Logical Thinking Increases The Size Of Your Sack

I treat this one so poorly. I don’t take her out, I spend little money on her, I put little thought into our time together, I do nothing extra to please her, and I disappear every now and then when I don’t feel like seeing her. When we are out it’s impossible for her not to notice me checking out other girls. Sure I make her laugh and give it to her like no other man has, but a part of me is still in disbelief that she still calls me and jumps at the the chance to hang out when I suggest something like an ice cream cone.

But that’s exactly why.

Imagine if I did the opposite. If I treated her like a princess, took her out twice a week to nice restaurants spending rolls of cash, came up with original and creative date ideas, and called her daily so she can sleep soundly knowing that I’m not fucking other girls. Do you think she would open her legs any time I wanted, especially on short notice?

Yet that’s what most guys do, thinking—logically—that it helps them get and keep the pussy. But when it comes to girls, logical thinking gets you nothing but a heavy sack. This is why very intelligent, otherwise successful guys with their own luxury condominium can’t get laid to save their life but I could when I lived in my dad’s basement while stealing other people’s drinks when I went out. This is why opposite George in Seinfeld was successful.

She told me she loves me a few times, but when it became apparent I wasn’t going to say it back, she stopped. Eventually she’s going to throw in the towel, but not before I get bored of her first and find another girl.

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