Why You Don’t Need To Understand Women

On the reader survey, a whopping 92% of readers want to see more “male/female observations, analysis, and commentary.” Now that’s a pretty broad category, including things like making fun of girls who wear flip flops, descriptions of where dating culture is headed, and what does it mean when a girl does a certain something retarded. I wanted to address those who like the “analysis” part.

Like many guys, I have an analytical mind. I don’t mind breaking things down into their component parts to understand them more fully. But just like how you don’t need to tear apart a radio in order to use it, you don’t need to understand women to fuck them. The more you understand them the harder it is to fuck them, and the reason is because they too complicated and variable.

Instead of thinking, “I want to learn more about them because I want to get good at fucking them,” try this instead: “I’m going to try a lot of different things until I find out what works to get good at fucking them.”

Do you see the difference? One is dependent on understanding them and the other in dependent on your effort. One leads to a road of mental masturbation and the other leads to a road of unprotected sex. I gauge a woman’s response to things, but I don’t make a conscious effort to determine the why of a woman’s actions of behavior. Who cares?

I said something wrong and I made the girl cry. I’m not sure why. But we ended up fucking anyway. Do I have to change anything? Nope. Everything is fine. Carry on.

I told a girl that I liked her on the first date, after she told me the same. We had rough sex that night. Did I do anything wrong? Nope. I got what I wanted. Grand.

I couldn’t care less about why a girl doesn’t like my opener or why she got offended when I said I wanted to cum on her face. But next time I will try a different opener or a different way of bringing up why I want to cum on her face. I will keep going, trying different strategies, until I have evidence from experience that something “works” or not. Besides looking at raw data from your attempts, trying to understand a woman takes you down a rabbit hole with little fruit and much dirt and mud. You may hate women after you’re through, and wonder why you put so much effort into them in the first place.

There are patterns that come up and I take note of them (mostly to share it for you guys), but that’s just for fun. You don’t need to understand women to get laid, but you do need to know what they like from a man of your personality, background, look, etc., which comes almost entirely from experience. In fact I think a girl likes it when you don’t care to understand them. You’re aloof and difficult, wrapped up in your own magical world of masculinity and pensiveness.

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