On Vacation

I’m going to the beach. I’ve assembled a collection of twenty posts for you to review and study while I’m gone…

  1. How It Feels Like To Be A Hot Girl
  2. The Movement To End Cockblocking As We Know It
  3. An Argument For Only Approaching When You Have the Upper Hand
  4. The Downside Of Hitting On Brazilian Girls In The U.S.
  5. Gimmick To Pick Up Without Doing Any Work
  6. A Short Story Of Getting Played By A Feminist
  7. Ideal Age Range For Dating American Women
  8. The Secret To Getting Laid
  9. The Dark Side Of Game
  10. Three Reasons Why Most Guys Don’t See Game Progress
  11. Why Understanding Women Will Hurt Your Chances At Getting Laid
  12. The Do-Or-Die Importance Of Kissing A Girl On The First Date
  13. The Best Way To Walk Away From A Bad Approach
  14. How Talking About Her To A Guy Friend Reduces The Change You’ll Bang
  15. The ‘Less Is More’ Technique To Kissing Girls
  16. Things To Know When Banging Girls Who Don’t Speak Your Language
  17. Differences Between Needy Girls And Confident Girls
  18. The Fine Balance Between Compliment And Insults
  19. How To Pick Up An Ethiopian Girl
  20. The Fact That Game Won’t Always Work

See you in a week.

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