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13 years ago

I had similar rides on chicken buses in Guatemala. You have to close your eyes and pretend everything is fine and that nothing can happen to you. Kind of like we do with life.

13 years ago

is that stat right? it sounds incredible. you’re basically talking about a 40% chance of dying every time you drive that road.

are they talking about daily commuters over the course of a lifetime? i suppose if you drive it every day for years the odds don’t seem so outlandish.

the pie better have been worth it.

13 years ago

Kind of like a cab ride in NY?

13 years ago

Hunting good pie is a noble thing.

It looked exillarating!
Like a very very very long
muddy Snebly Hill Road in Sedona?
or muddy road to Hana?

Nothing gets the heart beating like
being on the edge of certain death
and part of the outcome
is out of your direct control.
An analogy to the other-
nothing gets the heart beating like
going for broke with a just met 9 or 10

What are the odds of surviving bad pie there?
Pie’s revenge etc. I keep hearing about a 40?
percent chance of bad things in the water etc.


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