Secular people think being under heavy demonic influence looks like something out of a Hollywood movie. You develop a guttural croak, stick out your tongue at inappropriate moments, and even develop a limp that signifies you are not well. Or you’ll do things that are obviously evil, such as punch little children in the face and torture backyard animals. The reality is far more subtle. Demons can be in total control over your life, directing your every move, and you will still be deceived that you’re a “good person” who is in charge. The word demon may not even enter your mind.

You’re under demonic influence if you commit evil deeds yet are unable to recognize them as evil. Usually it starts when you commit minor transgressions as an adolescent, often starting with masturbation. You choose to ignore your conscience telling you that masturbation is wrong because you want to feel good in the moment and follow your own will. Over time, your conscience atrophies as you continue to disobey it, allowing you to commit greater evils as an adult until your conscience becomes so damaged that you are easily able to convince yourself that the evil acts you commit are actually good or virtuous.

An example of a great evil I committed in the past was taking the virginity of a few women. In my defense, I did not have to trick them that I wanted a long-term relationship or marriage, and chances are they used me to begin a promiscuous lifestyle, but that is still no excuse. I was the vehicle that Satan used to remove their bodily purity, something they will never be able to give to another man.

Believe it or not, when I slept with a virgin, I thought I was doing her a favor. I was introducing them to a world of wonderful sensual pleasures, allowing them to get over the awkwardness of virgin sex so that after me they could sleep with any other man they wanted without hesitation. Not only that, but I eagerly bragged to my friends when I did sleep with a virgin, since I deemed it harder to do when compared to a woman who was already sexually active. Every virgin I slept with was a confirmation of how skilled and masculine I was, a testament to my supreme abilities that justified my growing worldwide fame.

How do you think I feel about my actions now?

When the initial thought came to my mind that I was doing the virgins a “favor,” it was in my own voice. It did not coincide with tongue-wagging or circling of my eyeballs. I was not in a state of wrath but calm. When subsequent thoughts came into my mind that I was a big man for doing what I did, I accepted it immediately, along with any other conclusion that boosted my own pride.

The biggest mistake that secular people make is believing that thoughts from their minds are theirs, and are therefore worth listening to or following, but if you are not in communion with God, much of your thoughts will be evil. The Orthodox Church teaches that demons have the ability to put thoughts into your mind, and when combined with other thoughts that derive from your own flesh, it shouldn’t be hard to see that most of your thoughts should be ignored. Most of your judgments are wrong. For some people, all are wrong. Thankfully, God and the angels can seed beneficial thoughts, and our conscience can never be completely annihilated, but don’t assume you’re totally in the clear where anything you think of must certainly come from a place of good.

In the past, I assumed that the demons would want me to suffer and experience pain. In the next life, yes, but in this life they give you all the pleasures and worldly rewards you can handle. If you want sex, Satan will do what he can to see that you get it, and if you can’t get the real thing he’ll make sure you’re addicted to the next best thing, pornography. Do you covet money? He’s wiring the funds right now, just as long as you devote every waking hour to making a buck. Do you want to feel like a somebody? He’ll make sure you invest hundreds of hours into a YouTube channel and get recognized on the street. All he asks in return is your soul.

Satan puts you at the center of your false universe, to worship any god but God, convincing you to follow your own “self-interest,” that you’re just an evolutionary animal and it’s okay to walk over or destroy those around you as long as you are growing and gaining and achieving the emotional happiness that you believe is the meaning to this life, and the big lie is that it’s not you that has come up with the master game plan. You’re the stooge, the useful idiot who is being controlled like a puppet on a stage that your pride blinds you from seeing.

Have you ever seen a man get hypnotized? Under hypnosis, he may do weird things such as bark like a dog or roll on the ground, and then when the hypnotist releases the spell, he’s amazed when the audience tells him he acted like a total animal. He can’t believe that his will was hijacked by an external force, but that’s exactly what happened. On stage, he may be embarrassed for an hour or two, but when you fall for the hypnotism that Satan performs, you don’t lose your dignity for a moment—you lose it forever.

God is in the process of releasing me from the spell of Satan, because I surely couldn’t do it on my power with a broken conscience and deformed will. I admit I did a lot of evil things while I was hypnotized. I acted worse than a dog, but now that I am able to re-orient my will with God’s, to use the teachings of His Christ and His Church as a measure of what is good, and to ignore all that contradicts it, I pray that He never allows me to be so heavily deceived again.

