Medellin Is Testing My Will & Strength

If you’re a square then Medellin has nothing for you to worry about. But if you have some vices then you could get sucked in.

Hookers – A bang in a whorehouse is $13. You can get a threesome for $25. I heard of a whorehouse that had an anal special for May. It’s no surprise that a lot of gringos come to Colombia just to frequent the whorehouses.

Drugs – A gram of cocaine is about $5, but if you got a guy then $2.50. A fifth of an ounce of marijuana is $5 (I’m guessing the weight but it’s good for about 20 cigarette-sized joints). Pharmaceuticals are also cheap.

Casinos – There are a handful of clean casinos that have the usual games including hold ’em poker. The blackjack tables allow surrender which improves your odds somewhat. I have found $1 blackjack tables. People play like fucking idiots (I saw a guy split 6’s against a dealer face) but it’s fun if you have a friend.

Alcohol – Many clubs offer all-you-can-drink specials that start at $15. Domestic beer, rum, and aguaardiente are dirt cheap.

Silicone– More fake breasts than any city in the United States. Really adds to the overall ambiance.

Las Vegas got nothing on Medellin.