Ode To The Game

There is no bigger rush I can experience as a man than going up to a girl I don’t know. I’ve done it for years, probably hundreds of times, and my heart still races and I still get that thrill.

Stand-up comedy is just a man and his mircophone, but in pickup not only do you not have a microphone, but you don’t even have the attention of an audience that is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. If you think getting heckled on an elevated stage is bad, you’ve never experienced the harsh demeanor of a single woman with disposable income.

There is nothing else I know that is more powerful than walking up to a stranger, without prior introduction or even eye-contact, and merely talking to her until she comes to decision that she wants to be penetrated by you, created from absolutely nothing but your willingness to take a social risk. There are two kinds of men in the world: those that approach women and those that don’t, those whose desire motivates them to take action and those who wait and pray for miracles.

The art of pickup is the most purest art a man can study, and I’m increasingly finding it hard to respect men who don’t pursue it.

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