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One of the biggest issue the Christian has in my view, is an incorrect view of Lucifer.
We see him typically as the spade tailed cloven hooved villain of the past. Scheming in a dark fiery pit.
We either give him too much credit on the one hand or too little on the other.
In Job we find that he must come before God like the courts Prosecutor, before he takes any action and God (being the judge) makes the final decision on what is allowed. Lucifers powers are filtered always.
Dont think for one moment that makes him anything less than a Lion.

1Peter "5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"

Few are sober to see the real threat he posses, even fewer vigilant to keep watch.
Its more accurate to view Lucifer as a modern CEO. A large corporation with many departments, all with a different focus, but with one goal.
The trends you follow, the products you buy, the oppinions you hold are all mass produced and marketed by him.
His corporation has been studying us all for thousands of years, they watched as we were created and have been manipulating us since tue garden.
You err greatly in believing you can take him on alone, or that you can work within the rules he laid out and escape his grasp.
"Know thy enemy".
1 Accept Jesus
2 Know Lucifers goal.
3 Know his tactics for acheving it.

Any strong nation stands firm through a strong family.
We have witnessed a total war on men, seperating the father from the mother through work and the pressures of modern life. Leaving the children orphanes, easy pickings for indoctrination.
If the man does not have a firm foundation on God, how can he act as the head over his wife, what example will he instead follow? Getting his morals from rap lyrics and pop culture.
Having his desires shaped by the enemy, allowing this enemy to choose a woman for him. And the breakdown of the family begins before the race even starts.
A man is commanded to love his wife and a wife to obey her husband.
If we does not know God, than he does not understand love. For if God, is a father than his mercy and love is for good, filled with compassion and correction.
A woman that knows such a man will obey and will raise up strong children, who will listen to their father and love and fear God above all.
Our enemy knows this and thats why all his vast resources are poured into destroying the head of the family.
Seperate the head and the body dies.

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Seems like he's winning. A lot of people are lost in the modern world. But thankfully, these forums can be used to spread awareness and enlightenment.

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Wow, interesting take on this subject. Not something I've heard in church, that's for sure.

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Probably blinded our hearts is the worse thing Satan has done to us so we believe that by doing evil we feel good.
There would be a lot of pleasures out there that would make us feel good, but it's just momentary. Only God can fulfilled us eternally.
Pleasure from Latin "placere" with means "to seem good".

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I used to follow your site way back. I was not a big fan at all. I have always been a natural agnostic with theistic leanings but I cannot stomach the nihilism of your previews worldview. But reading about your exploits was fascinating for me, for the honest exposition of human psychology that could be gleamed.

I would just like to commend you for your life-affirming writings and thank you for sharing your turn-around story. Your story is inspiring nd healing. Keep it up, keep the Faith! =)

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Jesus cast out demons by the gallon from a population - by man’s ethical yardstick - lived a very godly life based round family, the temple and an honest trade. Reading through the gospels, it seems like one third of Jesus’ public ministry involved exorcism and the crowds seem to connect the healing and exorcism aspect with the Royal House of David.

If you live in a dark, humid and dank house, your body (especially round the sexual organs) will likely attract parasites. Likewise with disembodied spiritual parasites if you live a life outside the light of God. The real danger is that these spirits will become sleeper cells connected to a man trying to walk a Christian life only to be triggered with the old lusts when they can cause the most damage.

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I apologize if this item could be posted in a better thread, but I wanted to delve into demonic possession/influence and the authenticity of accounts related to this issue. I have noticed that YouTube will often recommend videos about individuals who dealt with demonic possession in their lives, whether it is a clergyman who conducts exorcisms or someone who experienced it as a result of behaviors like practicing witchcraft. I am just wondering about others' thoughts on this issue, and how this topic should be approached. Do you see benefits or harms of watching these videos, and how do you assess the authenticity of the testimony? Thanks in advance!

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Very good article.... its astonishing how much of the "gold" you have "bought", burned through the fire- I mean the "hidden knowledge".... purified through fire.

What I found very interesting- Do you have found an explanation for "approach anxiety"..... Do you think that force also comes from deamons?
I think this could have something to do that you feel "the evil seed" in a person, their potential to harm you (if you are sensitive).... and maybe this feeling gets amplified by the deamons. Or deamons from past experiences are attached to you and trigger the feeling, to stop you from success.. For example the Spirit Of Jezebel could be at work (which was even feared by Elijah).... and maybe at the same time the Spirit of Ahab, which weakens the man. Or it is a warning sign that you are about to enter into a trap.....

I would be very interested to hear opinions on Approach Anxiety.... I think thats still a huge problem for a lot of guys.

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I'm saddened lately to realize that some of my friends are under subtle Satanic influence and will most likely never wake up to that truth. They're not bad people, just misled and proud. I hope that in time they'll see the light.

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