Interview With Muscle & Game Master Virgle Kent

I checked in with my buddy Virgle Kent the other week and asked him a few questions about working out and pick-up. Let’s start…

So say I finally convinced a guy to sign up for a gym and he’s going to go three times a week. How should he start?

Well the first thing to do is decide on what exactly he’s trying to do and what is his goal for his body. If he’s fat and wants to lose weight and get toned, he’ll probably want a program with lighter weights and more reps. If he’s skinny and wants to gain muscle mass then the weight will be heavy but less reps. Lifting weights though is a personal science, so the more you know about your body and what it’s capable of the faster you’ll achieve your goals.

How about basic nutrition: what is an easy strategy that will help with muscle growth?

Easy, for muscle growth you’ll want protein plain and simple. You’ll want it from your food and whey protein. Again if you know your body and what it can handle, you’ll want to eat to grow. It gets complicated though when depending on the time of year and where you want your body to be in a certain time. For example, during the fall and especially in the winter I eat one way to gain mass and size. During the spring and summer I eat another way to cut up. But let’s keep it simple: high protein.

I weightlifted for years in addition to intense cardio but never got big. Here in Colombia I weightlifted without cardio for two months and got bigger than I’ve ever been. How do you feel about cardio exercises with weightlifting?

Cardio is a very tricky thing. If you’re a big fat fatty naturally then you’ll need to do a lot more of it and weight lift to get muscle definition and especially if you ever want to see your abs. But guys like you and I who are naturally skinny and have low body fat at our age, TOO MUCH cardio is the enemy. You start doing too much or running for long distances then that will hinder how much muscle you can build. I really never do cardio, never even ran and was huge. But honestly there’s no way to escape doing cardio. I got away with not doing it in my early 20’s but as I get closer to 30, I do it lightly. To get ready for Vegas I only jogged on the treadmill 2 to 3 times a week for 10 minutes. I also would change it up with running incline for 5 of those ten minutes. Cardio is needed.

Vegas VKWhat are some common mistakes you see guys making in the gym?

Ha, doing some gay ass John Basedow work out they read in Men’s Health, where they try to balance on one foot on a ball while dumbbell curling with one hand and doing an overhead tricep extension with the other. The exercise doesn’t do anything but make the guy look stupid. But the more serious mistake is not asking for help on how to correctly do an exercise. Incorrect form on any exercise is a total waste of time of that exercise.

How do girls react to men with large muscles? How do you avoid being seen as a typical huge guy with muscles?

For the most part I think the girls are cool with it but I also understand that the girls are typically already into guys with muscles. But I find it cute when they find a reason to touch me or feel me up. Sometimes they straight grope and don’t even try to hide the fact. I don’t think if a girl has a conversation with me they can peg me as a meathead. This is DC so as soon as I tell them about my nerdy job working with numbers and spreadsheets in finance it’s kinda of hard to peg me as a meathead. Once I get into my love of Woody Allen movies its a wrap I’m not your typical meathead. I also joke around that I do a lot of Yoga and Pilates and move away from talk of the gym. Basically I try to play up my nerd side.

If a guy takes your advice and gets big, is there anything new he needs to keep in mind when gaming a girl than when he was weak and flaccid?

Yeah, don’t act like a meathead. Don’t talk about your workouts and even going to the gym. Be polite and a little sensitive. It’s easy and tempting to slip into cave man mode (I’ve done it from time to time) and get all “Me Tarzan, you Jane” on them. Over the years I’ve found that being big yet open, approachable and civilized works well with women. You want them to feel like you can protect and take care of them physically but you have a few things to offer them on the emotional side. Be as well rounded as you can be.

How would you describe your overall pick-up style? Does it change depending on city or environment?

My overall pick up style is probably Humor and Comfort. I want the girl to make her laugh, make her feel comfortable as if we’ve known each other for years. I don’t want it to feel like a pick up. I try my best to disarm and charm. A girl will more likely let you put your penis inside her if she feels comfortable about it (of course this isn’t always 100% trust me).

As far as city goes, we’re in DC it’s like marathon training in Colorado or when Goku trains on King Kai’s small planet with 100x Earth’s gravity. It’s harder, the women are ice cold. This city will force you to develop your game mentally or sink. As much as I hate it, I owe my success with women to it because it has made me a better at game. When I go to other cities or environments my game stays the exact same but the response is ten times as strong.

You have the ability to come up with interesting on-the-fly openers that work. Care to share your strategy for doing so?

It’s simply based on environmental observation. I read somewhere that a real ninja can find 10 things in a room to kill you with. I think a guy should be quick and smart enough to find ten things in a room he can talk to a woman about. I think some people make openers way too complicated, just keep it simple and remember that an opener is a reason to have a conversation. When all else fails just make fun of another less attractive girls outfit (just make sure it’s not her friend or sister).

We talked about mistakes that guys do in the gym. But how about in the bar? What do they do which kills their chances of getting with girls?

Reading The Game or Pick Up Blogs and taking it to literally. Picking up is a state of mind it’s not so much what you say but how you say it. Guys hear Peacocking and go out and buy huge gold male sign necklaces, shave a mohawk on their heads, get tear drop tattoos on their face then wonder why no girls in DC will talk to them. They could have simply put a pink pocket square in a blue blazer and gotten the result they were looking for. This is not something you can learn from a book, in a seminar or in one year.

Another thing is how they carry themselves in a room or in the company of women. Mistakes like not making eye contact, hands in pockets, and standing at the back of a crowded bar or away from the dance floor, even when they’re out to pick up girls.

How do you feel about mud turtles?

God bless em. Some nights you’re feeling lazy, you’ve had a long day and your really don’t want to work for it, you just need a turtle. They know how to make a man feel great because they really appreciate the smallest attention you give them. Just try not to go on a Turtle bender… no more than two turtles in a row, then cut yourself off and go for the regulars.

How much longer do you think you’ll be doing this? Do you see an end game in the near future?

Real talk Roosh, I want out so bad I can taste it. This life is all I’ve known since one year out of college. It scares me that each year I get a little bit better at it, this nomadic life, being selfish. You learn to become an actor to force a fake connection with a girl. But if you do this long enough it’s becomes harder and harder to tell yourself or know when you’re not faking it, so what happens when you meet a girl you really like how do you turn this off? If you’re good at being a certain type of man how easy will it be to fail when you try to be a different man.

There will be times when you go on hot streaks and hook up with so many women and feel good for a short while. In a couple of months you won’t even remember their name or the hook up whatsoever. It makes you question what’s the point. But this is a prison of our own creation. We all came in of our own free will. At some point each of us decided that we wanted to know how to be good with women. I wonder if we would have made that same choice if it we knew it meant the loss of emotional connection.

To answer your question though I hope the game ends soon for me but the chances are very slim.

Thanks VK. Read more about his thoughts on game and life over at his blog VK’s Empire Of Dirt.

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