Now that Western medicine is tightly controlled by corporations and compassionless doctors who follow the dictates of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, we are arriving at a point in history where, if you don’t have access to medical care, your life span may increase, such as I imagine the case in the days when witch doctors practiced trepanation. Within this murderous beast of death care is psychiatry, the most evil component within a greater evil. From my research and firsthand experience, psychiatry is a vehicle of Satan to destroy minds, sterilize women, and ultimately condemn souls to hell.

The secular world makes people ill by denying the presence of God, and then the secular world gives the solution of psychiatry and its obsession of prescribing anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs which fleece billions of dollars from patients via recurring monthly payments for those who become dependent on them and simply cannot quit. The situation has become so bad that even the leftist media is starting to highlight a problem that is called antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, where some people must take pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of their lives to avoid mental incapacitation, “brain zaps,” total psychosis, and even permanent brain damage.

Psychiatric drugs are hard to get off of because the brain reworks itself around the artificial chemicals it finds itself bathed in daily, and as soon as those chemicals are withdrawn, the brain cannot adapt fast enough to create a neurochemical balance that does not result in a variety of terrifying mental symptoms which many patients cannot handle without severe disruption to their lives and overall health. Even worse, drug companies create tablet and capsule dose increments that are too large to allow a tapered, safe withdraw, leading to patients having to hack open their capsules and measure dosages with microgram scales to methodically wean themselves off drugs as if they were a trained pharmacist in a process that—for those who are unlucky enough to have serious withdrawal symptoms—can take two or more years to accomplish safely, if ever. The doctors and the drug companies are happy to put you on potent brain drugs for life, but they don’t care for getting you off them, and User3428 posting in one of numerous anti-depressant withdrawal forums online will be able to give you more aid than a trained physician. Unless someone on psychiatric drugs is ready to become their own researcher, doctor, pharmacist, and nutritionist, they inevitably become slaves to pharmaceutical companies and their drugs whose manufacture is cheaply outsourced to China and India.

Psychiatry confuses cause and effect

The whole field of psychiatry is backward rationalization. They study patients with mental illness, theorize on the biochemical state of their brains, and then shovel them with ultra-addictive drugs to make their brains appear similar to those without mental illness, but this is merely studying the effect of a disorder and then declaring it to be the cause. Their ultimate conclusion is that brain imbalance causes brain imbalance. What science can measure of the brain is not a cause of illness but the effect of illness. In other words, your beliefs, lifestyle, relationships, environment, diet, and faith are the inputs—the true causes—which create the visible brain functioning that scientists can scantily observe and critique, but your brain itself, the very physiology of it, is rarely the organic cause for mental illness.

A psychiatrist will study house fires, notice that firemen always seem to be present at them, and then create a solution to destroy all firehouses, the “obvious” source of fires. A psychiatrist will look at an old car with a broken fuel pump and then try to solve it by filling the gas tank with jet fuel. A psychiatrist will compensate for a cake that is too sweet by sprinkling vinegar on top. They have lost the script when it comes to cause and effect and have applied a one-size-fits-all remedy to anyone who walks through their doors and claims to be “sad” by dosing them with drugs that many will never get off of, a fact that is hidden from the patient. Even general-practice doctors seem to rush to dope up their patients who claim the mildest of fleeting emotional-related phenomena.

Having a “brain chemical imbalance” is often the effect of a faithless or sinful state of existence where depression is due to the consequences of secular life, or one that is far from what God intended. The root cause of emotional malaise must be addressed and then the imbalance will correct itself, but only up to a point because we exist in a post-Adamic fallen state and will not experience heaven or bliss in this life. If you attempt to correct your sadness with drugs, without addressing the root cause, and especially without faith, you merely become a zombie who is still suffering but simply can’t feel it. If I burn myself often while cooking, the solution is better cooking technique, not taking a drug which removes my ability to feel the pain of being burned, because I will simply continue to get burned. In fact, I will be burned even more, and my cooking ability will decrease.

Do psychiatric drugs remove repentance?

Psychiatric drugs disconnect you from your humanity and make it harder for you to repent before God. Consider that God gave us emotional states to help us orient our lives closer to Him, similar to how ancient sailors used an hourglass, quadrant, and compass to arrive at their intended destination. If we’re feeling constantly sad then something is wrong and we must meet with our priest, double our prayers, and search through the Gospel for answers to alleviate our pain and reorient our lives, because the cause is spiritual in nature or mostly so, which I can say with high confidence because of the vehemently nihilistic secularism and humanism we are all born into. By removing your sadness through chemical means to feel a lack of sadness (but not quite happiness), the psychiatrist will allow the years to fly by without the need for God. How many souls needed God’s love but were later condemned for eternity because they were given Chinese-made anti-depressants instead of Church sacraments, and died while in that medically-induced conscious coma?

