Here are what I consider my top 10 articles of 2016, listed in chronological order.

Letter From A Member Of The Global Elite

Our feminist useful idiots on the ground, with their short hair, ugly bodies, and shrieking manner, have been so effective that the German birth rate is now the worst in the entire world! This outcome is better than any eugenics program mankind has ever seen. We have allowed German women (and Swedish, British, American, etc.) to voluntarily sterilize themselves with absurd notions of being strong and independent by laboring dutifully and single-mindedly in our corporations. The scam has so many levels that it’s hard to respect the female sheep for not seeing it.

You’re Either A Globalist Or A Nationalist

The charade of the left-right political spectrum is being fully revealed as American and European “conservative” politicians and media pundits continue to be outed as sellouts who serve liberal interests above conservative interests. In the political arena, left versus right is an artificial theater constructed to trick the public that opposing forces are battling it out or compromising for the good of the nation. In reality, both sides are controlled by the same group of elites.

Germany Proves That “Rape Culture” Is A Political Weapon Against Western Men

For several years the establishment has been pointing out that “rape culture” has made the West as dangerous for women as an African slum. Native-born men, because they haven’t been taught how not to rape, have been raping with impunity in universities, clubs, bars, and on dates. So much raping has been going on that you’ve certainly stumbled on dozens of rapes in progress. I have be called a “rape teacher” and “rape instructor” more times than I can count, all because I give men tools for having consensual sex in the most efficient (and legal) way possible.

The Resistance Pyramid

A week doesn’t go by without a man asking me how he can fight back. He’s ready to take action but is not sure how. For the longest time I’ve been thinking about this problem, because while we do want to win, we don’t want to lose our jobs from witch hunts or end up in jail for a trivial reason. There’s a balance to be struck between maintaining our freedom (self-preservation) and enacting the change we want to see in our city or society.

How The Government Is Robbing Men Of Good Wives

There are many countries in Eastern Europe that have superior women than in America, but when you start to examine these women as wives and not only casual sex partners, you encounter a big problem: they value their education and careers above that of family. The reason? Education is offered for free or at a greatly subsidized rate by the government. Western governments are therefore programming women into becoming sterile office slaves and consumers instead of good wives and mothers.

How A Small Cabal Is Using Socialism & Cultural Marxism To Consolidate World Power

None Dare Call It Conspiracy details the overreaching “conspiracy” of elites pushing socialism and Cultural Marxism onto the masses while accumulating even greater centralized control over nations and their citizens. Feminists and social justice warriors are nothing more than the financed low-level soldiers in a vice to destroy the family unit and control human behavior while top-down pressure is being applied by forces who are above the law.

If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win, We’re Screwed

It’s easy to stay apolitical as long as political forces leave you alone, but the second you become a threat to the existing order, politics will become a painful part of your daily existence as pressure increases on your speech and behavior. Many young men in universities are finding this out right now as false rape and harassment charges ruin their lives before it gets started while men working in corporate America are already aware that they are one “sexist” or “homophobic” statement away from losing their livelihoods. The fact that many men are now recording their consensual sex encounters shows how badly men are being targeted.

The Elites Are Not Smarter Than You

For the longest time I held in high esteem those who worked in distinguished institutions. I’d revere the Congressman, New York Times journalist, think tank strategist, anthropology professor, non-profit director, and literary novelist. They got to where they are through merit, intelligence, and hard work, not through connections, nepotism, or by being a useful idiot for a specific agenda.

The Dangers Of Romantic Love

Since we were children, we have been bombarded with propaganda that romantic love is the ultimate relationship ideal. Hollywood movies, Disney cartoons, and literary fiction all portray romantic love as an absolute necessity in any wedding union, but how much of that narrative has been a lie? Is it possible that our pursuit of romantic love is actually preventing us from forming a lifelong pair bond?

What If Everything They Told You Is A Lie?

What to eat, what medicines to take, what scientific theories to believe in, what to think of men and women, what to think of the races, what to think of gay people, who to vote for, what to make of Russia. Your opinions on hundreds of topics have been shaped by journalists, scientific “experts,” pundits, and politicians who have cozy positions in the establishment hierarchy. We’re led to believe that the information they share with us is truthful and in our best interest, but what if they’ve been lying to us about this, that, and, well, everything else?

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  1. Steve January 3, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    We need the classic ‘how black America has predicted our future’ to make a cameo on ROK again. I think a lot of newer people have never seen that brilliant article.

    1. splooge January 4, 2017 at 7:09 am

      thiz.dunno why its always memed that only white males are screwed when its all men when you look how sjwism is spreading overseas, like sunny leone being seen as a model among some indian youth or how rachida dati an arab french woman forced an italian man to a paternity test. Well his refusal automatically recongnized him as the father yet somehow paternity tests in france are illegal.

      lets look into the spread in other lands like femen in ukraine, wtfiindia in india, pro gay feminists movies in pakistan,brazil etc

      1. disqus_2015ScorpioWater January 4, 2017 at 7:18 pm

        Her baby daddy looks like a homo. So now he has a half European half Arab bastard for a child, the courts will force him to support this kid. This is a fine example of how Western culture destroys women. And on top of this the woman has a high ranking position in the French government, then again France has become a highly degenerate society just like the US, UK, Germany, and most other Western nations.
        If Ukraine falls into Russian control, its likely groups like Femen and other degenerates will be put out of commission. Femen is an EU initiative to corrupt Ukrainian women. The EU is going die out with Brexit and the inevitable exit of Italy. Italy’s economy is collapsing and that will be the end of the EU. The EU leaders are a bunch of faggots, hope Trump forces Europe to deal with Russia without American assistance.

  2. jayteeniftb January 5, 2017 at 2:55 am

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