Kissing Technique

Continuing on the kiss theme, here’s an excerpt from Bang:

Don’t overdo the kiss. She may interpret your desire to constantly kiss her as neediness. You always want to leave her wanting more by stopping short right before you think she is get-ting satisfied. If on a first date I kiss a girl for say a total of five minutes, I’d rather do it in five one-minute bursts than one five-minute session. After you pull back from the first kiss of the date (it will always be you that pulls back from kisses first), wait a good 10 minutes before you go back in again to show her that kissing is not a big deal, and resume conversation like nothing major happened. Re-entry is best when another natural silence in the conversation takes place. Feel free to throw in a couple fake-outs where you get really close like she thinks you are going to kiss her again but you pull back and continue conversation. Be unpredictable about when you end kisses—sometimes you go in for a minute, sometimes two minutes, and sometimes only twenty seconds. Save the extended make-outs for when you get her in a bedroom. You want to tease her—blue-balling yourself in the short term—to turn her on so much that she doesn’t resist when you escalate in the bedroom.

Here’s all you need to know about kissing girls:

Less is more.

Less is more.

Less is more.

You’re not in college anymore. There is no reason to open your mouth wide enough that a kittens head can fit into it and then go crazy. Unless the girl is drunk (or Brazilian), she will not enjoy it.

If you spy on dates you see two kinds of guys. The guys who don’t give a fuck, where the girl keeps coming into him, and the guys who try to kiss the girl at every instant he gets, like he’s scared she’s going to walk out on him if he doesn’t release his tentacle grasp upon her. Which guy is going to get his dick sucked hard by the end of the night?

For about the first two dates, you will be trying to kiss her more than she kisses you. But by date three, once her attraction for you is hopefully cemented, it should be the other way around. She should be on you like a wet rag, kissing you to claim her territory in front of other girls. But if you’re trying to claim her as territory, then your hold on her is weak and she will soon get tired of you because you are needy and desperate. Also, you’re leaving a trail of drool flowing down on her chin. Might want to get that with a napkin.

I recently updated the Bang homepage with 10 new sample pages that you probably haven’t read before, including tips from approaching to sealing the deal.

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