Anything that blocks or delays repentance while offering no spiritual fruits is by definition demonic, and so psychiatric drugs must only be used in uncontrollable situations or to prevent a sin even greater than dying of natural causes without repentance: suicide. A suicidal person needs a priest more than a drug, but if the person does not have a priest, which is the greater problem than brain imbalance, and the only action that can stop him from killing himself is to dose him on anti-psychotics, perhaps it is better to give him the drugs, but if he is feeling merely depressed, or unhappy that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, it is better to get him a priest who will serve as his doctor, because once he goes on the drugs, and the sadness can no longer be perceived, replaced instead by the demonic magic of mental numbness, he may never seek out God for as long as he lives.

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, who is highly revered in the Orthodox Church, advises against psychiatric drugs, which may only be of “some” help in serious patients:

Pills will not solve the problem, but will temporarily cover it. This is not an effective solution, as once they stop taking their medication, the problem will come to the surface again, and the person will be found in the same miserable condition. The only solution is to become aware of the problem and confess it to a spiritual father [in the Orthodox Church] and then humbly follow his advice.


The doctor will prescribe some pills, which might be of some help in case of a serious condition, but just for a short period of time.

Did you know that psychiatric drugs were explicitly targeted to women, particularly white women?

As Jonathan Metzl writes, in “Prozac on the Couch,” S.S.R.I.s were marketed especially to female consumers, as drugs that would empower them at work while preserving the kind of feminine traits required at home. One advertisement for Zoloft showed a woman in a pants suit, holding the hands of her two children, her wedding ring prominent, next to the phrase “Power That Speaks Softly.” Today, antidepressants are taken by one in five white American women.

These women have been deceived from birth to expect the world to make them “happy,” but lo and behold, they arrive at a point, usually in their late 20s, where they followed feminist and anti-racist doctrine to a T after attending numerous diversity trainings and gay pride parties and yet are still not happy. Their life is in disorder, cheap entertainments and sex cannot fill the void in their spirit, so the cause of it all must be a brain imbalance, and like the good doctor may confidently add, depression has a genetic component and must run in the family, because the patient remembers her grandmother was sad that one time after grandpa died, and yet the doctor forgot to tell her that every single human being born after Adam and Eve is “predisposed” towards falling into abject sadness, depression, addiction, and often the most vile of evils, and it’s really a roll of the dice that determines which psychological ailment you will struggle against, like every other human being who is alive, ready to be diagnosed and managed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Psychiatry enables inversion

Feminism is demonic because it inverts the natural order by trying to make man as coming from the woman’s rib instead of the other way around, and here comes the psychiatrist to further enable this inversion with a heavily-marketed drug that keeps the independent woman working, without a husband, while just functional enough to take care of her pets and social media accounts that are replacements for children she cannot have because of a spiritual condition made worse by the secular authorities she should never have trusted.

How can a woman, who is chemically numbed in the brain, have the discernment to pick a husband? I have been told by a therapist that for many people who go on psychiatric drugs, at the time of their first dose they halt the process of maturation. Instead of being able to recognize threats and traps like normal people, they simply avoid them while in a comfortable medical stupor, and so there goes the maturity needed to have a relationship that leads to marriage. Besides, how can a woman who is on powerful brain-altering drugs have kids when the toxin she ingests in pill form crosses the placenta and attacks the baby’s brain from when it is the size of a rice kernel? The inorganic mental illness of the mother and her faith in medicine over God eventually becomes a very real organic illness of a child that grows up to have severe mental and physical impairments that cannot be healed. It turns out the autism epidemic is not only suspected to be caused by vaccination but by mothers having babies while on psychiatric medicines.

Psychiatrists are the mad scientists of our times, which is a slight compliment to them because at least they are not the butchers of our times like those performing abortions or transgender surgeries as heralded by Johns Hopkins University, but both sets of doctors, the doctor of medicine who damages the brain and the doctor of surgery who mutilates the body, need each other to achieve Satan’s will, because the women who commit abortions and the men who chop off their penises need the psychiatrist to alleviate the inevitable pain that results from the hands of Satan’s butcher, not just the mental and emotional pain but the pain of a soul crying out in need of God. The doctors all work as a team to destroy the human soul, one prescription, vaccination, and surgery at a time, until all that is left is a husk of a human who can’t even comprehend plain and self-evident facts of the cosmos that God created. I see the same process in play with the coronavirus epidemic, where people who are scared of dying reach out not to their Creator but to doctors who put them on ventilators and inject them with genetic therapy “vaccines” that cause inflammation and blood clots throughout their body. Once you see the medical industry as one of many departments of Satan that is essential for hastening death and removing repentance, their actions make much more sense. I predict that medicine of the future will involve mostly genetic therapies and identity-destroying surgeries that will make repentance not just difficult but impossible because patients accepted a series of treatments that irreparably damaged what it means for them to be human.

