Next Big Project

1. I want to thank my newest sponsor, The Seduction Chronicles. You’ll probably like posts such as Top 20 Date Idea “Templates” for Men, Favorite Cocky & Funny Lines, and Interview With Neil Strauss.

2. The radio show on Friday was fun. Listen to the podcast on The Seduction Bible.

3. I’m almost done with my next big project. I should be done with it in about two weeks.

4. On a sadder note, Just Going With It is finished. Some local new-to-me blogs I’ve been reading lately are Bridal Bird, DC Bar Wench, Listen To Leon, DC Hero, and I never know when to shut up

Postscript: Post ratings are back.

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Seduction Chronicles

Good to be on board!

Seduction Chronicles’s last blog post: Even Colin Farrell Gets Rejected? You Got It Bad?.

Tastemakers Blogazine

Is this Bang 2.0?

Tastemakers Blogazine’s last blog post: Sennheiser PXC 450 Noise Cancelling Headphones.


Can’t wait to see the new project ! “Latin Bang”, maybe ?

Bridal Bird

Aww, thank you, perfect timing. My most recent post is topped with a pic of a slutty looking girl. It’s like I sensed the Roosh endorsement coming and wanted to spruce the place up for your readers.

Bridal Bird’s last blog post: Confessions of a Domestic Cover Artist.