My Latest Big Project

“So Roosh, what have you been doing since you finished A Dead Bat In Paraguay?”

I’m glad you asked.

I have completely overhauled all my game tips newsletters. I gave them a new look, edited for clarity and typos, removed fluff, and added new moves and techniques. That may not sound like a big job but all my newsletters combined clock in at 47,000 words, only 13,000 words shy of Bang.

If you’re already subscribed you’ve probably already seen the new design. Something new is that for each edition I throw in a different quote I like.

Newsletter preview

Here’s a sampling of the emails you’ll receive if you sign up:

  • How to handle flakey girls
  • How to pick up girls in coffee shops
  • The one thing that makes girls see you as more confident
  • An easy way to isolate a girl in a bar
  • When is the best time to approach a girl?
  • How to pick up girls on the street
  • The reason why she isn’t calling you back
  • Simple move to defeat bedroom resistance

There are over 30 more editions with tips on day game, night game, approaching, venue selection, conversation tips, dating strategy, and sealing the deal. My newsletters are basically a free book on game that you get in snippets at regular intervals. I don’t share your email address with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time. Sign up on the forum below…

If you can’t see the sign-up form above then you’re probably running some type of adblocker. Simply send a blank email to [email protected] to sign up.

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