I’m hard on psychiatry because of witnessing the experience of a friend, Gennadias. Due to a combination of ignorance and trust in medical science, he began taking anti-depressant drugs in college, and several years later, he was ready to come off of them when he was in a better place in life, even reaching ever so meekly out to God. He tapered off his medication by 25%. I was then able to witness firsthand the withdrawal effects that I, as a middle-aged man, was not prepared to witness. I don’t want to violate his privacy by sharing more detail, but it was so severe that I needed help and encouragement from holy men just to help him. Thankfully, I was strongly with God during this period and was able to pray for him, which I believe helped, unlike when my sister was ill with cancer and I did not have God in my life or pray for her even once. Gennadias was able to endure and overcome the first round of withdrawal effects, thanks to God, but the experience served as vivid proof of the demented evil of psychiatry. No matter how spiritually sick you are, even if you are demon-possessed, the spiritual treatment of the Orthodox Church has no greater side effect than fatigue, and yet the side effects I saw in Gennadias were so torturous that I don’t think I could personally endure them, because when they hit you, no matter how intellectually or spiritually enlightened you may be, your mind will be so out of your control that you may not even be able to perceive the very notion of God to lean on Him for help.

Western medicine is harming souls

Anger is a sin, but anger at Satan, sin, and evil is not, and so I feel that my anger at psychiatry and the medical industry is righteous, because I use it as fuel to warn people to be very careful when depending on secularized knowledge and wisdom that is stripped bare of God and whose point is for you to not see God. As Satan continues to work his evil within the field of medicine, you will soon encounter treatments that are so evil and barbaric that I would not be surprised if grieving family members retaliate against doctors not with lawsuits but violence. That step may be reached once dangerous medical treatments become mandatory.

I’m not a doctor, but that doesn’t preclude me from having a medical opinion, because the truth is not confined to a priestly class. I believe that a person with symptoms of depression or psychosis should consult with an Orthodox priest for spiritual diagnosis and treatment. I would guess that treatment will include repentance, baptism, receiving communion, prayer, a change of diet, lifestyle adjustments, and in severe cases, exorcism. This treatment will take months and years for the spiritual patient to crawl out of the darkness that was likely caused by a life lived far from Christ. If you are one of the unlucky few who has an organic cause to your mental illness because you were dropped as a child or sustained a war injury then the treatment remains the same, because your best hope for living a life of normalcy and ultimately salvation lies within the Orthodox Church. The pharmaceutical industry will be too happy to dope you up with pills for their monetary gain, and it is even spoken about openly that their most optimal financial strategy is to keep you popping pills for the rest of your life. There is no profit in one-time cures, and if such a cure is ever spontaneously found, I wonder how many billions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies would pay to keep it hidden while they continue to dose an ever-increasing percentage of the population with expensive drugs that are usually combined with other expensive drugs to inhibit a human being’s ability to unite with his Creator, whose grace is the only cure.

If you are suicidal, and refuse spiritual treatment, take all the psychiatric drugs you want, because death by suicide, a grave sin, is a worse outcome than the potential of being doped up, but now that you know how difficult it is to get off these drugs, understand that the solution psychiatry gives you is a spiritual suicide that can waste decades of your life. Seek out the Church, and if you don’t believe in the Church or God then it’s clear to me what is the root cause of your disease.

Someone with mental illness may have a thousand problems, but their biggest problem is spiritual, and if he still has mental illness though he is in the Church, then we must assume it’s not serious enough to block his salvation, unlike a person who takes psychiatric drugs and remains outside the Church. Life is hard, and even though I have Christ in my heart, there are many days where I feel like I cannot move a finger. There are days I want to respond in anger to the most minor of slights, and on those days I step up my prayer to overcome what I’m sure is an attack by Satan and his legions. Only the sacraments of the Church can heal me, only the wisdom of holy elders will lighten my burden, only my unceasing prayer can spite Satan and his deranged strategy to take my soul and others. I will not count on psychiatry unless I feel that I cannot live for another moment, but well before that happens, I will lean on God, and know with confidence that He will respond.

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