]] He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds.
        *[[Isa 61:1]] The Lord GOD’s Spirit is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the humble. He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and release to those who are bound

        Regarding you giving him a blowjob together with another girl, would it not be natural in the past when Mormons practiced polygamy?

      12. Kitty Tantrum December 9, 2018 at 3:31 pm

        I can’t speak to the sexual proclivities of the Mormons of yesteryear. I’d imagine that sort of thing happened, but you certainly won’t find anything about it in official church history. The idea behind polygamy *as it was presented* had to do with spiritual salvation – not group sex. In the mainstream LDS church of today, polygamy is grounds for excommunication.

        I’m not necessarily opposed to polygamy on principle (it has its time and place and purpose, I think), but that’s a far cry from group sex with strangers. And historically, from what I understand of it, a man of my ex’s station and standing never would have had more than one wife anyway.

        I agree with you, by the way. I do have a lot to work through. I left the church before I left my ex-husband. Couldn’t handle the cognitive dissonance, and also saw it as something of an “easy out” from my “temple marriage” (if I were still a member, ex and I would still be spiritually married according to the LDS church, even though we’re legally divorced – and a “temple divorce” is relatively difficult to obtain). I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the LDS church, so my path back to God isn’t terribly clear at this point. It is something I think about a lot, though, and I am working on it. <3

      13. Mike42Night December 11, 2018 at 12:45 pm

        Only Women and Children have the luxury of mistakes.

    2. Anti-Gnostic December 5, 2018 at 6:06 pm

      Cool story bro. Now lay off the meth.

  4. My Goodness Me November 28, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    God bless the dissident right wing street artist.
    We will see much more in the coming years.

  5. MCG00 November 29, 2018 at 3:29 am

    The Roosh cutout story is good material for a news byte. Hmmm. Maybe this is why google all of a sudden puts THIS article up for current news bytes. It just popped up in my side column alongside other current articles like the ‘Wall’ and the GOL crash:


    Me thinks paid leftists are pushing obscure leftist articles to the top of search bars by rapid click searching maybe to maximize clicks. I’d have to dig deep in the leftist doo doo part of the web to find an splc article otherwise. And here it is right next to the weather. Isn’t there a way to get the Roosh cutout story right next to the local weather?

  6. Burner Prime November 29, 2018 at 11:54 am

    Roosh, check out this story that is the perfect epitome of all the observations you and others in the ‘sphere have made about the modern degenerate woman. Encapsulates perfectly, in fact so much, I almost wonder if it’s a troll. Funny, yet sad and pathetic. And keep in mind this comes from the far left msn site.
    “I’m Broke and Mostly Friendless and I’ve Wasted My Whole Life”.
    The wordy empty advice given by the column’s author is also the same feminist actualization boilerplate, achieving nothing, solving nothing, recognizing nothing, but putting solipsism on full display.

  7. anthony November 30, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    STAY THE COURSE ROOSH ! Your about to blow the f up.

    Notoriety and infamy will get you the attention you need bruv.

    Hit up all those left wing talk shows and let them scapegoat you like they are already.


    Monetize this ish my dude. AHORA!

  8. Toronto 6ix9ine December 6, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    The bearded man in the blue shirt probably wanted to attack the cardboard representation of you, but was in a situation where if he tried to shame you online or vandalize the artwork, he would be racist, and if he didn’t he would be labelled an MRA. Sucks to be a male in the feminist cuntries.

  9. James January 5, 2019 at 1:03 am

    Some of these comments are so long these people should start their own blog.